Ex-model, teacher & a pirate ship: life in a homemade van – 5 crazy vanlife stories!

You’re always on the lookout for new adventures, have been dreaming of a change from your daily routine for a long time and would love to enjoy time away from work, the internet and obligations? These women felt the same way! So they left their daily routine behind and threw themselves into an adventure they won’t soon forget. For them, it’s now: Mobile van instead of comfortable house. Here I have selected 5 crazy stories of van lovers who have fulfilled their dream and built a life in a campervan.

5 crazy stories from van lovers

Constantly on the road and always only the bare essentials. Where it goes next, that is not yet determined. These women live completely spontaneously and flexibly in just a few square metres of space. With a lot of creativity and attention to detail, they have expanded a van and now live on their own in complete freedom.

They always have everything they need with them, they take care of their own food and even the next destination is decided spontaneously and individually. Living in a van is not only an exciting, new experience, but also an inexpensive way of life that allows you to see a lot of the world at the same time.

Sound absolutely crazy but fascinating at the same time? Then check out the stories of five van lovers who have fulfilled their dream of the adventure of a lifetime and are now living on the streets of the world! For more crazy ideas, check out Peace Love and Om‘s YouTube channel. You can find our stories on Campwerk YouTube.

Associated with a life in a campervan is:

  • Freedom
  • Creative finishing and interior design
  • Attention to detail
  • Adventure
  • Cheap life

Offroad on the road in the desert. Roof tent from Campwerk.

Ex-model Bianca now lives in the van

Hectic life in the big city? Ex-model Bianca prefers to seek freedom in her self-converted camper. Here she presents her camping bus together with her dog Figo. She has been living alone in her van for 5 months now. Bianca likes to do things differently than the others. Already with her ex-boyfriend she was on the road a lot with the camper and has learned to love camping through it.

She rebuilt this van completely on her own. She paid attention to many small details, such as raffia handles on the doors. Also her kitchen is not only beneficial, but also very cozy and cute in general, because it has a 2in1 function! She is kitchen and bathroom together. So, she has thought of everything to live here too comfortably and practically. Check out Bianca’s self converted van in the video!

  • Lives since 5 months in the van with dog Figo
  • Cosy kitchen interior in wood and natural materials
  • Shower & Kitchen: 2in1
  • Small details like bast handles on the doors
  • Sustainable life

Yve’s little pirate ship – a sensational camper conversion

This young lady is also pursuing her lifelong dream! Yve says herself that she lives part-time in a pirate ship. With many loving details she has extended her van and created a living space in which she feels comfortable and at home. She found inspiration on Pinterest at the time. From then on, she wanted her own minivan in a wooden look and jumped at the chance!

In fact, the beautiful extension is reminiscent of Captain Hook’s boat. Her dream is not only to eventually live completely in the van, but also to offer personal training and work outs for women and earn a living on the road! Watch the video here to see how Yve managed to make her dream come true!

  • Converted minibus in wood optics
  • Lots of practical storage space
  • Kitchen and wood stove for cooking
  • Outdoor shower for summer

Germany’s youngest vanlifer – Alone through Europe

Neele is just 19 years old but has already done what most of us don’t dare to do. She has grabbed her dog and went straight after graduation to explore Europe. Alone in a camper as a woman! Equipped with bedroom, dining room and kitchen she lives here now for 8 months completely on her own.

She didn’t want to do a typically planned year abroad in the US or Australia like everyone else, but wanted to experience an adventure that was completely in her own hands. This makes her the youngest camper to travel alone. Her passion for music is not neglected either.

She always has her electric piano with her so she can practice on the road for her dream of studying music. Watch Neele’s story and her spectacular life in the van here in the video!

  • Has been in the van for almost a year
  • Plenty of storage and space
  • Kitchen with fridge
  • Large wardrobe
  • Lovely decorations

Teacher swaps school for vanlife

Lisa traded her secure job as a secondary school teacher for an uncertain but adventurous life in a van. She didn’t want to work as a civil servant all her life and decided at the age of 3o to take a different path.

Equipped with kitchen, sleeping area and living room, she now lives in her self-built van and travels the most beautiful corners of the world. She started for 5 weeks in Croatia. She realized that this life of complete freedom suits her so much that she listened to her gut feeling and has been living in a camper since then.

She earns her money on the road as a language trainer and tutor. She herself says that she got a new attitude towards life and therefore also organizes retreats for civil servants who want to change their lives positively. Check out Lisa’s van and the path she has taken here!

  • Extended van with kitchen, sleeping and living area
  • Freedom, lifestyle and satisfaction
  • Earns her money on the road as a language trainer
  • Independence and flexibility

300 € expenses per month – that’s how cheap Anna lives in the van

Anna also lives the dream of many people: she is permanently on vacation and lives into the day! Just under a year ago, she decided to move to Tenerife. Although the holiday island has not been that cheap for a long time, she can easily live on 300 € per month.

The enthusiastic festival-goer was interested in camping and life on the road from an early age. During an Erasmus year she had the idea for her own camper. Together with a friend, she developed it and discovered her love for the van life. Since then she lives in her own van. She cooks herself on a gas stove, takes showers on the beach whenever possible and generally tries to live as frugally as possible.

In addition, she makes her own jewelry and earns her money by making dreadlocks. She also does without material things as far as possible. This allows her to finance her exciting life on the road. Check out Anna’s camper and her frugal van life here!

  • Travels between Tenerife and Germany
  • Lives on around €300 a month in the van
  • Dismantled van with loving interior design
  • Earns her money with jewelry and dreadlocks

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