Successful Instagram blogger Laura_xvii

Laura is the successful Instagrammer laura_xvii with over 84,000 subscribers and inspires her fans with her style. She talked to us about fashion and her blog.

Lukinski Villas

Germany - Spain - USA

Fashion Must-Have: Overknees

FIV: Laura, you are at home in the fashion world. What are your fashion favorites/must-haves and why?

My fashion must-have are definitely overknees, because you can combine them with so much and they always enhance outfits.

FIV: Who inspires you personally in your look?

Nina from Fashiioncarpet

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FIV: On a more personal note, what is your best/worst quality?

Perfection and perfection. How many photos I have not published because of this is probably not normal for some.

FIV: How important are well maintained social media channels for models, bloggers, etc. today? (see Cara, Kendall, Gigi etc.)

For the ‘big ones’, i.e. those who also do it full-time, very much so. As a side hobby, it is also sometimes forgivable if it does not work so often.

Your inspiration: good weather and other blogs

FIV: Where do you get your ideas from? What inspires you in your work?

Definitely inspiration sites and blogs!

FIV: What’s your prescription for listlessness? What motivates you?

I’m definitely motivated by good weather. It just makes it a lot more fun to take photos. Unfortunately, there is no recipe for it.

FIV: What is the relationship with your colleagues like? Do friendships develop or is there a lot of competition?

I am in several groups, in one for more than 2 years. So friendships can definitely develop. Events and the Fashion Week also help a lot!

FIV: Do you have a favorite designer and also a favorite blogger?

Kenza from

FIV: What has been your greatest success so far?

For me there is no biggest success, actually just many – for example, that I have worked with companies from which I also liked to buy the products before.

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FIV: Thank you Laura for the interview!

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