Zandvoort Vacation: Beach, Racetrack & Center Park – The Top Sights & Events

Zandvoort – Sun, beach and sea! The holiday season is just around the corner and the travel enthusiasts among us are already busy looking for their next destination. You don’t want a classic holiday on the beach and are looking for something very special? Then we have a special secret tip from us. Zandvoort is a Dutch coastal town and therefore very popular for a beach holiday for the whole family. You don’t have to travel far to reach this charming destination, but you can look forward to an eventful and adventurous holiday. Whether it’s relaxation and recreation by the sea, walks in nature or action-packed adventures in Center Park, everyone will get their money’s worth in the multi-faceted Zandvoort.

Zandvoort: Beach, Center Park & further sights

Zandvoort is an insider tip when it comes to relaxation, scenic highlights and exciting and action-packed attractions. Every year, the miles of sandy beaches in Zandvoort invite numerous visitors who can switch off from everyday life in the sun and good humour. However, the popular holiday resort not only impresses with its white beaches and crystal clear water, but also has picturesque nature with rural hiking trails and charming attractions with an exciting history. Nature lovers and adventurers alike will be happy here. We have put together a list of everything there is to know about the Dutch holiday paradise, which secret corners you should definitely visit and where to find the best accommodation.

A holiday in Zandvoort offers you:

  • Scenic Highlights
  • National Park and natural hiking trails
  • White beaches and crystal clear water
  • Center Park Zandvoort
  • Museums and cultural input
  • Sights like the famous race track

Don’t feel like reading? Zoe about Zandvoort:

Center Park: Park Zandvoort – Activities & Accommodation

The holiday resort of Zandvoort is especially known for its unique Zandvoort Center Park, which is a highlight for the whole family. In this tropical leisure paradise you can enjoy hours of water fun even in bad weather. Spend a holiday at any time of year between dunes, salty air and the sound of the sea. The holiday park offers entertainment, games and fun for everyone.

In the Aqua Mundo bathing paradise you can relax in the whirlpool, swim a few laps or splash around in the wave pool. You can also get your energy up on the attractive water slides and enjoy the time with your loved ones to the full. For those for whom it may be even more sports, there are also tennis, squash, bowling and other sports facilities. Those who prefer relaxation and recreation can use the wellness and sauna area and indulge themselves in the spa or hamam. Of course, there is also a wide range of restaurants and dining options. So here, it never gets boring and the popular Center Park offers everything your heart desires.

Park Zandvoort: Reviews and directions

Probably the best and most popular way to stay in Zandvoort is in one of the accommodations in Park Zandvoort. You can decide whether you want to stay in a luxurious hotel room or whether you prefer a holiday home for 2 or 10 more people. The accommodations are scattered in the dunes and are all close to the beach. Either way, you are guaranteed an adventurous and eventful time with plenty of recreation, fun and action.

3.6 stars / 3,646 ratings

  • Address: Vondellaan 60, 2041 Zandvoort, Netherlands
  • Phone: +31 23 572 0000

Accommodations: Hotels & holiday apartments

The former fishing village of Zandvoort, however, also offers you, in addition to its popular theme park, other beautiful and worthwhile places to visit and accommodation to choose from during your holiday. Depending on your budget and preferences you can choose between an exclusive hotel or a cosy holiday apartment. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages but at the end of the day, thanks to their family-friendly facilities and central location, they ensure a relaxing and successful holiday.

Hotel: Uncomplicated & central

If you choose one of the broadly equipped hotels, you will be well looked after all around. You book your trip, have a rather short journey and park directly on the hotel’s own parking lot. Your room is ready to move in, clean and the beds are already made for you. You don’t have to take care of anything during your holiday and can arrange your time as relaxing and individual as you like. In the best case you have booked all inclusive or half board and don’t have to worry about food and catering anymore. You are bound to the given meal times, but you can arrange your day accordingly and sit down at the laid table without any further effort.

