Tax return videos: Student, trainee, pensioner, self-employed – tips and mistakes

Why, why, why are tax returns so important? Not only professionals, but also students or pensioners can benefit from a tax return. If you have never deducted anything from your taxes and have no previous knowledge, you can get super informed in our tax return guide. We show you tips and tricks on how to avoid mistakes and provide you with tutorials that will help you with your first or next tax return. If you are interested in the topic of tax returns, then perhaps the topic of videos tax tips and tricks is also relevant for you.

Tax return: tips and tricks to avoid mistakes

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about filing taxes in the most popular and helpful videos and publications. Whether it’s instructions or tips and tricks on how to save even more, we have a video to answer every question.

Tip! Overview Taxes XXL

Taxes are often a vexing topic, especially in Germany. Wage tax, value added tax, real estate transfer tax and much more: it is not easy to keep track of everything. But if you’re not interested in employing a tax consultant, who can be quite expensive, you need to get to grips with the subject of taxes. We want to help you with that! Here you will find an overview of guides as well as book and video tips on the subject of taxes. Whether we introduce you to individual types of German taxes or you watch a video on the subject of tax returns, all your questions about German taxes will be answered here.

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Find a tax consultant: near you

Are you still looking for the right tax advisor in your area? Then take a look at our lists: We have compiled the best-rated tax consultants for you for almost every city in Germany, where you should always receive good advice. You can find more information about tax advisors in your area here.

Why do a tax return?

What is the difference between gross and net? Why does one do a tax return? Why is a dog more expensive in the city than in the country? What types of taxes are there? The next video will answer all these questions and more.

The income tax

Once a year, the income tax return is due for entrepreneurs. In this video, you’ll learn the best way to do this and how to prepare it correctly.
– What is the income tax return?
– What is the difference between income tax and payroll tax?
– What are the deadlines for income tax?
– What are the basic principles of income tax?
– What are deductible business expenses for business owners?
– How can you calculate the amount of income tax?
– What help is there for the income tax return?

Do your own tax return

You want to make a tax return, save yourself unnecessary effort and get tips for whom a tax return is worthwhile, what you should pay attention to, what deadlines there are and what documents you need at all? all this and more, you will learn in this – so good luck!

Complete one’s tax return

Is it really possible to do and complete a tax return in under 15 minutes? The following video shows you how easy it is to fill out a tax return.

Free contributions and lump sums

Saving taxes can sometimes be so easy if you know the right lump sums and tax allowances and that’s exactly why we show you the most important ones so that your tax return is a real success and you get as much as possible back from the tax office!

Tips and tricks

Not done your tax return yet? Then get going! We’ll show you how you can save up to 1,000 euros with simple tips. And don’t worry: the tips are very simple and can be implemented quickly.

6 completely legal tax tricks with practical examples

How can you legally deduct a lot of money from your taxes? It’s simple: watch the following video and follow the six legal tax tricks.

Tax return error

There are many things you can do wrong in a tax return and the bad thing is, usually each of these mistakes costs you money or you can even be held liable for it – which 8 mistakes are the most common and how to avoid them, we show in this video. Unfortunately, taxes and tax returns barely feature in our education system and this is despite the fact that they affect us all in some way. Because of this, there are many mistakes that are made over and over again. Some of these mistakes are common and that’s what we want to change.

Late tax return: consequences and penalties

The 31.07. of a year is now the deadline for submitting the tax return for all those who are obliged to submit. But not always everything goes according to plan in life and villeicht still missing documents, the accounting is not ready or you just have not found the time for it – what consequences this can have and what you can do before, you learn in this video! The good news first…. Because the mentioned deadline is actually only valid for all those who have to file – those who belong to the larger group of people who file voluntarily even have four whole calendar years retroactively!

Doing your tax return correctly as a student

A tax return as a student? That can really pay off! Even if you don’t have a job yet. The video explains how it works and what all the stuff about “tax deductions”, loss carry-forward, income-related expenses or special expenses means.

Tax return student: tutorial

A tax return can be worthwhile for many people, but one group can get particularly high tax benefits, namely students. In the years of study, sometimes several thousand euros in expenses come together. But a large part of the costs are tax deductible and a student can in many cases get a decent amount refunded by the tax office in the context of his tax return.

Seminars for students on the subject of tax returns

I’m sure you’ve all seen them: those ads for tax courses that promise you that you can get a lot of money back from your studies. Keyword: Tax return for students. What is it all about? A quick search online has already revealed: Behind the courses is the financial service provider MLP. So why is a private company offering free courses on how to get your taxes back from your studies?

Tax return for self-employed and small businesses

A tax return is already a closed book for most employees … but for self-employed people in particular, there are a few more challenges and questions. Many small business owners and self-employed people rightly ask themselves things like:

  • When do I have to file a tax return?
  • What documents do I need for a tax return?
  • What is the structure of a tax return for the self-employed ?
  • Does it make sense to file a tax return as a small business owner?
  • You can find the answers in the video: Introduction tax return self-employed and small business

Tax return: small business

Finally relief and more tax benefits for small business owners – this was the news at the beginning of 2020 – and as so often with changes in the law, this must first be proven in practice – in this video we explain to you how the small business regulation has improved this year and how you can benefit from it.

Tax return for pensioners

More and more pensioners in Germany have to file a tax return. There are some important points to consider, which are, you will learn in this video. Due to legal changes, the number of pensioners who have to file a tax return is growing – many are not even aware of this. In addition, more and more pensioners are also working part-time and earning money as a result, which means they may be paying tax, some of which they can reclaim. The two main points of tax for pensioners are: The basic allowance and the pension allowance. What these two allowances mean and how they affect the tax return as a pensioner is explained in this video.

Tax return pensioner: instructions

Especially for people who have not yet made a tax return during their working life and now have to dedicate themselves to this task for the first time as a pensioner, this is particularly difficult. But even experienced pensioners have to consider a few points when filing their tax return. With the right information, however, you can save yourself a lot of time – which is why we would like to provide this brief guide.

Tax return for young professionals

It pays to file a tax return. On average, employees get around 1,000 euros back when they file a tax return. Our video shows how easy it is for young professionals to get money back from the tax office with their first tax return.

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