SieMatic kitchens: Pure, Urban & Classic

The August Siekmann Möbelwerke began its success story in 1929 in Germany with kitchen buffets and the then popular name “Erna” Later, the company SieMatic was considered the inventor of the handleless kitchen, in which the handles were integrated into the kitchen fronts and thus invisible. A kind of small revolution in the luxury kitchen segment and a milestone for SieMatic’s further product ideas. Over the years, various product lines have been developed, with which the luxury kitchen expert presents itself on the German market today. For example, SieMatic Pure, which stands for highly elegant and minimalist kitchen elements. The SieMatic Urban series with a modern and unconventional approach or the traditional variant called SieMatic Classics. In the following we have listed the three flagships of SieMatic for you and highlighted the special features.

SieMatic Pure

With a conceived recessed grip, the design completely dispenses with handles in the kitchen. The feel of drawers and cabinets is completely redefined by this. The SieMatic Pure line combines function and design into a minimalist, elegant unit, while using space as efficiently as possible. An ideal and elegant solution for your simply kept kitchen interior. The following video gives you a first impression of the interior of a brand new SieMatic Pure luxury kitchen.

SieMatic Urban

Looking for an open or closed storage space in your luxury kitchen? SieMatic Urban has the answers. Urban offers a mix of closed and open storage space in the kitchen interior. Modern and flexible solitaire furniture as well as fine materials round out the Urban line. Simple and elegant – this is how Urban defines itself as a brand. Thanks to the open kitchen concept, Urban is suitable for an open and family lifestyle. A place where people like to come together and a place where people like to spend time.

SieMatic Classic

The Classic collection shows a harmonious interplay. Classic but also traditional styles are combined here. The symmetrical design is the main feature of the SieMatic Classic kitchen design. This is loosened up by strong material and colour contrasts. Nevertheless, the traditional kitchen design is by no means neglected. Rather, it is the new, mostly hidden functions that lend the classic kitchen model its charm and invite you to cook. Bright and modern color mixes make the SieMatic Classic line a special place in your home.

In the summary

  • SieMatic Pure – elegant and quiet
  • SieMatic Urban – modern and unconventional
  • SieMatic Classic – classic and traditional

Fragrance Tip! by FIV