Here I have selected the best and most central hotels in Zandvoort for you.

  • Hotel Beachhouse – Boulevard Barnaart 59e, 2041 JA Zandvoort
  • Palace Hotel – Burgemeester van Fenemaplein 2, 2042 TA Zandvoort
  • Hotel Faber – Kostverlorenstraat 15, 2042 PA Zandvoort

Holiday flat: Cheap & domestic

A cheaper alternative to stay in Zandvoort is to sleep in a holiday apartment. This gives you more privacy than in a hotel and you are still at home in your own four walls. This option is particularly suitable for families with children, as you have less consideration for other guests. You can also organise your day individually and freely and don’t have to stick to meal times, for example. This way you can start your day whenever you want with a little luggage in your backpack and take all the attractions and highlights of the idyllic coastal town with you.

Here I have selected some cosy and central holiday apartments.

  • Apartments on the Hogeweg – Hogeweg 66, 2042 GJ Zandvoort
  • Casa Del Cisne – Hogeweg 44, 2042 GH Zandvoort
  • Boulevard 5 – Boulevard Paulus Loot 5, 2042 AD Zandvoort

Zandvoort: City map

Camping: Nature, relaxation & adventure

If you are looking for a holiday of a very special kind, you should decide to go camping in the beautiful coastal town of Zandvoort. Here you can fully relax from the otherwise stressful everyday life, enjoy nature and internalize the fairytale atmosphere. You can enjoy the most unspoilt corners of the resort, wake up to the salty sea air, the sound of the sea and the murmur of the seagulls and take everything Zandvoort has to offer with you. You don’t sleep in a hotel room or apartment as usual, but exchange your comfortable bed for an air mattress in a tent or caravan. In return you will enjoy the natural aspect of the place and the feeling of complete freedom far away from technology and the internet. You can really switch off, enjoy the peace and quiet and sit together with your loved ones.

The highlights of camping in Zandvoort:

  • Explore the natural aspect
  • To switch off from the stress of everyday life
  • Idyllic atmosphere with sea air and sea noise
  • Feeling of freedom far away from technology and Internet

Nature holiday in Zandvoort? Go camping!

Camping is becoming more and more popular with young and old and will ensure an unforgettable time that you will remember for a long time. Spend the day on the nearby promenade, the lively beach by the sea, or visit one of the many attractions that Zandvoort has to offer. In the evening you can sit around the campfire, watch the starry sky and prepare a delicious dinner on the barbecue or over the fireplace. You can arrange your days very flexibly and make new experiences that you will not encounter every day. So if you are open for adventure and a holiday of a different kind, then take the challenge and plan a holiday in the great outdoors.

Whether it’s a classic tent, a rooftop tent or a caravan – you have a wide range of possibilities and can arrange your holiday in a way that everyone can enjoy. If you now need inspiration and suggestions for recommendable, central and inexpensive campsites, I have found some possibilities for you here.

Camping at the edge of the dunes

4.1 stars / 250 ratings

  • Address: Boulevard Barnaart 68, 2041 JA Zandvoort, The Netherlands
  • Camping site for caravans/mobiles near the beach
  • Equipment: sanitary facilities, beach pavilions, restaurants
  • Phone: +31 23 571 2412
  • Price: 24 – 34,-€

Kennemer Duincamping de Lakens

4.3 stars / 1,177 ratings

  • Address: Zeeweg 60, 2051 EC Overveen, Netherlands
  • Equipment: leisure facilities, sports and wellness courses, restaurants, BBQ, laundry, bicycle rental, WLAN
  • phone: +31 23 541 1570+


Park Sandevoerde Zandvoort

4.5 stars / 10 Ratings

  • Address: Kennemerweg 16, 2042 XT Zandvoort, Netherlands
  • Facilities: sanitary facilities, laundry, restaurant/kiosk, swimming pool, sports facilities
  • Telephone: +31 023 57 12882


Sightseeings: Beach, sports & culture

The picturesque holiday resort west of Amsterdam not only impresses with its unique bathing opportunities on the clean beach and its relaxed atmosphere, but also has an amazing flora and fauna and offers leisure activities and attractions that will make for an unforgettable holiday. From walks on warm summer days, to museums, a race track and other well-known attractions on bad days, Zandvoort offers you pure holiday potential all year round.

