Exclusive DIYs: Amber Scholl

Amber Scholl – Everyone from the Youtuber scene knows her. The 26 year old beauty from LA. She is not only known for her beauty and fashion content but also for her wide range of exclusive DIYs for a glamorous home. She made her breakthrough on YouTube with her marble floor tutorial in 2016. After that, she spared no effort and enriched the Youtube world with more tutorials for a luxurious interior. Here’s a roundup of Amber Scholl’s most popular DIYs.

Trend: The Hollywood Mirror

We all know it: You want to take a nice picture of a new outfit and look good doing it. Often it is not so easy to find a suitable place for a large mirror that also offers enough daylight. The solution is a Hollywood or Vanity mirror, which is surrounded by light bulbs to give a perfect light. Thanks to Amber Scholl we now know how to do it inexpensively, because just the big Hollywood mirrors are sold expensively.

Here’s Amber Scholl’s DIY version:

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DIY walk-in closet

One dream we all share is to walk into our walk-in closet in the morning, coffee in hand, and pick out our clothes for the day ahead. Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City put it in these words, ‘I like my money right where I can see it…. Hanging in my Closet.’ We couldn’t agree more, Carrie! To make this dream come true, Amber Scholl is helping out here too and has made a mega tutorial for a walk-in closet. Room for shoes, dresses, jewelry and bags.

The dream wardrobe of Amber Scholl:

Fur armchair for your home

On Instagram, a hashtag of its own. The fur armchair looks great in any home! The trend started with the typical fur cushion or fur rug that probably everyone has lying around at home, but a whole armchair makes of course much more and is also simply more practical! It not only looks extremely chic but is also comfortable. Of course, an armchair like this is a costly affair. Amber Scholl has more than succeeded with her DIY version.

Here the exclusive fur armchair for all:

Marble floor tutorial

Last but not least, of course, we can’t deprive you of the famous Marble Floor. With over 2 million views, it has made it to the top, and not without reason! It has fulfilled the desire of some who couldn’t afford a brand new marble floor right away, or don’t have the right to do so in a rented apartment. Turning an apartment into a palace has never been so easy and cheap!

Here is the tutorial: