Fashion Interview with Charlotte

Exclusive interview with the gorgeous Charlotte Pirroni: Fashion, beauty and self-confidence

Charlotte Pirroni is an incredible content creator, model and mother living in Marseille. Her atypical career path and her title of 2nd Dauphine of Miss France 2015 have enabled her to start a successful career as an influencer.  With more than 450K followers on Instagram, Charlotte never ceases to seduce French women with her kindness and communicative smile. FIV Magazine is delighted to present her exclusive interview with Charlotte Pirroni on her daily life, her autumn-winter 2020 trends, her beauty secrets and her advice on self-confidence.

Charlotte Pirroni – Influencer, model and mommy

FIV: Hello Charlotte! How are you? Can you introduce yourself in a few words please 🙂
Charlotte : Hello, I’m very well thank you and you ?
I am delighted to meet you and thank you for your interest. My name is Charlotte Pirroni, I am 27 years old and I live in Marseille in the South of France. I am an influencer, I am lucky to be followed on Instagram by 453k people, and I am delighted to be able to live from my passion, that of creating content on a daily basis in order to share it with my community and make them discover brands, products, novelties… I am also a young mother, of a little boy called Alessio who is just 9 months old.
FIV: What’s your Morning routine?
Charlotte: My days are much busier since I became a mother. I am lucky to be able to be with my son on a daily basis, and therefore to see him grow up. So I have had to become very organised so that I can enjoy him while working from home. Working from home is both an advantage and a disadvantage. I explain, it’s a chance to be at home, in his comfort and with his bearings to work, but on the other hand, my son is very demanding and I’m often torn between work and being there for him. That’s why I had to divide up my days very precisely. But I’m lucky to be able to combine the two on a daily basis. Love and passion combined on a daily basis, nothing could be more motivating. When I get up, I take care of my son, prepare myself and dedicate my morning to my son every morning. And in the afternoon, I work and create my content, I also try a lot to get ahead with my work, I create everything by myself.

Tips to keep smiling during the lockdown

FIV: How do you always smile and keep your spirits up during the lockdown?
Charlotte : Thank you, that’s very kind! Given the current situation and atmosphere, and in normal times too, I assume that a smile doesn’t cost anything, the positive brings the positive, and a smile and good vibes can perhaps change (I hope) the day of the people who follow me and who may be going through a bad period.
Fashion Influencer
FIV: What’s your favourite music at the moment?
Charlotte : My favourite music is TADOW from MASEGO & FKJ. It is both soft and rhythmic. It relaxes and motivates me at the same time. It also allows me to escape. If I close my eyes, I can quickly imagine myself under the coconut trees in Mauritius.

Autumn-Winter 2020 fashion trends

FIV: What are your favourite fashion trends for this fall-winter 2020?
Charlotte: I would say my favourite fashion trends for this season are :
  • The Blazer Coat

fashion outfit

  • The trench coat

fashion outfit

Lukinski Villas

Germany - Spain - USA

  • The nude bags

Fashion outfit

FIV: You have beautiful hair! What’s your secret?
Charlotte : Thank you for this kind compliment. It is particularly touching for me because after my delivery I lost a lot of hair and it was quite hard. For a woman, no matter what you think, hair is important. It’s not just a question of looks, it also affects your morale. I use different haircare lines from different brands, I try to change regularly and go to brands that care about the composition of their products (hellobody, Pomelo…) And finally, I’ve been living again since I discovered the Dyson Air Wrap that makes my hair so soft and shiny. It’s also much less damaging to hair than a regular iron.

Fashion interview

Self-confidence with Charlotte Pirroni

FIV : As a Model, do you have any advice to give to women who lack self-confidence ?
Charlotte: As a model, what I can say to all women is that they are beautiful the way they are. I’ve lived very delicate moments in this environment, where some clients can talk openly in front of us about our physique, a detail that could be disturbing to highlight certain products, as if they were talking about an object. And very often, they don’t realise it because they are fully committed to their objectives, stressed by the result of the campaign or otherwise. Or they will talk about a physical detail that we hadn’t even noticed and that we’ve been noticing ever since, and which can quickly become a complex. But I understood as I grew up that you can’t please everyone, otherwise you would please everyone. My goal is to be the best version of myself so that I feel good in my head, in my body. I’m talking to you about that, even if at the moment I still have a lot of complexes, when I look at myself in the mirror, I’m not satisfied and I’m very demanding, which doesn’t help.
Everybody has a complex or complexes, it’s human and nobody is perfect, and I’m far from it but I don’t care. That’s the goal I try to give myself every day and that helps me little by little to have self-confidence. I try to accept my complexes, to learn to live with them and love them. I think that the most important thing is to enjoy yourself first, that’s the most important thing, and confidence will inevitably follow. It’s all in the head.