Solo travel: On the road in your own van – Interview with Anni

Solo travel with Anni! The Travel-Influencer gives tips for your next vacation! Anni comes from a village of 300 inhabitants where she grew up on a farm. Her passion is traveling through nature alone with her dog in her own van. On Instagram, the content creator shares her favorite topic, traveling, with her nearly 130,000 […]

Solo travel, van expansion and own Tiny House: Travelbubi in interview

Travelbubi is an Instagram channel run by Julia on the topic of solo travel. Julia is just 21 years old and already inspires over 135,000 people on Instagram with her creativity and love of travel. She grew up on a farm and is now a passionate solo traveler. Her channel, by the way, was named […]

Roof tent or converted van? Purchase, conversion, costs and advantages

Roof tent or converted van – Travel with your own car, offroad with a pickup or directly in a converted van with roof tent. You have decided to leave your stressful everyday life behind you for a while and plunge into a new adventure? You want to be completely flexible and free to see the […]

Cheap van conversion: Vanlife with Low Budget Conversion – Do it yourself!

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Ex-model, teacher & a pirate ship: life in a homemade van – 5 crazy vanlife stories!

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Living & Sleeping XXL: Camping in tents, caravans & camper

Camping equipment – You want to go camping, have already planned your route and are now packing. The most important things like tent and air mattress are of course already packed, but besides that there are other important things that are often forgotten. When camping in the nature you are mostly limited to the bare […]