Buying in Kassel: types, financing & investment – Broker Interview

Real estate agent interview Kassel – The market for apartments and houses in Kassel is large. Quickly one loses the overview. If you are looking for your dream house or apartment, then you have come to the right place! For this very reason, we have spoken with a real estate agent who will give you some initial tips on how to avoid typical mistakes. Basically, it is first important to find the right type of real estate to be satisfied in the long term. You can expect exciting topics about additional costs, real estate agent recommendation and popular districts in Kassel. Back to the overview: Real estate agent Kassel. Also in Germany in our article: Realtors Germany.

Rent, buy, live in Kassel

Our interview partner, for the topic of real estate has specialized in the mediation, selling and renting of real estate in Kassel. FIV Magazine has talked to the real estate agent team in an interview about attractive districts, financing options and the real estate market in Kassel. Here you can learn everything about buying your first home, different types of houses and apartments.

Overview of Kassel and surrounding cities:

Kassel from the microlocation:

Rent: Service charges

You have decided to rent or even rent a house or apartment? Then you should definitely know more about bedroom furnishing and exclusive terrace design.

Buy: Investment

Find your new home in attractive neighborhoods of Kassel and avoid serious mistakes in your purchase! Find out what you should know before you buy in this article! Are you also interested in other cities? We have selected other interesting cities for you, such as Düsseldorf, Aachen and Duisburg.

Interview about the current real estate market in Kassel

Are you looking for a suitable property in Kassel? But are you wondering which are the most popular districts to live in, whether it is better to rent or to buy, or how high the ancillary costs and taxes are in Kassel? Then you have come to the right place. Because we have talked to a real estate agent from the region, who will answer all your questions about real estate in Nuremberg.

Immoperlen: Broker team in the area Hessen

FIV: Before we go into Kassel and its real estate market and your recommendations for tenants and buyers, we would like to know a little more about your agency Immoperlen. Could you briefly summarize for our readers what your agency does and what you specialize in?

Immoperlen: We specialize in the sale of single-family houses, apartment houses and apartments. Rentals of houses and apartments, accompaniment of new construction and valuations of real estate.

Team photo Immoperlen:

FIV: As a real estate agent in Kassel, which properties do you personally prefer to broker?

Immoperlen: single-family houses, apartment houses, apartments

Live beautifully in the Kassel area

FIV: Neighborhoods for Singles, Families & Co. – For those who don’t live in Kassel yet and want to move to Kassel, which neighborhoods have a future? Where should you move to in Kassel if you want to live nicely?

Immoperlen: For young people, the Vordere Westen is very popular, due to its beautiful infrastructure. For families it is nice to live in Kirchditmold, Harleshausen, Wilhelmshöhe, Niederzwehren and also the district of Kassel.

Kirchditmold district

Rent development & recommendations

FIV: Rents are a big topic, all over Germany. How has the real estate market and rents in Kassel developed in recent years and how will they develop in the future?

Immoperlen: Rents have already risen, and will certainly continue to do so. The favorable rents get one unfortunately only in the situations which are not very popular. Even when selling a property if it is in a good location and also maintained, the sales price is higher than a few years ago. We think that will continue to exist so.

FIV: In Germany, more people rent than buy. What would you recommend to a young couple or even a single person, renting or buying in Kassel?

Immoperlen: If one looks at the long-term and the stability quite clearly we recommend a purchase of a real estate. It is also a good capital investment.

Single family house in Kassel:

Long-term commitment through financing and loans

FIV: Anyone who rents in Kassel is relatively flexible and can move if necessary. Anyone who buys a property, whether a home or a condominium, is at least tied to the property for the long term by the loan or financing. What are typical first-time buyer mistakes from your experience as a real estate agent and how can you avoid them?

Immoperlen: Too little equity, repayment rate not chosen correctly. No inventory by expert or appraiser.

Taxes and incidental expenses incurred

FIV: The purchase price of a property is one thing, but what ancillary costs and taxes must buyers in Kassel expect?

Immoperlen: 6% land transfer tax, 2% notary fees, for single-family houses and condominiums 2.975% brokerage incl. VAT. From two-family houses the usual local brokerage fee of 5.95% incl. VAT on the sales price.

Incidental expenses:

  • 6% land transfer tax
  • 2% Notary fees
  • 2.975% for single family houses
  • 5.95% for two-family houses

Living and dining room area:

FIV: Kassel neighborhoods for real estate investment – Let’s move on to real estate as an investment in Kassel, for those who want to buy and rent. If our*r Leser*in decides for the purchase, with following letting: Which 2 districts or even satellites around Kassel, would you recommend to a buyer for their capital investment in Kassel? In your opinion as an expert, where do the most future opportunities lie?

Immoperlen: Clearly the Vordere Westen, Harleshausen, Kirchditmold, Wilhelmshöhe and Niederzwehren.

Sought-after district Harleshausen:

Real estate with a future

FIV: In your opinion, what type of real estate has a future in Kassel, what should one invest in? Small, large, existing, new construction?

Immoperlen: Existing properties such as apartment buildings and apartments up to 80m².

Avoid typical mistakes – instructions

FIV: Finally, one more question: You had mentioned the typical mistakes buying a property. Many buy, but some also want to sell. As an experienced broker in Kassel, what tips can you give to those who are selling a property for the first time? What are the first steps and how do you successfully sell a property in Kassel?

Immoperlen: The first step is to determine the value of the property. Many sellers have a completely wrong view of what their property is worth on the real estate market. Some sellers are quite surprised that you can achieve a higher sales price, and some have ideas that are not feasible. A property in Kassel should be sold within 3 months, this is feasible if you do every step right. Our goal is to accompany sellers and buyers well on your way, because real estate is our passion, and the satisfaction of our customers has top priority.

3-step guide:

  1. Valuation of the property
  2. Within 3 months should be conveyed
  3. Get experts on your side

Rent, buy, live in Kassel

The real estate market in Kassel is large and for this reason it is important to find the best real estate agent for you. In our overview you will find the best real estate agents from Kassel, who can make your dream of your property possible.

First apartment? Step by step to capital investment

Buy your own apartment – As soon as you move into your first own apartment, for most people it’s rent, rent, rent. Every month you go to work many hours, to spend the largest part ultimately for the next rent due at the beginning of the month. It’s no wonder that many young people are considering buying a condominium as soon as possible.