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Found a company: Sole proprietor, UG, OHG, KG, GmbH, AG?! – List

Founding a company – You want to found your own company? Then you can choose from many different types of companies. These include, for example, the sole proprietor with full liability. But there are also forms with limited liability such as the UG (entrepreneurial company) and GmbH (limited liability company). In addition, there are types […]

Tax consultant in Karlsruhe: costs, evaluation, experience – 4 recommendations

Tax consultant in Berlin – The best tax consultant near you? Digital accounting, online transmission of reports and financial statements are part of the modern standards of good tax consultants. Who has the most good ratings? In this list you will find recommendations for tax advisors in Berlin. In our big investment guide you have […]

Tax advisor near you for private + company: tips, recommendation & evaluation

Nearby Tax Accountants – Find a good tax accountant near you? We have searched the internet for you for days to find the best recommendations for tax consultants near you: Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Munich, Stuttgart & Co. For your private tax return or income tax return or more complex accounting for companies, from monthly […]

T-Series – YouTube, Bollywood and a touch of romance

T-Series. The biggest YouTube channel ever – With more than 110 million subscribers, the Indian giant T-Series is considered the most popular YouTube channel of all time. Unlike most YouTube channels, this is not a single person at work. T-Series is a company that has managed to fight its way to YouTube heaven through hard […]

CXMXO – Who?! The advertising agency for fashion & digital media

Success Story: Company Portrait – CXMXO – Who?! The advertising agency for fashion & digital media! This agency provides High Fashion & High Quality Look! CM Models (CXMXO Media Group) is not only about models. Branding and awareness are the big issues, especially in times of digital media. What makes them special is that they […]