Cheap van conversion: Vanlife with Low Budget Conversion – Do it yourself!

Vanlife with low budget conversion – You dream of your next adventure and would love to leave your daily routine behind you? Whether it’s exciting road trips, a feeling of freedom in nature or camping in the most beautiful corners of the world – these people have fulfilled their lifelong dream and started the adventure of a lifetime. An insecure life on the road in a van instead of a secure home away from home. You think this is not possible for normal earners? It is, if you pick up the tools yourself. But a van conversion for under £5,000 – is it really possible? Watch the following videos and learn how quickly and cheaply you can convert your own van or car into a camper.

Do it Yourself: Expand your campervan on your own!

A ready-made campervan is not exactly cheap. Hardly anyone has the money for a fully equipped camper completely spare and can start directly. But why not just do it yourself? If you convert a campervan on your own, not only do you save money, but you also gain experience and can later claim that you are travelling in your own converted van. No one can take this unique experience away from you.

The advantages of building it yourself instead of buying it:

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  • Experience: Build it yourself
  • Craftsmanship experience
  • Save costs
  • Travel in your own camper and own adventure

Tip: Roof tent instead of camper

The dream of camper expansion saves money, but also costs a lot of time. A roof tent is often the best alternative to an expensive camper. Quickly installed on the car, from small Mini to large Range Rover. Here you will find cheap models, Made in Germany: Buy roof tent.

DIY! How much did my VW Bus removal cost?!

You want to expand your camper and wonder how expensive it will be? How much does a VW BUS camping conversion cost? No one explains it in such detail! Here you can see the costs for the conversion listed. You can decide for yourself whether you want to spend a little more to make the conversion last forever, or whether you want to keep it completely low budget, i.e. as cheap as possible. For example, you can save money by buying used parts on Ebay, choose cheaper materials or leave out the insulation completely. Watch the video and then decide for yourself which option you want.

That’s the way to save the most:

  • Used parts on Ebay
  • Do without isolation
  • Wood cladding vs. medium density fibreboard
  • Do without details and storage space

Checklist for the van conversion

These are the costs for the VW Bus conversion! During the conversion, some things must be considered and thought about, so that some costs will come to you. How the T4 is converted piece by piece and what the individual prices for auxiliary heating, insulation, cladding, electrics, floor panel, bed box, kitchen, swivel console, side cabinet and bed are, you will learn in detail and informative in the video.

Important for the conversion are among others:

  1. Parking heater
  2. Isolation
  3. Cladding
  4. Electrical
  5. Base plate
  6. Bed base
  7. Kitchen
  8. Swivel bracket
  9. Side cabinet
  10. Bed

Costs for the VW Bus conversion

The following costs arise if you buy standards or follow the life hacks of mathisox:

  • Cost for standard products: ~ 7.971,90 €
  • Selfmade / Low Budget Prices: ~1.434,00 €
  • Saved: -6,537.90 €

Tip! Kitchen for campers to go

The kitchen is the most expensive item with 851,00 Euro.

851 Euro for the kitchen

Here is the perfect alternative! Are you camping with your friends and don’t have a completely converted van with full equipment? Then you should take a look at this small, practical Kitchen 2 Go. It contains everything the outdoor chef’s heart desires. Table, cooker, crockery, kitchen utensils, food and (cool) drinks all find their place in the practical aluminium box. Due to the compact design, the AIOKS kitchen system weighs just 10kg and is very easy to store with a max. width / height of 50cm.

Fancy a picnic? Even on the road, the small box proves true greatness. Whether it’s a classic picnic with friends or a family outing to the nearest swimming lake – once unfolded, the AIOKS kitchen system offers space for the whole family. Here you can dine in comfort while you plan your next adventure trip under the open sky.

How much does a camper self conversion cost?

Here, too, passionate campers report on the costs of their self-built van. With a lot of time and attention to detail but low budget, the two have fulfilled their lifelong dream of their own van. Even though there were some difficulties in between, they managed to turn a used van into a fully equipped and mobile camper. What costs were involved, what is the most expensive part of the expansion and where you can save the best you can learn in this video!

The result is worth it! The two have put a lot of hard work and love into the expansion and show here how much adventure and van you get for it! Watch the fascinating life of the two wish campers in this video, who are on the road in their DIY mobile:

Van conversion for under €5,000?

Upgrade a campervan and off you go! Sounds simple and doable, but can you really do it for less than €5,000? These two travel enthusiasts got to the bottom of this question. After carefully calculating everything they spent on equipment, fairing, electrics and the like, they came up with quite a bit. Either way, the two are sure that their beloved van “Oskar” is worth every penny. But what they spent their money on exactly, you can watch in the following video.

It really cost that much!

Price for the complete conversion: 5.506,53 €

VW T4 classic: purchase, conversion, costs and facts

In this video you will learn everything you need to know about the purchase of a VW bus, how much the conversion costs approximately and how you can save some money, work and time. Watch this video here to get an experience report from passionate vanlifers who have fulfilled their dream of owning their own camper and have built it completely on their own.

Pauls Camper for 1.200 € – Low Budget Extension

At the age of 30, Paul has already embarked on the adventure of a lifetime. He has been living in his self-built camper Emma for over a year now. At the time, he paid just €1,200 and then took the conversion completely into his own hands. Completely on his own, he has already seen half of Asia in the van and still has some travel plans planned for the future. Check out this video here to see how Paul converted his camper, made the most of the space and what he spent on it. He also shares tips on how to do it yourself on his blog.

How to build your own camper!

Now you just need the right tips for the conversion? In this video you will find all the important information to convert a simple car into a comfortable and practical camper. All this with only a small budget, fun at work and a lot of attention to detail!