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Renting out real estate – Are you looking for a sensible investment in real estate such as a detached house, semi-detached house, zero-energy house or even a maisonette, old building flat or apartment? Or are you simply looking for a way to generate additional income without having to do too much? Renting out real estate is a great way to provide for your retirement and not have to worry financially anymore. There is a lot of money to be made in real estate – how it all works is explained in the following books so you don’t make any mistakes in the future! If you are interested in the topic of renting out property, then perhaps the topic of selling property is also relevant for you.

Renting out real estate: From investment to financial freedom

Before we get to the book recommendations for real estate rentals, here are 3 tips on the topic: Learn for free on Lukinski, we have video tips on Youtube and for those who want to become real estate investors, another look at the topic of taxes, because the more money you make by renting out houses and condos, the more taxes you pay. The more knowledge you build up about renting and taxes, the more equity you have for future investments as a landlord and real estate investor.

Tip! Overview Real Estate XXL

The world of real estate is complex and multifaceted. If you want to keep an overview and avoid making mistakes, you should prepare well and clarify as many open questions as possible in good time. No matter whether you want to build, buy and rent out a property or live in it yourself, or even use a property as an investment to generate passive income: The preparation is the A&O. Here you will find articles, as well as book and video tips with successful and helpful books and videos on the subject of real estate – including tips and tricks from professionals and experts.

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Buy and rent (external & free of charge)

Learn from the experts. You can find many, many more guide articles for free at Lukinski. Here you can learn everything you need to know about buying real estate for free. Start in general with buying real estate, go over your specific type of real estate, from apartment, to house, apartment building to buying land. In addition importantly, everything around sales contract (who pays the costs?), purchase additional expenses and taxes save with real estates. by legal forms such as a real estate GmbH or family donation. You lack the equity capital? Here you can find a comparison of real estate financing. Finally, it’s all about buying and renting as well as letting.

Tax Coaching for Landlords / Investors: Field Report

If you write about real estate, you have to educate yourself. More concretely, when it is no longer just about personal use, but also about renting. Because, the biggest item on the expense side is taxes. The more you earn, the more taxes you have to pay – the problem is clearly defined, what to do? Learn from experience, from those who have made it. Many say that the Next Level Tax Coaching is the best in Germany. Reason enough to take part yourself. You want to become a real estate investor yourself?

Read more about tax coaching here:

Do-it-yourself pension: passive income from real estate for retirement provision

Rating: 4.4 / 5.0 (274 ratings)

We all need passive income at some point in our lives – at the latest when we can no longer or no longer want to work. This book is a step-by-step guide to buying and renting a small apartment.

  • We’ll show you how buying a small apartment changed our lives.
  • We teach you all the basics about how an apartment works as an investment: What advantages this form of investment offers and what is true about the typical concerns about rental nomads, expenses and financing risks.
  • We describe a search profile and search procedure to find worthwhile and future-proof apartments.
  • We’ll show you how to put homes through their paces, evaluate and price them.
  • We will help you to convince the bank of your plans.
  • We prepare you for the notary appointment and the transfer of ownership.
  • At Buy on Amazon

Buy real estate, rent it out and earn money

Rating; 4.5 / 5.0 (147 ratings)

Investments in real estate are not subject to fluctuations in the stock market or inflation. You can start wonderfully due to the low interest rates now!

  • How to choose and value real estate correctly. Learn how to choose a city and neighborhood and how to analyze the micro, macro and meso situation correctly.
  • Prepare yourself optimally for viewings with this book. With the right knowledge of floor plan, energy-saving class, defect assessment and building age class, you will be able to acquire a high-yield property.
  • How to minimize your risk and use the book to arrive at a financial plan that has no loopholes.
  • Administration and insurance – you need to master these basics for your success!
  • With this concept you will find the perfect tenants – proven many times over!
  • Is there a way to increase your rental income? Profit from the tips of a full professional!
  • At Buy on Amazon

Earn money with residential real estate

Rating: 4.7 / 5.0 (914 ratings)

The bestselling author Goldwein became a self-made millionaire within a few years with investments in residential real estate. You too can be successful: with investments in residential real estate!

  • Strategies for safe & profitable investment in residential real estate
  • Tracking down lucrative income properties even in tight markets
  • Basics of real estate valuation and purchase price determination
  • Checklists for professional examination & negotiation strategies for the purchase
  • Strategies for optimal financing and leverage of return on equity
  • Calculation of cash flow & return with the Excel calculation tool available as a bonus
  • Tax-optimised management & realisation of capital gains
  • Practice-relevant basics of real estate law (including the particularities of rented condominiums)
  • Practical basics of tenancy law (including regulations on rent increases)
  • At Buy on Amazon

Renting & Rent increase

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0 (71 ratings)

This guidebook provides comprehensive information and practical tips to help you tackle letting professionally. It provides an understandable introduction to the practical basics of tenancy law and derives strategic recommendations from it.

  • Lawyer-approved sample rental agreement and numerous sample texts for practical implementation
  • Strategies for the right tenant selection
  • Sample for professional service charge settlement
  • Enforce rent increases & defend against rent reductions
  • Defusing sources of conflict with tenants
  • At Buy on Amazon

SuccessRich with real estate investments

Ratings: 4.4 / 5.0 (98 ratings)

Especially in times of low interest rates, real estate promises a rewarding return if you know the risks. Real estate expert Jörg R. Winterlich shows you the points to watch out for in your investment.

  • How to find the right property: location analysis, property and document review
  • The different options for optimal financing
  • How to calculate correctly: overall calculation, optimisation, opportunities and risks
  • Efficient management, profitable letting: Tenant and property management
  • Exit strategies: planning the resale in a targeted manner
  • At Buy on Amazon

Manage and rent out property

Rating: 4.0 from 5.0 (8 ratings)

You’re the proud owner of residential property… now what? When it comes to renting, managing and investing in property, private homeowners are not professionals. Are you either? No problem! With this guidebook, you’ll master your new everyday living life with absolute confidence. Learn everything about your rights and obligations as a new member of the owners’ association, about modernisation, running costs and the annual statement. How do I find the right tenant? How do I reliably check creditworthiness? What do I have to consider when signing a tenancy agreement? What exactly is the smoke detector obligation? And could I simply rent out my apartment via Airbnb? These and many other current topics are presented here in an understandable way and adapted to the current legal situation.

The Landlord’s Handbook of Practice

Rating: 4.5 from 5.0 (8 ratings)

Legislators and court rulings are placing ever-increasing demands on landlords. Even small formal errors have legal consequences and can cost you dearly. This up-to-date reference book informs you about the legal situation and helps you in every phase of the tenancy to exploit the permissible leeway. To this end, you will find numerousThis book contains numerous instructions and sample contracts. Up-to-date: all changes due to the Tenancy Law Adjustment Act and the new Basic Data Protection Regulation!

  • Contracts for residential space, commercial space and garages
  • Sample letters for rent increases, warnings and notices of termination
  • Forms for operating cost and security deposit statements
  • Announcement of maintenance and modernisation measures
  • Tighter rent brake and reduction of the modernisation levy: What landlords must now consider
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