Instagram Star Madeline Mercedes Loves Styling And Fashion

Instagram star Madeline Mercedes enchants her followers daily with new fashionable outfits that she presents on her profile. With over 200k on Instagram, she is no longer one of the little ones. We talked to her about inspiration, success and colleagues.

Vogue, Instagram, and the Kardashians

FIV: Madeline you are currently visiting Cologne and it is getting colder and colder here but also in Germany! What are your must-haves for the cold season?

A down jacket and definitely a thick scarf.

Lukinski Villas

Germany - Spain - USA

FIV: You have an incredible 200,000 followers on Instagram who wait for your fashion posts every day. I and our readers are interested in where you get your inspiration from?

Vogue, star pages on Instagram and from magazines.

FIV: Do you have a fashion role model?

The Kardashians!

FIV: You travel a lot, recently you were in Dubai! I and our readers are interested in which 3 things belong in your suitcase for every trip.

Bikini, makeup kit, sunglasses!

For success on Instagram you need a nose for trends

FIV: Which city has fascinated you the most so far and where do you definitely want to go again?


FIV: Did your friends and family support you in your career?

Yeah, absolutely. They’re all behind me 100%.

FIV: How would you explain your social media success? Is it sometimes just luck or do you have a secret to success?

That’s not easy to answer. Luck is certainly part of it, but I think good pictures and a nose for trends as well as a sure sense for styling and fashion are important in any case.

FIV: You take a lot of selfies with outfits in front of the mirror, which looks super private!
Have you built up a small set for the perfect
lighting or does everything only work with the smartphone?

I have some accessories like special lighting, that is very important, also for outdoor photography a very good SLR camera.

FIV: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Besides Instagram, I’ll be actively blogging starting next summer and will be on the road more overall in the next few years to expand it even more. I don’t rule out Youtube for the future either.

FIV: Recently you and other bloggers were guests at “The Gerber Fashion Blogger Event” where thousands of fans showed up. What was that feeling like?

It was nice to meet new people and be able to talk to some of my followers.

FIV: What has been your greatest success so far?

That so many people like my Instagram account.

Angelina is particularly impressed by Senna Gamour

FIV: As an influencer, you certainly meet a lot of interesting people at such events. Which person have you been particularly impressed with so far? Why?

Definitely Senna Gamour. I admire her cool demeanor, her confidence, her kindness and her quick wit. A great woman.

FIV: What is the relationship with your colleagues like? Do friendships develop or is there a lot of competition?

So far I have only had positive experiences

FIV: What kind of person are you in your private life and what would be a perfect day for you?

I am a very open and friendly person and love animals more than anything. A perfect day for me is: sleeping in in the morning, a nice breakfast, walking with my dog and my family at the lake in the sun. End the day in a nice, modern restaurant.

Thank you for the interview!

If you’d like to learn more about Madeline, feel free to check out her Instagram profile.