Bella Hadid, house Tour, Penthouse, New York

Bella Hadid House Tour: Penthouse in New York City

Bella Hadid is one of the most successful models of the century and now the proud owner of a 6 million luxury penthouse in Manhatten, New York. Raised in a true palace with her model sister Gigi Hadid, she now lives her own luxury life in the best neighborhood and enjoys her single life after separating from singer The Weekent. Open rooms, walk-in closets, king size beds and a dream of a roof terrace can now be her own. Enough space for the model’s candle collection. Find out more about Bella’s interior design style, her neighborhood and how she lives in her penthouse.

New York: The Big Apple

For many years, the Big Apple has been considered one of the most popular cities to live in America for the stars and starlets. At the same time, New York is also one of the most expensive cities to live in. To get an apartment in NYC as a normal earner is almost impossible. Good thing Bella Hadid is not a normal person and is one of the best earning models in the world. For a long time there was speculation about where the model would stay after her separation from R&B Star The Weekend. Now it is certain: Bella will stay in New York City. Even though Gigi Hadid’s sister is currently living in quarantine at their shared farmhouse in Pennsylvania, the brunette recently secured a penthouse in New York’s hip East Village neighborhood. The penthouse is located in a designer apartment building on Third Avenue in the East Village and offers a stunning view of Manhattan.


Penthouse in Manhatten

Ballas Luxuxpenthouse is a true dream. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, walk-in closets, a wine cellar for over 100 bottles of the finest wine and a private roof terrace. And best of all, the luxury apartment has cost a mere $6.1 million. A real bargain for a star like Bella Hadid. On 2180 square meters the beauty relaxes after work, celebrates parties on her paparazzi protected roof terrace and enjoys her single life. A special highlight of the apartment: a ceiling made of bricks.  With great attention to detail, the model personalizes the simple interior and gives the apartment a special charm.

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The open living room in Skandi style

The living room of the 6.1 million penthouse is a true design work of art. The open-plan rooms are flooded with light due to the large windows in factory hall look and offer enough space for Bella’s candle collection. Correctly heard. The model collects all kinds of candles and even dedicates a separate place in the living room to them. The younger Hadid sister’s interior design also radiates warmth and comfort. Although the furniture is kept in cream colors with black accents, the luxurious walnut parquet, which is complemented by a sheepskin rug gives the room a certain feel-good factor.

A model’s job can be very stressful, so Bella prefers to relax on her XXL sofa, which forms the center of the room. From there she watches Netflix series on the XXL TV. A modern glass table completes the ensemble. Like all the rooms in the penthouse, Bella, who loves details, remains true to her style of furnishing. A mixture of Skandi Style and Industrial defines the apartment.

Bella Hadid, Living Room, Penthouse, New York

Bella Hadid, Living Room Penthouse, NY

A bathroom to relax

As in the rest of the apartment, the large bathroom is decorated in cream and white. Very important for Bella, however, is her bathtub. Not just for relaxation, but to devote herself to her collection of squeaky ducks. The millionaire supermodel collects the give, swimming ducks in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes with a hat, sometimes in a fancy dress, sometimes as firefighter ducks. The mid 20 year old has probably kept her childhood a little bit.
Cuddly cushions, flowers and modern art. The Scandinavian furnishing style does not stop at Bella’s bedroom. Not too much distraction and little decoration. It doesn’t seem like anyone lives here. So the exciting lifestyle of the model stops in front of her private rooms. The adjoining walk-in closet is a real girl’s dream. Bella’s closet contains all the trends of the last few years. No wonder for a model of her class.

The dreamlike kitchen

In the morning, at noon, in the evening. When the model is not on the road, she attaches great importance to a balanced and healthy diet. In a kitchen like Bella Hadid’s, even the laziest cook would probably want to cook for hours. The open kitchen with its free-standing cooking island has everything the heart desires. The high-quality stainless steel appliances and the marble worktop fit perfectly into the model’s interior design style. Simple but elegant with small golden details. How much the model actually cooks herself remains unanswered, but a kitchen like the one in the New York apartment would definitely be too bad to be just decoration.

The roof terrace: lawn like in India

The real highlight of the New York penthouse is the huge 360 degree terrace. On this terrace the model can celebrate parties or just relax after a hard day at work. The best part of the terrace’s design is its paparazzi protection. Above the roofs it is difficult for journalists to get a snapshot of the beauty. But their terrace also has a charming all-round protection. Unplastered brick walls, colorful cushions and plants complement a large sunbathing lawn that would have room for 20 guests. In comparison to the remaining rooms of the luxury property, the roof terrace radiates an Indian, oriental flair.

Living in a penthouse in New York City

Bella and her sister Hadid know no other way. They are taught to live in luxury from an early age. Their mother Yolanda Hadid is a successful model and father Mohamed a real estate mogul. Until their parents divorced, the family resided in a veritable $85 million castle in Beverly Hills. After the two sisters became successful models and earned their own millions, they moved into their own luxury real estate. In the meantime, the two are almost neighbors in New York City and keep close contact. Their life in the metropolis is exciting and resembles a dream. While sister Gigi is expecting her first child with singer Zayn Malik, Bella feels very much at home as a single in Manhattan. But who knows, there would be room for a partner in the 6 million property that Bella moved into recently.

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