Roof tent or converted van? Purchase, conversion, costs and advantages

Roof tent or converted van – Travel with your own car, offroad with a pickup or directly in a converted van with roof tent. You have decided to leave your stressful everyday life behind you for a while and plunge into a new adventure? You want to be completely flexible and free to see the world and exchange your comfortable bed for a mattress? It all sounds like the perfect plan, because an individual trip like this saves money and comes with many advantages, for example you can always take your dog with you. But now the only question is: do you prefer a roof tent or a converted van? Here you can find out all about the advantages and disadvantages of each option and what the best option is for you. Back to the overview: Roof tents.


Roof tent or converted van?

What is more practical on holiday and on road trips? A roof tent or a completely converted van? Depending on whether you are planning a short camping trip or a long-term travel tour, one or the other option is better suited. On the one hand, a roof tent can be set up quickly and easily and is also cheaper than a fully converted camper van. Therefore, you can easily stop at any campsite and make a stop. However, there is something nice about having your own van! You put a lot of time, love and money into it and you can travel comfortably for a longer period of time. In this video you can see the direct comparison of the two variants and can orientate yourself accordingly.

Advantages roof tent:

  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Can be flexibly mounted on almost any car
  • Less expensive than van

Advantages removed van:

  • Integrated kitchen with refrigerator, stove etc.
  • No great construction necessary
  • More space than in the roof tent
  • Durable and more domestic

VW T4 classic: purchase, conversion, costs & facts

If you are planning a longer trip or even want to move for some time completely in a converted van, then you will learn here once all the important and worth knowing information that you need to know when purchasing, for example, a VW bus. How much does an independent conversion cost approximately? How can I best save time, work and money? And what else do I need to consider before I fulfil a lifelong dream and start the adventure of my life as a dropout?

Check out this video here for a testimonial from passionate vanlifers who fulfilled their dream of owning their own camper and built it completely on their own.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

Tip! Do you already know the iKamper?

If you’re considering a rooftop tent, then you should definitely take a closer look at the iKamper SKYCAMP 2.0. It sets up in just a few seconds and creates an amazingly large and comfortable living space for up to four people. The uncomplicated handling makes it the perfect rooftop tent for travellers and explorers.

The iKamper offers you:

  • Simple and uncomplicated assembly
  • Quick assembly
  • Comfortable living space
  • Numerous possible uses
  • Space for up to four people

Road trip with the whole family. Roof tent from Campwerk.