Croatia: Places of interest, holiday homes & camping – Travel tips for your holidays

Croatia is one of the most beautiful and varied landscapes in Europe. In addition to the many historical sights and the idyllic coastal towns, which convey a flair of medieval beauty, the Croatian beaches are a real holiday highlight. White pebble bays and secluded rocky coves are located along the endless coastline, where you can enjoy the crystal clear water of the Adriatic Sea. Croatia has something to offer for every vacationer. Beside historical sights Croatia captivates with its dreamlike beaches. The unique natural landscapes, which is reflected in the many national and nature parks. The many Croatian impresses nature and sport lovers, sun worshippers, partygoers and culture fans.

Attractions and sights:  Travel tips

No matter if you do sports, go for a walk or sunbathe. Croatia would not be ” the small country for the big holiday” if it did not offer a colourful variety of leisure activities.  Croatian culture is most closely related to Western European culture, which is characterized by Roman influences in ancient times and the history of settlement in the Middle Ages. The most beautiful beaches in Croatia are in Medulin, Crikvenica, Pelješac, Silo etc.

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An excursion to the island of Rab is a must, and not only for bathing enthusiasts. It is not without reason that it is also called the “paradise beach”, because it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. Swimming plays a leading role everywhere in Croatia, beautiful beaches with crystal clear water. The town fountain in Rovinj is also recommendable. From there you can easily walk to the beautiful old town, the port and the clock tower.

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In Croatia, nature lovers, adventurers and sports fans get their money’s worth. The FIV Magazine gives you 10 tips on how to make the most of your holiday.

  1. She wants a boat trip to Venice? No problem, every week a ferry leaves for the Italian metropolis.
  2. A tour of the cave Modrič in Rovanjska
  3. Sailing
  4. Dive: The most attractive diving areas in the Adriatic Sea are shiff wrecks and and aircraft wrecks as well as underwater walls, underwater reefs and underwater caves.
  5. Walking: An active holiday with hiking in Croatian national parks should appeal above all to photographers.
  6. A visit to the second largest city in Croatia: Split is also called the “capital of Dalmatia”. A special highlight is the beautiful old town of Split with its cobblestone streets and beautiful old buildings.

Accommodations: Holiday home, camping & Co

Even if many holidays in Croatia combine long sandy beaches and pure sunshine, the country offers much more. Many holiday homes, for example in Istria or Dalmatia, have their own pool, if the way to the beach should be too far. Especially if you book a trip with several people, holiday homes are a good alternative to hotels. Holiday houses and apartments are the most booked types of accommodation in Croatia. You can find accommodation starting from a price of 30€, also for pets you will find pet-friendly accommodation in Croatia.

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Holiday houses &holiday apartments: cheap accommodation in Croatia

For families with children the holiday in a holiday home in Croatia is becoming more and more popular. In addition to numerous hotels, apartments and campsites, holidaymakers can choose from many offers of generously designed, modern and well-kept holiday homes as accommodation in Croatia. In contrast to the usually somewhat smaller rooms in hotels or guesthouses, a holiday home offers a lot of space and flexibility and individuality. holiday homes offer the much appreciated opportunity to spend a holiday in a private atmosphere. This is an advantage for all those who want to relax in peace and quiet away from hotels or guesthouses or who want to spend a romantic holiday.

Camping: nature and fun

Camping in Croatia is a true experience of beauty, hospitality and naturalness. Fascinating landscapes, beautiful beaches and intoxicating cities are waiting to be discovered in Croatia. Many campsites in Croatia now have extensive entertainment programs for both children and adults. Croatia is becoming an increasingly popular destination for family camping holidays, and camping holidays are one of the fastest growing types of holidays, FIV Magazine shows you the 5 best campsites in Croatia:

  • Camping Val Saline

  • Krk Premium Camping Resort

  • Marina Camping Resort

  • Camping Straško

  • Camping Kovacine


Questions and Answers

What do you eat in Croatia?

Lamb on skewer, kulen from Slavonia, lobster from Dalmatia, Međimurska gibanica

What is the sea like in Croatia?

The territory of the state lies east of the Adriatic Sea and partly in the southwest of the Pannonian Plain. The border is formed by Slovenia to the northwest, Hungary to the north, Serbia to the northeast, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the east and Montenegro to the southeast.

Can you travel to Croatia with an identity card?

As a result, there are checks on persons at border crossings with other EU countries. We recommend that Austrian citizens always travel with a passport (maximum five years expired). Alternatively, you can enter the country with an identity card valid for the entire duration of your journey.

Why does Croatia have HR?

The International Motor Vehicle Registration Number HR stands for Croatia in Europe.