Cathy Hummels: Collection for Pimkie & living with husband & child

Pimkie and Cathy Hummels are celebrating their birthday. Fashion label Pimpkie and model Cathy Hummels were born in 1988 and turn 30 on the same day. With a first class shooting and a limited edition t-shirt, they honour the big event.

First photo shoot with Cathy Hummels for Pimkie

The Pimkie brand has its origin in Lille. Besides France, Italy, Spain and Germany, Pimkie is represented all over the world. The limited Cathy Hummels special t-shirt is available in more than 700 stores and in more than 27 countries in the online shop. In this photo series you have the most exclusive favourite styles of Cathy Hummel and you can put something together at Pimkie in the store or online! Have fun with it!

Lukinski Villas

Germany - Spain - USA

Cathy Hummels: life, marriage, child & career

Even before Cathy got together with the famous football player, the then 19-year-old was not exactly inconspicuous. In April 2007 she was voted “Miss FC Bayern”. Despite her reputation as a player’s wife, Cathy Hummels tries to promote her own career in the media world. In 2013 she will work as a columnist for Closer magazine. She attends Berlin Fashion Week as a reporter for the prose show Red. Shortly afterwards, she gets a permanent position as a presenter at Sky Sport with her own lifestyle program : Cathy unterwegs. Cathy is not only successful professionally, but also in her private life she tries to get everything under control. Despite her constant work, she is able to organize yoga, marriage, child and grandparents. In 2013 she was voted the most popular player’s wife by the magazine “Closer”. During the World Cup, however, the tide turns and Cathy has to struggle more and more with criticism from fans and media. After this is also overcome together, Cathy Hummels arrives in Dubai for her long-awaited marriage proposal.