Beach: Pavilions, water sports & restaurants

Zandvoort is very well known for its clean, white sandy beaches, which invite visitors from all over the world for a relaxing beach holiday. The approximately nine kilometre long beach is often referred to as the “Pearl of the Sea” and is not only popular with families with small children, but also offers a wide range of activities and leisure activities for young and old all around. From cozy beach pavilions and water sports facilities to restaurants, bars and casinos in the esteemed seaside resort, there is something for every visitor.

Race track Circuit Zandvoort: Excitement, action & fast races

The popular race track in Zandvoort is one of the highlights of a visit to the lively coastal town. In 1985 even Formula 1 races were held here and even today you can do some laps on the almost 5 km long track in a Ferrari.

The track is located in the middle of the dunes and is known for its fast and sharp curves, some of which are sharp up to 180 degrees. Excitement and action is pre-programmed here. You can watch fast races or take on the role of a real racer and experience the feeling of complete freedom with pure adrenalin! The racetrack is a must during your holiday in Zandvoort and should definitely be on your to-do list when the opportunity arises!

National Park Zuid Kennemerland: Hiking, horseback riding & fascinating wildlife

Another highlight in Zandvoort is the Zuid Kennemerland National Park. With 38 km², a picturesque natural landscape with mighty dunes, extensive forests and a varied flora and fauna awaits you, which are given a protected area here.

It is best to plan a day trip to the national park and explore the diverse surroundings on foot or by renting a bicycle. A few special attractions that you should consider when planning your route are, for example, the areas marked as playgrounds for children, which are located outside the usual paths. Here you can romp around, play, exercise and swim. These areas offer enough space to spend the day with small children in a relaxed atmosphere.

In addition, the national park offers you the possibility to go horseback riding in the nature. Whether on the beach or in the dunes – if you have always wanted to actively admire the idyllic nature on horseback, you will have the opportunity to do so on the natural bridle paths. As a last highlight, a herd of bisons, which has been living here since 2007, awaits you in a delimited area of the park. The European bison are among the largest animals in the world and should definitely be visited during your visit here.

A visit to the National Park Zuid Kennemerland offers you:

  • Walks in nature / Exploration of the flora and fauna
  • Secluded playgrounds for romping and bathing
  • Horseback riding on the beach or in the dunes

Zandvoorts Museum: Art, culture & history

If you are interested in art and history, you should also plan a day at the famous Zandvoorts Museum. You will find a unique collection of historical paintings, model ships, prints and much more. There is also an exhibition of contemporary art and lectures and guided tours. You will be immersed in the history of Zandvoort in an archaeological section and learn all about the transition from former fishing village to popular holiday resort. For those of you who are interested in culture and art, this museum is another point you should tick off during your holiday in beautiful Zandvoort.

  • Historical works
  • Contemporary Art Exhibition >/li>
  • Lectures and guided tours
  • Archaeological section

Zandvoort: Temperature & Trend

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Zandvoort: Questions & answers

To which region does Zandvoort belong?

Zandvoort is a Dutch municipality in the province of North Holland.

Where is the best place to park in Zandvoort?

In Zandvoort there are paid parking spaces on various sites and in car parks in the centre. In the centre street you can park for a maximum of two hours from 10-20 hours.

How big is Zandvoort?

Zandvoort has an area of 43.97 km

How many inhabitants does Zandvoort have?

Zandvoort has about 16,954 inhabitants.

How far is Zandvoort from Amsterdam?

The distance between Zandvoort and Amsterdam is 24 km as the crow flies. Zandvoort is located more to the west of Amsterdam and the distance by road is approximately 28.9 km.