Taxes Video Tips XXL: Tax return, tips from experts and save money

Taxes Video Tips – Everyone knows them and virtually no one likes to deal with them: taxes. But taxes do not always have to be something negative. With tips and tricks everyone can save taxes, be it when buying or selling a home or even the usual annual tax return on all kinds of topics. We’ve rounded up the most interesting and informative topics for you. With helpful and informative video recommendations, we try to bring you closer to the world of taxes and show you how you can save as much money as possible with as little effort as possible. Let the experts give you helpful tips and tricks so that you can no longer be afraid to file your taxes! If you are interested in the topic of taxes, you should definitely also check out our overview page Taxes with articles, book and video tips, which you can find here: Taxes Guide XXL.

Tax Videos: Tax optimization & save money with tips from experts

With these tricks from real experts, you can save an average of €1000 in taxes every year! Here you can learn everything about taxes. What is a tax return, when and where do I have to file it, what taxes are there, how can I save as much money as possible, how do I pay taxes on my own home and, and, and… With us you get helpful tricks and tips from experts that can save you money. Acquiring the necessary know-how will cost you little time, but will definitely pay off for you financially. The more knowledge you acquire, the greater your financial gain will be. Learn how to do it here!

Basics: calculate tax, tax return, tips & tricks

Taxes are a vexing topic for many, but everyone has to pay them and everyone is confronted with them on a regular basis. But what taxes are there actually and when do I have to pay which tax? How do I actually make a tax return and when do I have to submit it? Most importantly, how can I save as much tax as possible? With these videos from experts and professionals, you’ll get all the necessary information and definitions on the basics around taxes and get tips and tricks on how to save a lot of money on your next tax return with the right strategy!

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Tax return: real estate, save money & avoid mistakes

Why, why and why are tax returns so important? Not only professionals, but also students, trainees or pensioners can benefit from a tax return. If you have never deducted anything from your taxes and have no previous knowledge, then you can get super informed in our tax return guide. Here you will find tips and tricks in the form of expert videos that will help you avoid mistakes. We also give you tutorials to help you with your first or next tax return.

Tax tips & tricks: Save money on your tax return

Almost everyone knows it, there comes a time in the year when it is called: The tax return is due again. For many, this is still a vexing topic, but it doesn’t have to be! With the right tax return and the appropriate strategies, you can often get a lot of money back and thus save an average of 1000 € per year. We have compiled the most important and exciting tips and tricks for you in videos from experts, so that you can also save money and look forward to the next tax assessment in the future!

Taxes for real estate: savings on sale, donation and much more.

Real estate is basically a big topic in the financial world: buying, selling, inheriting, donating, renting, investing, etc. But to what extent do I actually have to pay taxes in the area of real estate? With tips and tricks you can save a lot on your property taxes, you just have to know how. In our video list you will find many videos in which experts explain to you what really matters and which mistakes you should avoid at all costs. With this help, you will soon be able to fully understand the topic of real estate taxes and save a lot of money in the future!

Taxes & capital gains: avoid taxes with tips and tricks

Generating capital gains is one thing. Then again, taxing them is another. What exactly capital gains are and what they have to do with taxes, you will learn here. Among other things, the topics of capital gains tax, tax returns, dividends and interest are addressed in relation to taxes. Through tips and tricks from experts, which they reveal to you in these videos, you get help for your tax return and more net income.

  • Video Tips: Taxes & Capital Gains

Finance: Save money, build capital and invest

Before you get into the topic of taxes and paying taxes, you should get an overview of your finances. What do I have, where do I have it and what is the best way to deal with it? Once you’ve built up some equity, the next step is to invest or reinvest it as smartly as possible. If you have chosen the right strategy, wealth accumulation almost runs by itself. How all these dynamics intertwine and how you can earn a lot of money with all this you can learn here!

Finance: Basics, Credit & Financial Freedom

Finances are a very important topic in today’s society, with which basically everyone comes into contact in one way or another. We explain the most common terms in the world of finance and give you information and tips on loans, overnight money, shares, etc. If you want to know how investments work, what different financial products and options are available and which credit card is particularly recommendable, you’ve come to the right place. You will also learn how to avoid risks and mistakes.

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Wealth Building: Real estate, taxes and passive income

You don’t want to slave for your money all your life? You want to make your money work for you and finally build your own wealth? We’ve compiled the best video tips for you to learn how you too can finally build wealth. Passive income, stocks, investments, real estate and ETFs, all these terms and strategies are explained and explained to you in the videos. With this know-how, everyone can learn something, build up or expand their assets or simply make targeted provisions for old age. It’s worth watching!

Investment: investing money, strategies and capital accumulation

Real estate is considered a safe and profitable investment. But what is the best way to invest in houses or apartments? Whatever drives you to make a lot of money: Buying a home as an investment is the best idea you can make. If you want to successfully invest in real estate, you need a good strategy. It’s underestimated how quickly life can change. Successful investors calculate before they buy whether the expected return on a property will cover the financing costs and whether they can even make a profit in the end. Learn here how you can do that too!

  • Successful Investment Video Tips

Financial provision: possibilities, savings and reserves

Once you have saved money through taxes and the right handling of your finances, the question now is how best to invest and invest your money. It always makes the most sense to make provisions for old age – unfortunately, too many people still forget that. Whether it’s retirement planning or pensions, it’s never too early to get comprehensive information. Here you will find recommendations for videos on the subject of financial provision for old age.

Retirement provision: insurance, declaration and provision for the self-employed

The subject of old-age provision is one of the most important topics that Germans think about. Even at a young age, people are made aware of the need to make provisions for later life. But how exactly do I do that? When do I start with old-age provision? Which mistakes should I avoid? Where can I get tips? And why do I need a financial provision at all? We’ll answer all these questions and more here.

Pension: How much is your pension, calculation, tips & tricks

Sooner or later, everyone has to deal with their pension. How the pension system works, when and where you can get the best information, what mistakes you can avoid and what tips there are to set the pension as high as possible, we show you all that here. We also give you insights into investment options and the Riester pension.

Tip! Taxes XXL – Taxes at a glance + explanation

Taxes are often a vexing topic, especially in Germany. Wage tax, value added tax, real estate transfer tax and much more: it is not easy to keep track of everything. But if you’re not interested in employing a tax consultant, who can be quite expensive, you need to get to grips with the subject of taxes. We want to help you with that! Here you will find an overview of guides as well as book and video tips on the subject of taxes. Whether we introduce you to individual types of German taxes or you watch a video on the subject of tax returns, all your questions about German taxes will be answered here.