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Rent in Leipzig! Real Estate, Neighborhoods – Real Estate Agent Interview

Real Estate Agent Interview in Leipzig – Are you interested in buying or renting a house or apartment in Leipzig? But you still lack the necessary knowledge and experience? Then you have come to the right place! We talked to a local real estate agent to learn all about the current real estate market. First […]

Rent + buy in Potsdam: Building & Renovation – Broker Interview

Real Estate Agent Interview in Potsdam – You want to buy or rent a house or an apartment in Potsdam? But you are still missing the right How Know? You are wondering which costs you have to pay and which is the best type of real estate to invest in? Then you have come to […]

Buying in Aachen: Financing, Beginner’s Mistakes & Costs – Broker Interview

Real estate agent interview in Aachen – you would like to realize the dream of your real estate? But you are aware that every house purchase or apartment search has its advantages and disadvantages. And are you asking yourself crucial questions about which type of property is suitable for you, how many taxes and ancillary […]

Buy + rent in Brunswick: Melverode, Stöckheim – Broker interview

Real Estate Agent Interview Braunschweig – You want to buy or rent a house or an apartment in Braunschweig? But you are still missing the right how know? Exactly for this reason we spoke with a real estate agent from Braunschweig, who gives you first tips to avoid typical mistakes. Basically, it is first important […]

Maximum size of your first apartment: living space for owner-occupiers and capital investors – 4 tips

Size of a property – How big should my first condominium be? Micro-apartment, 2, 3 or even more rooms? This question is answered here by comparing living space for owner-occupancy and investment. In general, the number of square meters and the room layout are particularly important. You can learn everything else here! Living space for […]

Determine maximum purchase price: Creditworthiness, equity & Co. – 4 steps to creditworthiness

Purchase price amount – How much property can I afford at all? This question is at the beginning of the purchase process of perhaps the first home and depends on many factors. These include your creditworthiness and self-disclosure, in terms of assets, the monthly balance of assets (repayment), the equity and the mortgage lending value […]

Rent + buy in Mönchengladbach! Avoid typical mistakes – Broker interview

Real Estate Agent Interview Mönchengladbach – You want to buy or rent a house or an apartment in Mönchengladbach? But you are still missing the right How Know? Then you are exactly right here. We have spoken with a real estate agent from Mönchengladbach! Basically, it is first important to find the right type of […]

Renting out apartments and houses: Useful tips for private landlords – credit check, service charge statement, apartment handover & Co!

Renting out apartments and houses – Renting out living space is lucrative. You build wealth and earn extra income – who wouldn’t want that? To help you rent out your property quickly, efficiently and stress-free, here are our top 6 tips for private landlords, from the property search to the rental agreement to the apartment […]

Wealth Building Video Tips XXL: Passive Income, Investing, Retirement and More

Wealth accumulation Video Tipps – all the same whether age precaution, wealth accumulation for the financial security or also the real estate investment case: To build up a certain fortune can be meaningful for most different motives. But what is the best way to approach such a project? What strategies and possibilities are there to […]

Villa: City, Country, Hill? Everything about buying or building your dream villa with pool

Villa – In the past, a villa, especially an urban villa, was often used as a second or country home to be close to the city. This applied exclusively to the more affluent urban population. Nowadays, that has changed. Since popular second residences tend to be properties such as a vacation home, beach house or […]

Terraced house: Purchase price, neighbours & Co. – advantages & disadvantages for buying, building or renting

Townhouse – Looking for a low cost property near the city as you are looking to buy a house? Then how about a terraced house instead of a costly villa or a large country house? A terraced house is the perfect alternative between a city apartment and a house in the countryside. Low purchase price, […]

Beach house: features, renting, buying or building and advantages & disadvantages of an investment

Beach house – Summer, sun and beach are in all your dreams? Tired of the hustle and bustle of big city life, crowds and stressed out shopping malls? Crowded parks aren’t enough nature in your life? How about a beach house? Best to buy a house as an investment. What many people only associate with […]

Granny flat: Requirements, advantages and disadvantages & Co. – Information for tenants and landlords

Granny flat – Granny flats are particularly popular for multi-generation houses: young adults or seniors can live here with their family, but still have privacy. But a granny flat is not only attractive for members of a family, regardless of whether you just want to rent the flat or perhaps even buy one already. Due […]

Found a company: Sole proprietor, UG, OHG, KG, GmbH, AG?! – List

Founding a company – You want to found your own company? Then you can choose from many different types of companies. These include, for example, the sole proprietor with full liability. But there are also forms with limited liability such as the UG (entrepreneurial company) and GmbH (limited liability company). In addition, there are types […]

Buy or build a house? Experiences of builders and experts

Buy or build a house?! – We have a lot to tell you about real estate and your first apartment or house. Today we ask the big question: buy or build? With experiences from builders and experts. We have watched a lot of experience videos and compiled the best ones here in the list for […]

Real estate XXL: financing, broker, sale, rent, build & more – Guidebook

Real Estate XXL – Real estate, whether a house or apartment, offers many opportunities, but also many risks. Whether buying an apartment, building a house for personal use or even renting out an apartment – there are countless variants of what you can and want to do with real estate. But for example, investing in […]