Slovenia – a dreamlike journey into nature

Romantic towns, mountains, beaches – Slovenia offers about everything you could want for your summer holiday. The small country bordering Croatia is nevertheless not yet besieged by mass tourism! That’s why it’s the perfect place to just switch off. The best way to explore the idyll of the country is with a motorhome or tent, and above all you are always flexible. Doesn’t one like it in that place right now or wants to see something new? No problem, you pack your things together, sit down in your car and the tour continues. Since the distance to Slovenia is very long depending on where you start in Germany, it is advisable to make a stop in between.

The highlights of Slovenia

Romantic moments in Bled

This sweet and romantic village, just in the north of the country, is characterized by its beautiful alpine lake. But not only that, in the middle of the lake there is a small island with a church. The village is very small and manageable, but that’s exactly what it is. Everyone in this place simply enjoys the lake with the beautiful church in the middle of the island. Take a stroll and then have dinner in one of the sweet restaurants and the day is perfect.

Absolute nature at Bohinj Lake

Not far from Bled is Lake Bohinj. Unlike Lake Bled, this lake is crystal clear and surrounded by the Julian Alps. Once in the cold water you don’t really want to go out anymore, the lake is so fresh and pure.
But not only swimming in the lake is a popular activity in Bohinj, it is also very worthwhile to unpack your hiking boots and explore the nature, respectively the Triglav National Park.

Ljubljana: The beautiful capital of Slovenia

Don’t forget anything on a trip to Slovenia: Ljubljana.
Slovenia’s capital is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. A small and sweet city, with small streets, canals and bridges where the eye reaches. Just pure romance.
At every corner you will find cute cafés or restaurants and beautiful, modern shops. In Ljubljana you can walk through the city without a plan and simply enjoy the ambience, drink a glass of wine and explore the student quarter. But one does not need to plan many days for this, Ljubljana is manageable and after a day trip one already knows best about it. Important for campers: Here, it is best to book a hotel or an AirBnb apartment. The prices in Slovenia are very reasonable and especially for short stays it is worthwhile to start directly from the centre.

Discover the caves of Škocjan

There are several caves in Slovenia that can be visited. My favourite are the Škocjan Caves. Since 1986 these have also been UNESCO World Heritage Sites and attract almost 100,000 visitors annually. Reason: The Cerkvenik Bridge over the Canyon. The biggest Eurpoas and third biggest in the world! The cave also has some stalactites to offer.

Small but fine: the coast of Slovenia

From the cave you can immediately continue to the coast of Slovenia. This one is small and there are only three cities: Koper, Piran and Izola.


Koper is the largest city on the Slovenian coast and is only 10 kilometres from the border with Italy. This can be seen not only in the bilingual street signs and the like, but also in the design of the old town. The picturesque little alleys often remind one of small coastal towns in Italy. In Koper there is the biggest port of Slovenia, and every year there is a jazz festival, “MareziJazz”. For 13 years musicians from all over Europe have come for the musical experience.


Piran is unique with its small and winding streets in the Venetian style. The village is largely car-free and can therefore best be explored on foot. This place is a must for all Slovenia travellers. The sweet old town attracts tourists every year, but is not overcrowded.

You won’t find a sandy beach in Slovenia, but on hot summer days people only romp around at Piran’s headland. Colourful towels and air mattresses wherever you look – right next to the pedestrian zone. In July the Piraner music evenings are particularly popular. Every Thursday in July, soloists and chamber music ensembles perform in the Minorite Monastery. In general, the city comes alive in summer: the Summer Festival and the Tartini Festival are just two of Piran’s top summer events.


Izola is located directly between Piran and Koper, so it is a good idea to stay in this small town to get to know the three coastal towns best. It’s more quiet here. A stroll through the old town, a view of the harbour – there is not much more here. Nevertheless, Izola is definitely worth a visit. The fishermen can still be watched at the harbour and especially the water sports attract the people to Izola.

National Park Triglav

At 2,846 metres, Triglav is the largest mountain in Slovenia. Even the Slovenian 50-cent coins depict the peak of Triglav, but Narional Park has so much more to offer. Particularly impressive: the Soca, which stretches through the Julian Alps. A river you can’t imagine turquoise, therefore untouched nature far and wide. A true paradise for fishermen and hikers. The Valley of the Soca has so much to offer: Peace and relaxation with waterfalls, mountains, tributaries, gorges and troughs. But the valley is particularly famous for activities such as hiking, cycling and water sports. Rafting, kayaking, canyoning, fishing, fly-fishing and even winter sports can be practised here.

For those who are not so keen on sports: just grab your bike and explore the area, in the Triglav National Park there is really something to see and discover everywhere.

Very recommendable: with a cable car you can reach the top of the mountain. In good weather you have a beautiful view of the valley, but beware: in bad weather you prefer to stay down because you can’t see through the clouds.