Real Estate Investment Videos: Getting started, financing and tips from the pros

Real estate is considered a safe and profitable investment. But what is the best way to invest in houses or apartments? Whatever drives you to make a lot of money: Buying an apartment as an investment is the best idea you will ever make. If you want to invest successfully in real estate, you need a good strategy. It is underestimated how quickly life can change. Successful investors calculate before they buy whether the expected return on a property will cover the financing costs and whether they can even make a profit in the end. If you are interested in the topic of real estate investment, then perhaps the topic of buying and renting real estate is also relevant to you.

Entry into real estate investment

Investing in real estate – whether a house or apartment, penthouse, apartment, maisonette, villa, terraced house or bungalow – always seems to be a good investment at first glance, but in order to actually make a profit and at best generate passive income, you need some know-how. Before all, you need to know which mistakes you should avoid at all costs. In our video list on the subject of real estate investment, you will learn exactly this necessary know-how and you will be explained what mistakes ignorant investors often make, to do it better yourself. Get inspired and become a professional investor!

Before we get to the video recommendations for real estate investing, here are 3 tips on the topic: Learn for free on Lukinski, we have book recommendations and for those who want to become a real estate investor, another look at the topic of taxes, because the more money you make, the more taxes you pay. The more knowledge you build up here, the less taxes you pay and the more equity you have, for your investments.

Buy, finance and invest (external & free of charge)

Online you can find a lot of articles and tips on Here you can learn everything: from tax basics for asset accumulation, to real estate as an investment through renting, to saving taxes with real estate (external). Everything free of charge from the expert.

Tip! Overview Real Estate XXL

The world of real estate is complex and multifaceted. If you want to keep an overview and avoid making mistakes, you should prepare well and clarify as many open questions as possible in good time. No matter whether you want to build, buy and rent out a property or live in it yourself, or even use a property as an investment to generate passive income: The preparation is the A&O. Here you will find articles, as well as book and video tips with successful and helpful books and videos on the subject of real estate – including tips and tricks from professionals and experts.

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Tax Coaching for Landlords / Investors: Field Report

If you write about real estate, you have to educate yourself. More concretely, when it is no longer just about personal use, but also about renting. Because, the biggest item on the expense side is taxes. The more you earn, the more taxes you have to pay – the problem is clearly defined, what to do? Learn from experience, from those who have made it. Many say that the Next Level Tax Coaching is the best in Germany. Reason enough to take part yourself. You want to become a real estate investor yourself?

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Entry as a real estate investor

All beginnings are difficult – especially with such a capital-intensive topic as the purchase of a property. There are many factors to consider. Whether it’s about financing, the most common mistakes or the question of whether renting is even worth it: In these videos, you’ll get answers to the most common questions about real estate as an investment.

Start in the first property

Here you can find out how to get started with the best tips for owning your first property. What is the best way to start, and with what – apartment or house? When can you expect profits and how does a house purchase work? Two professionals tell you about their first steps as real estate investors.

7 ways to invest in real estate

In this video, you’ll learn the 7 best ways to invest in real estate:

  1. Home
  2. Rental properties
  3. Closed-end real estate funds
  4. Open-ended real estate funds
  5. Real estate shares / REITs
  6. Real estate equity funds (active)
  7. Real estate equity funds (passive)

Buy first apartment

How do you actually get started? How do you buy your first home? In this video, a professional investor explains how to get started in the world of real estate investing.

Let property

You have a property and are thinking about whether renting it out is really worth it? Of course, as an investor, you want to make a profit in the end. How to do that and when renting out a property is really worthwhile, you will learn in the following videos.

Is it worth renting?

Interest rates at record lows, high property prices: Isn’t it worth buying a rented property as an investment? This video will show you whether the calculation “the tenant pays off the installments to the bank” works. How you can best rent out your property and how it can function as a real investment is explained here for you.

Rent or buy ETFs?

What’s more worthwhile: buying a property and then renting it out – or using the money to buy ETFs? In this video, we’ll run through 6 scenarios for you to decide which investment strategy works best for you.

Errors and tips

Mistakes can always be made, but especially when it comes to real estate investment, these mistakes can be costly. To avoid this, the most common mistakes in real estate investment are shown here. With these tips, hopefully you will no longer fall into an expensive investment trap.

Avoiding mistakes when buying real estate

Alex Fischer explains in this video what you have to pay attention to when financing real estate, the location, size and type of the apartment and which rules you should absolutely follow for owner-occupied real estate as well as for capital investment. Don’t make the same mistakes as other investors and save time and money with these tips for your next real estate investment.

9 typical mistakes

Making mistakes when buying real estate can have serious consequences. What to look for when buying real estate is therefore a central question that you should ask yourself when buying real estate as an investment. How you can avoid mistakes when buying real estate is shown in this video. For example, it is about the choice of location, the calculation or the rental model.

Financing: Save on credit, repayment and taxes

A property is often an immense investment. Very few people can finance this out of their own pocket. But which type of financing is the best and most efficient for you, your situation and your property? And should you have taken out a loan or credit, what is the best way to organise repayment? Is there possibly even a way to save taxes in the process? These questions are addressed in detail in the following videos.

Real estate as an investment

Real estate as an investment – sounds easy, but unfortunately it’s not that simple. What advantages a property as an investment can have, however, if you do it right and know your way around, you will learn in this video.

Save taxes

With the right knowledge, you can save a lot of taxes with your real estate. Watch the video to learn what expenses can be deducted on your tax return, so you can use your strategy to grow your investment and ideally reinvest the money you save.

Repayment: which rate is optimal?

The real estate loan or real estate financing has a huge impact on whether a property works as an investment or a home works as an investment. Financing a property is therefore something you should definitely understand before buying. One important question to ask is how much to amortize or what is the optimal amount of amortization. In this video you get exactly the right answer.

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