Bulthaup kitchen: b1,b2 & b3 – modern, individual & elegant

Perhaps the best known of all luxury kitchen manufacturers bears the name Bulthaup. With a great deal of elegance and style. The premium kitchen supplier comes from Bodenkirchen, northeast of Munich. Kitchen lovers can choose between the b1, b2 and the b3 models. Here the designation b3 stands for the kitchen type, which provides you with two important factors: Individuality and a high degree of luxury. A design according to your preferences and at the same time tailor-made kitchen elements. The b2 kitchen type focuses on three main elements: Workbench, work cabinet and appliance cabinet. It thus bids farewell to fixed structures and ensures order and clarity. This is also the case with the so-called b1 concept, which is limited to the essentials in your kitchen and uses reduced materials in an intelligent and minimalist way. The striking design in particular sets Bulthaup apart from the competition. Below you can find out everything about these three models and also read what makes them so special.

Bulthaup: b3, b2, b1- concepts

The b1, b2 and b3 concepts are different kitchen variants from the Bulthaup brand. The modules offer a wide variety of arrangement structures and kitchen combinations that can be ideally adapted to your space and your wishes. With plenty of luxury, individuality and elegance, you are sure to find the ideal kitchen concept for your dream kitchen. Here you can find out everything about the different concepts and modules.

B3- Concept: Individuality & Luxury

With the Bulthaup b3 concept, you can develop freely. Design your own living space. With a wide range of selected materials, the highest quality is guaranteed. These selected materials correspond to the character of a room that is just right for you. With specially made forms, which are tuned to the ergonomics of each individual. Moreover, it is the special architecture that gives the b3 module more adaptability. What’s more, this concept is ideally suited to the individual furnishings inside the kitchen. Everything is geared towards creative freedom. Bulthaup also wants to create a place of togetherness and open conversation.

B2- Concept: workbench, work cabinet and equipment cabinet

The motto behind Bulthaup’s b2 concept is on the one hand the order structure and also the clarity that the kitchen should reflect. Freedom of movement and a unique, reduced partitioning system. Always according to the motto, less is more. The Bulthaup b2 design focuses on three key elements in the interior layout: the workbench, as a work surface, the work cabinet and the equipment cabinet for maximum storage space. Away from fixed structural conditions towards solution-oriented kitchen furnishings. Minimalist yet functional. these are precisely the attributes that stand for the special b2 kitchen model.

B1- Concept: intelligent and minimalistic

The Bulthaup b1 concept reduces the interior of your kitchen to the essentials. Distractions? Not a chance! In your kitchen, only have what you actually need. This is precisely where Bulthaup’s special b1 kitchen concept comes in. By intelligently dispensing with kitchen objects, many things in life, and especially work steps, can be optimized quite quickly. Another special feature of b1 is the use of minimal materials and the special shapes of the individual kitchen units, which round off the holistic kitchen image.

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