The latest ladies shirt trends for autumn 2018

What colours do we wear in autumn? Which fabrics are in at the moment? How do I style the latest trends? So many questions and we answer all of them for you in this article, so you can start perfectly styled into the fall.

The trend 2018 are logo shirts: Girl Power & 90s

Logo and statement shirts are the must-have for 2018! The top trend can be seen over all, on the streets, on the runway and on Instagram. This year we can’t get around them and we don’t want to, because who doesn’t love them? No other it piece is so simple yet so meaningful. Quite simply we can present our statement to everyone without even opening our mouths, as of late a t-shirt is worth a thousand words. With these shirts we not only represent our style but also our personality and even our view on the world. No matter if funny sayings or political statement everything is allowed! The statements look coolest in black or red writing on a white background.

Girl power is in!

Many prints deal with the topic of feminism and equal rights for women since the Dior chief designer presented a T-shirt with the print “we should all be femnists”. Also prints like “Girls support Girls” or “the future is female” are super in and at the same time set an important sign in the fashion world.

But it doesn’t always have to be a statement, also eye-catching logo prints are absolutely trendy and let us proudly present our favorite brands. Printshirts make our outfit an eye-catcher, everything we like is allowed on it. Whether sweet or rocky, flowers or animals we can allow ourselves anything this year.

The trend from the 90s is back

We are just as happy that we can now show everyone our favorite band on our t-shirt. Like last time in the 90s we like to wear our band shirts every day and not only at the concert. The stars are showing us how it’s done with ladies’ shirts from Esprit. The T-shirts are made of soft jersey and printed with the coolest prints. Special extras like pearls make the shirts stand out from the crowd. We like the top quality at a fair price! We also like the women’s shirts from Review because they are super modern.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

These are the colours we wear in autumn

This fall, it’s going to be gaudy. We want to stand out! The trend colour for autumn is ultraviolet. The color stands for counterculture, for non-conformity and artistic balance and belongs in every wardrobe. Those who like it simple combine it with grey, those who are brave style the complementary colour yellow with it. Because citrus yellow also lights up winter for us and reminds us of summer. We don’t have to wait for the warm temperatures this year to dress colorfully. Dark and drab colors have been replaced by bright hues and soft pinks and blues. If you can’t quite do without the more subtle colors, wear a dark red or reach for muddy green this fall. Besides, red is and remains the favourite colour of designers and stars and we can’t do without it either.

These fabrics have the new ladies shirts

This year we need something different. Sure we still love the classic cotton, but we don’t want to wear it every day now. Instead, we wear tops made of velvet, satin or nylon. They give our outfit elegance or casualness depending on the styling but in any case always that certain extra. All fabrics are so versatile that you can wear them either in the evening to a classy party, on Saturdays to go shopping in the city or even in the morning to the office. Another possibility to pimp the outfit are super cool fringes, which may hang down from the T-shirt hem or even the sleeves.

For the colder days a jacket may not be missing in any case. This year it is best made of a very shiny leather. Whether as a long coat or a short jacket, the leather gives every outfit the extra fashion kick.

If you don’t like the leather look, a jacket made of corduroy is at least as stylish and gives your outfit a casual look. On About You, for example, there is a particularly large selection of different models. In the online shop there are jackets in many colors and cuts that correspond to the latest trends.

These are the trends for autumn

Checked patterns, animal prints and metallic looks will dominate fall 2018. There are a thousand ways to style the patterns. From the luxe animal print, we’re picking a key piece. That means we either wear a shirt, a coat or a chic skirt with a leopard, zebra or tiger pattern. We keep the rest of the outfit simple so that it doesn’t look cheap. If you like it extravagant and want to stand out in any case, wear the animal print not in the classic colour combination but in bright rainbow colours. The check pattern will also be seen in bright colours this autumn. It is especially popular on coats and jackets but also on trousers, dresses and shirts the pattern makes us an absolute trendsetter. This fall, it’s also worth investing in some metallic pieces as the trend is at its peak this season. The look looks most sophisticated in the signature silver and gold shimmers. There are no limits to the look this year and it may be glittered what the stuff holds!