Interview: Sandra Lambeck on acting, fashion and women’s self-confidence

Sandra Lambeck from Berlin now has 545K followers on Instagram. After her career on an RTL 2 soap, Sandra continues to be celebrated on Instagram. Her stylish outfits are always daring and trendy. She demonstrates the self-confident woman 2019. She shows her followers what self-love is and wants to give the young girls something to take with them on their journey through life.

Interview: Sandra about acting and fashion trends

FIV: Sandra, many of my readers probably know you from the series “Berlin Day and Night” and “Cologne 50667”. You played the role of Michelle. How would you describe her role and what are you really like? If your friends had to describe you in three words, which would they be?

Sandra: Michelle was someone you loved to hate. She was beautiful, smart and ambitious but also very selfish and manipulative. She used her intelligence to get what she wanted. Michelle and Sandra are two very different people. My friends would describe me as very sensitive, caring and open-minded.

Top 5 Beauty trends and fashion tips of influencerin

FIV: If you look at your postings on Instagram you’ll soon see that you’re going in a more sporty and casual direction. You like it comfortable, but you skilfully combine jogging pants with high heels. Which garment should not be missing in your wardrobe and what is your personal must-have for spring? What do you think the perfect “Sandra Lambeck Spring/Summer Look” looks like?

Sandra: Hoodies must never be missing! What do you mean? Because they are for all seasons. My must have for spring is an oversize blazer, which you can easily combine: be it heels or sneakers. My perfect spring/summer look consists of sneakers, cargo pants, a tshirt/tanktop, a cute little designer handbag and a colorful wig.

FIV: You are also a professional when it comes to beauty. You change your styling again and again and you like to make yourself up in a glamorous look. With all the creativity, what are your Top 5 Beauty Essentials, without which you would never survive spring/summer?

Sandra: lip gloss, lip liner, eyeliner, highlighter and a good moisturizing cream.

She is a self-confident young woman

FIV: You are a very self-confident young woman. On your Instagram account I noticed a posting (from August 21st) in which you show that you haven’t always been so confident. In the past, you had your skin bleached to match the “beauty ideal” of light skin. Today you have learned to love yourself as you are and not to change. Can you give the young girls who have not yet accepted themselves as they are tips for more self-confidence on their way?

Sandra: Everything that is beautiful takes time. Beauty has not only to do with the exterior and I say this again and again, but it is important to love oneself with its qualities. In other words: Selflove!

FIV: You acted for a while. Could you imagine promoting acting further or would you like to get more involved in the model business? What are your plans/goals in this regard for your professional and private future?

Sandra: Although acting was my springboard, I took a break from it. As far as fashion is concerned, there are several projects in the pipeline at the moment. My goal is to be independent in the future and in my private life I want to lead healthy relationships. Be it in friendship or in love.

FIV: As an influencer/model you often get the opportunity to work with companies. Which companies / brands are these, for example, and do you cooperate with brands that do not correspond to your personal style?

Sandra: I work a lot with Adidas, who was the first company I worked with. I also work a lot with beauty brands like Fenty Beauty. I only work with brands that I can identify with.

FIV: You don’t exactly give the impression of being a follower and following every trend. This seems to go down well with your fans, but how exactly do you stand out from other influencers?

Sandra: I think what generally goes down well with my community is authenticity and transparency. In my opinion I am known for that.

FIV: Not so long ago you came out as a lesbian. At that time you were constantly confronted with inappropriate comments. How did you deal with it and how do you generally deal with “haters”, do you pay attention to them or do you try to ignore them as much as possible?

Sandra: First of all: I never said I was a lesbian. I was with a woman in a public relationship but I never said I was a lesbian. The media took my post and assumed that I was exclusively into women. If I’m quite funny I answer but basically I concentrate on positive vibes and don’t pay attention to negativity.

Sandra Lambeck