Statement Shirts Ladies: Prices, Gift & Trendy Must-Have

Statement Shirts Ladies – There are so many beautiful sayings and quotes, or even slogans that always motivate you. What options do you have to carry these messages with you all the time? Tattoo, poster or else: a statement shirt! You can choose from ready-made designs on your favourite theme or even have your own statement shirt printed individually. Especially for ladies, this is a trendy way to express yourself and, as the name suggests, make a statement. Here you can find out everything about statement shirts for women and if you are interested in the latest trends for statement shirts, you will also find them here. Let us inspire you!

Statement Shirts with Motto & Quotes

The shirts that were once only called into the world for political purposes are now statement shirts that directly create a great casual look on the street or even on the runway! Without much effort, you can use them to upgrade any basic outfit. Whether in black and white or colorful, you wear your message on your chest before you even have to say anything. No matter what mood you’re in, statement shirts are available for every occasion and theme, so they’re always a great choice!

Combination: the be-all and end-all for the perfect statement shirt

It’s the combination of statement shirts that makes it what you want it to be. You have to go to work and would like to incorporate your shirt into your business look to give your outfit a more casual feel? Or do you have a dinner coming up that you want to dress up for, but still want to incorporate something casual? Then find out how to best pair your statement here!

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Business x Statement Shirt

If you don’t work in a very high position at a bank or something similar, then you can also make your business look a little cooler. On such a statement shirt is suitable for the business look a chic skirt or pants. A wide t-shirt with a tight skirt and maybe a blazer looks directly well dressed!

Everyday life x Statement Shirt

In everyday life it can be the casual look – casual sneakers, cool jeans and the eye-catcher: the statement shirt. You can also wear loose trousers on top of your shirt. This gives your look an even looser style. But it also goes quite classic with jeans with a coat or blazer. Statement shirts are also a great choice with high waist skirts!

Dinner/Party x Statement Shirt

You have a date or meet with friends? Then it can be a little more chic! A statement shirt is suitable for a very feminine combination, as well as for a rockier variant. Wear it either over a dress or a skirt, or on a chic pair of leather pants. This way you have created a great evening look.

Statement Shirt Mom: Cool & Casual

Being a mom isn’t easy and especially choosing outfits with limited time is often difficult or annoying. That’s where the tried and true statement shirt comes in. Besides casual sayings about being a mom, having kids, etc. that always make a cool and casual impression, they are basically classic basics that go with any outfit and still always enhance it. Even if the choice in the morning is jeans or leggings and a t-shirt as usual, you still have a little highlight with a statement shirt. Also as a pregnant woman statement shirts are great to announce the baby in a funny way or to allow yourself a little fun with yourself.

Statement Shirt Favorites & Classics

Statement shirts have been around for decades and they are very popular. But there are different versions of the statement shirt, such as the band shirt or the shirt with a quote. Which categories there are, how you combine the respective shirt best for an outfit and which are the all-time favorites, you can find out here!

The slogan shirt: Shirt with motto or quote

The slogan shirt is provided with a saying. This can be political, ironic, funny, or fashionable. There are numerous fashion slogans that were once uttered by designers and have made their way into the fashion world to this day. Some of them, such as those by Karl Lagerfeld or Coco Chanel, are familiar to almost everyone who is interested in fashion and are therefore popular as a statement!

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself!” (Source: Coco Chanel)

The band shirt: ACDC & Co.

The band shirt has the logo of a well-known band printed on it – but watch out: not only fans can wear these shirts! Meanwhile, it doesn’t matter who has this shirt with a well-known logo hanging in their wardrobe. If you combine it cool, for example an edgy shirt of a rock band like ACDC with a feminine skirt, then the all-famous style break look has been perfectly realized. Popular bands here are especially bands like ACDC, Nirvana or Iron Maiden.

Girlish Statement Shirt: Flowers & Quotes

The feminine statement shirt look is often combined with elegant trousers, a strict chignon and matching accessories – the French-inspired look is ready! The prints can be cute like unicorns, flowers or similar, but also a statement like “Girls Can Do Anything” fits perfectly. Underline your feminine side with your personal statement!

Statement shirt with sports logo: Nike, Adidas & Co.

The hottest sports brands have long since found their place in the shoe closet – whether male or female. Now it’s time for the clothes! The shirt gives your outfit a cool and casual touch – combine it with loose trousers or a nice pair of jeans and a pair of eye-catching sunglasses: then nothing stands in the way of a perfect street style!

Statement shirt with food print: ice cream, pizza & co.

The shirts with food prints are not everyone’s cup of tea, but definitely an eye-catcher! Whether fries. Burgers, ice cream, fruits etc. – Food prints as a statement have become very popular. They testify to a certain self-irony and wit and literally whet your appetite for more. Especially in bright colors or the trendy pastel shades statement shirts with food print are always a cool choice!

Statement shirts as a gift

Shortly before festive or birthdays, the question arises every time: what can I give as a gift? Statement shirts are a great gift because you can choose them individually and even create them yourself: is the recipient male, female, chic, sporty, old young? There are many different types to match and you have a great gift for your loved one! If you are really creative, you can also make a shirt yourself.

DIY Video: Statement T-Shirt

A statement shirt is always a cool and individual gift idea. But you don’t want to order something online, the printing is too expensive or you don’t have time to wait for the shipping? In this video you’ll learn tips and tricks on how to make a statement t-shirt yourself. DIY videos are always a great inspiration and maybe you’ll be able to print your first statement shirt soon!