Buying in Aachen: Financing, Beginner’s Mistakes & Costs – Broker Interview

Real estate agent interview in Aachen – you would like to realize the dream of your real estate? But you are aware that every house purchase or apartment search has its advantages and disadvantages. And are you asking yourself crucial questions about which type of property is suitable for you, how many taxes and ancillary costs are involved, or how you can avoid making mistakes? Then you have come to the right place. We talked to a real estate agent from Aachen to find out everything about the current real estate market. You can expect exciting topics about additional costs, recommendations and popular districts in Aachen. Back to the overview: Real estate agent Aachen. Also in Germany in our article: Realtors Germany.

Rent, buy, live in Aachen

Our interview partner, has specialized in the brokerage, sale and rental of real estate in Aachen and the surrounding area. In an interview, we talked to a local real estate agent about attractive neighborhoods, financing options and the current real estate market. Here you can learn everything about buying your first home, different types of houses and apartments.

Overview of Aachen and surroundings:

Aachen up close:

Rent: Monthly costs

You have decided to rent or even rent a house or apartment? Then you should definitely know more about bedroom furnishings and exclusive terrace design, so that nothing stands in the way of the dream apartment and is equipped in the best possible way.

Buy: Financing your own home

Find your new home in attractive districts of Aachen, such as Eilendorf, Brand or Richterich and avoid serious mistakes with your purchase! What you should know before your purchase you will learn in this article! Are you also interested in other cities? We have selected other interesting cities for you, such as Düsseldorf, Cologne and Duisburg.

Realtor interview: Current market and prices

In an interview, we got to know a real estate company from Aachen better and asked everything about real estate, renting, buying and capital investment. In this article you will also learn which questions you should answer before buying a property.

IVB Peter Dondorf: Interview partner

FIV: Before we go into Aachen and its real estate market and your recommendations for tenants and buyers, we would like to know a little more about your agency IVB Peter Dondorf Immobilien. Could you briefly summarize for our readers what your agency does and what you specialize in?

P. Dondorf: Gladly, we have been active in the Aachen real estate market for more than 30 years. I think we do about 90% residential and about 10% commercial. In short, our specialization is the sale of residential real estate. Here we are the right contact for all sellers. With 7 employees, we are certainly not one of the largest in Aachen, but our employees. who work on the customer are all trained real estate agents.

Real estate agent Peter Dondorf:

FIV: As a broker in Aachen, which properties do you personally prefer to broker?

P. Dondorf: Personally, I am always happy when I can fulfill a young family’s dream of owning their own home.

Districts in Aachen with a future: Brand, Burtscheid & Co.

FIV: Neighborhoods for Singles, Families & Co. – For those who don’t live in Aachen yet and want to move to Aachen, which neighborhoods have a future? Where should you move to in Aachen if you want to live nicely?

P. Dondorf: The different districts are also sought after by different demand groups. Let’s take the Brand district, for example. Here, it’s mainly families who are looking. Why is that? The infrastructure is top, there are many kindergartens and three elementary schools. Sports clubs and other recreational activities offer families a wide range of leisure activities. The city center as well as Burtscheid is often sought after by singles or couples without children. This is certainly also due to the proximity to the RWTH and the FH. The demand for snacking in Aachen’s southern quarter continues unabated, although prices here quickly reach seven figures.

Popular districts:

  • Fire
  • Burtscheid
  • South Quarter

Aachen-Brand district:

Development of the real estate market

FIV: Rents are a big topic, all over Germany. How has the real estate market and rental prices in Aachen developed in recent years and how will they develop in the future?

P. Dondorf: Rents have probably risen in recent years just as they have in other cities. There is also a lot of demand for single-family homes in the outer areas, although the supply is always very low.

Newly built apartments quickly range from €10.00 to €14.00 per square meter.

FIV: In Germany, more people rent than buy. What would you recommend to a young couple or even a single person, renting or buying in Aachen?

P. Dondorf: In principle, I would always advise buying. However, it also always depends on the location and the entry price. Why not go and buy a small capital investment and rent the dream property if it is not yet available for purchase today.

Bedroom area in a single-family house in Aachen:

Error: buy to buy

FIV: Anyone who rents in Aachen is relatively flexible and can move if necessary. Anyone who buys a property, whether a home or a condominium, is at least tied to the property for the long term by the loan or financing. What are typical first-time buyer mistakes from your experience as a real estate agent and how can you avoid them?

P. Dondorf: I always tell my customers that it’s better to look a little longer and buy the right property, and not to panic buy.

Many buyers make the mistake that they buy to buy.

If you are a prospective customer not from the industry, always take a professional with you, even if it costs a little. In the end, this professional will be cheaper for you.

Service charges and taxes in NRW

FIV: The purchase price of a property is one thing, but what ancillary costs and taxes must buyers in Aachen expect?

P. Dondorf: In Aachen or in all of North Rhine-Westphalia, you as a buyer pay 6.5% land transfer tax and 1.5-2.0% notary and court costs. If you buy through a real estate agent, a commission of 3.57% can also be added here.

Incidental expenses:

  • 6.5% Real estate transfer tax
  • 1.5% – 2% Notary, court fees
  • 3.57% broker commission

Real Estate Investment: Capital Investment

FIV: Aachen neighborhoods for real estate investment – Let’s move on to real estate as an investment in Aachen, for those who want to buy and rent. If our*r Leser*in for the purchase, with following letting, decides: Which 2 districts or even satelites around Aachen, would you recommend to a buyer for their capital investment in Aachen? In your opinion as an expert, where do the most future opportunities lie?

P. Dondorf: The first question you should ask yourself is what you really want. Security or return on investment? If you want security, you should definitely pay attention to the location. This also includes the neighborhood and the condition of the property. Newly built apartments do not always have to be the worse investment when it comes to renting. The real estate professional is also willing to invest in C-locations, because he is able to assess certain aspects and increase rental potential. Laymen should rather keep their hands off this.

Living area in a loft:

Old building, new building, small or large: What should you invest in?

FIV: In your opinion, what type of real estate has a future in Aachen, what should one invest in? Small, large, existing, new construction?

P. Dondorf: Every type of real estate has its advantages and disadvantages. Before Corona, I would have always said “small apartments” that were in demand by students. With all the online lectures, I changed my mind as demand was down in this area in particular.

But let’s wait and see, when the focus is no longer on Corona, the asset class “small apartments” will also pick up again. There is still a steady demand for apartments with 3 rooms. Here the intersection is the largest. Shared apartments, couples, small families, older couples, all are in the market for 3-bedroom apartments.

Typical mistakes when buying real estate

FIV: Lastly, one more question – you had mentioned the typical mistakes buying a property. Many buy, but some also want to sell. As an experienced broker in Aachen, what tips can you give to those who are selling a property for the first time? What are the first steps and how to sell a property in Aachen successfully?

P. Dondorf: There can only be one tip:

Don’t sell without a professional on your side.

There are many good brokers in Aachen, make comparisons here and contact the one that suits you best. The gut feeling should be right and it does not matter whether it is a large company or the owner works alone.

Rent, buy, live in Aachen

The real estate market in Aachen is large and for this reason it is important to find the best real estate agent for you. In our overview you will find the best real estate agents from Aachen, who can make your dream of your property possible.

First apartment? Step by step to capital investment

Buy your own apartment – As soon as you move into your first own apartment, for most people it’s rent, rent, rent. Every month you go to work many hours, to spend the largest part ultimately for the next rent due at the beginning of the month. It’s no wonder that many young people are considering buying a condominium as soon as possible.