Which perfume suits me? – Find the perfect fragrance in just 5 steps!

Which perfume suits me? Every year, a multitude of new fragrances come onto the market. The advertising messages entice with sensual and seductive fragrance creations, but once you have applied the fragrance yourself, you quickly realize that this perfume is not quite right after all. Likewise, it is not uncommon for the flacon to influence many women when reaching for different fragrances. The effect of a perfume is different from skin type to skin type and therefore also unfolds a completely different effect. Because fragrances work primarily in conjunction with their own body chemistry. In addition, it is always a type question which fragrance is best suited to underline his personality. So it is not so easy to find the right fragrance.

Which perfume suits me?

For many women, a perfume is more than just a pleasant smell, but much more a personal trademark. If you don’t want to go back to your favorite perfume, but are looking for new fragrances, you should therefore be willing to think outside the box. There are very different factors that can decide whether a fragrance suits your own character or not. For this reason, we have designed a guide for you in the following, which shows you the way to the perfect fragrance in just five steps.

Matching the fragrance to the styling

First of all, choosing the right fragrance is also a question of personal fashion style. Accordingly, the perfume should also match the choice of clothes. If you prefer a more comfortable style of dress in everyday life, you should also underline this with a suitable fragrance. Glamor and luxury are more likely to be exuded by luxurious fragrances from Givenchy, if you would describe yourself as an absolute fashion victim. Sporty types, on the other hand, should rather go for a fresh note to emphasize their esprit.

Consider your own skin type

Although you rarely hear it, but for a perfume it is not so bad to have an oily skin type. This is because a perfume sticks to the body’s own oils much longer than it does to dry skin. Of course, this must be taken into account when choosing different fragrances. Here, it is especially important to focus on citrus notes to provide a refreshing scent and gently support the skin’s appearance. Dry and sensitive skin types, on the other hand, are difficult to typologize. This is because very sensitive skin often reacts to certain ingredients, so natural fragrances should be used as much as possible to avoid further damaging the skin’s appearance.

The first impression is the most important

Anyone looking for new fragrances in a perfumery should not worry too much about whether this fragrance actually suits their personal style. After all, the important thing is that the fragrance leaves a positive impression. Accordingly, the first impression of a perfume is crucial to finding a new and exciting fragrance.

Consider the body care

Before testing different fragrances, make sure that you have avoided too strong fragrances in your grooming routine. Because both shower gel, as deodorant, can strongly influence the perception of a perfume. So it is important to leave out the deodorant on the day of the fragrance test.

Do not be dazzled by the flacon

The flacons of high-quality perfume brands are often very unusual and therefore particularly appealing. But what is important is what is in the flacon. Not the flacon should decide on the choice of a perfume, but the fragrance alone.

Women’s fragrances: sensual, elegant & feminine

Whether a romantic date by candlelight, a relaxing day at the beach or Sunday brunch with the girls – every occasion deserves its very own fragrance. Today’s luxury brands see it that way, too. From Givenchy to Yves Saint Laurent to Dior, a multitude of new fragrances hit the market every year. We have presented our favorites here.

Irrésistible by Givenchy: perfume full of joie de vivre

Woody, floral, sensual – that’s how the fragrance by Givenchy can be described. The perfume is bursting with elegance and joie de vivre. Its woody note is given to the perfume byPr the base note consisting of Virginia cedar and musk. The whole is rounded off by the fresh scent of pear and ambrette, paired with a heart note of rose and iris.  This is where joie de vivre is sprayed. See for yourself!

Libre by YSL: Sensual fragrance of contrasts

For the rebellious ladies among us, the fragrance “Libre” from the house of YSL is suitable. Here, feminine sensuality meets cool masculinity. For the warm, feminine notes provide the scent of orange and vanilla, while lavender and jasmine in the heart note round off the fragrance skillfully. The philosophy of the perfume? Freedom without limits – perfectly brought to the screen by pop singer Dua Lipa.

J’adore by Dior: star Charlize Theron as advertising icon

Since 2014, Oscar winner Charlize Theron has been the face of the J’adore commercial. The fragrance is floral-sweet and captivates with its unique combination of damask rose, jasmine sambac and sandalwood. True to the perfume’s motto “I adore, I adore”, it gives its wearer an aura of confidence, strength and sensuality.

Men’s fragrances: Fruity, tart & fresh

The men of creation also attach importance to the right perfume. While it can be something fresh and light during the day, many men prefer a tart fragrance for the evening hours. Unique ingredients such as incense, pink pepper and amber are combined with fresh scents such as violet, grapefruit and lavender to create an exciting combination.

Y by YSL: sparkling-fresh fragrance of contrasts

Since its launch, Y eau de toilette has been one of the most popular fragrances for men from the house of Yves Saint Laurants. Y is a fresh and interesting men’s fragrance with a sparkling fresh top note of bergamot and geranium notes and a heart note of violet and lavender. Base notes of amber, incense and cedar gently round out the fragrance. This unique combination is also appreciated by rock legend Lenny Kravitz. See for yourself in the video.

Bleu de Chanel: For the independent and self-confident man

The composition opens with a top note of pink pepper and citrus, which is aromatically rounded off by the fresh heart note of grapefruit, labdanum and cedar. Finally, the lush flair of ginger, sandalwood and incense gives the fragrance its woody, intriguing character.

Terre d’Hermès: exceptional perfume for men

Among the most popular perfumes from Hermès are the best-sellers Terre d’Hermès, Voyage d’Hermès, Bel Ami Vétiver and Equipage Géranium. Especially the former impresses with its unique combination of fresh orange peel and tart vetivers. Watch the commercial here!