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Officialdressed aka Consuelo Paloma is an Instagram blogger who mainly inspires with her street style and her insights into her private life. We talked to her about her fashion favorites, her personal life, her successes and more.


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Germany - Spain - USA

FIV: Consuelo, you are 100% fashion enthusiast: what are your fashion favorites/must-haves and why?

Consuelo: Oh yes, but I am more than a fashion enthusiast. I find with fashion you can define who you are, open up and inspire many people with it. Some of my FF/must-haves are sneakers from Supergar in classic white, oversized blazer of course casual/classic, a white basic t-shirt, as well as ripped jeans and black high heels.

Consuelo’s Beauty Tip:

Curls & bright lipstick

FIV: For the right outfits, “woman” needs a corresponding figure and appearance: Tell us your best beauty and fitness tricks?

Consuelo: A very good and interesting question. My “secret tip” is a bright lipstick in matte. The face comes out much better, just as nice as wavy hair, it gives you a casual look! My fitness trick is jogging, as well as CrossFit. Nothing is better than training your body figure as well as your stamina. It slims down as well as shapes your body in a healthy way.


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FIV: Do you have a role model? Also specifically in the model business/fashion world? Why?

Consuelo: A great inspiration for me is Jules from SincerelyJules. Her style is unique, always casual and yet very stylish.

For Consuelo, indispensable:

Mobile phone, lip care, perfume

FIV: What could you never do without in your everyday life?

Consuelo: To some things! What wouldn’t go at all would be my phone. As a blogger, I’m up-to-date every day and for that, my phone is my connection. Plus lip care and perfume.

FIV: On a more personal note, what is your best/worst quality?

Consuelo: Oh, very difficult question! I can’t judge that from myself. A bad quality of mine is that I want everything to be perfect. In the sense that I work on things until I am 100% satisfied. I always want to give 100% and be satisfied with myself and I can’t do that if I don’t give my full effort. A good quality of mine is that I am a very good listener. And what I have heard from friends is that I am a very good consultant when it comes to shopping!

FIV: What makes you happy?

Consuelo: Many things. Especially traveling. If it were up to me, I would travel somewhere else every month. My part-time job has made it a little more difficult, but I still manage to take a little time out several times a year.

FIV: You know your way around the fashion circus. From your point of view, has the modeling and fashion business changed in the last few years? Do you find this change positive/negative? Why?

Consuelo: Totally, fashion is not what it used to be. What I personally find good, everything evolves and new fashion styles are discovered. Nevertheless, I am very happy that the style of the past, whether 50s, 60s or 70s have been preserved. It would be a shame if we forgot the fashion that first appeared. The modeling business has remained partly the same as it was back then, yet there are more opportunities to get in now. There are the most diverse people in this world who find themselves in the fashion industry. As a result, the style has changed extremely, accordingly new models have been sought and found and thus new icons have been born. On the whole, I think I’m excited about what is still to come.

FIV: What exactly do you do as a fashion and beauty blogger?

Consuelo: I invest in the field of street style and lifestyle. On my blog you can find mainly street style looks, where my readers can get daily inspiration. Also different travels and their streetstyle, you can find on my blog. You can also discover beauty posts.

Inspired by Kenza Zouiten

FIV: When and how did you start your career? What inspired you to do it?

Consuelo: I started blogging at the end of 2012. Honestly, quite spontaneously. I can still remember that we had late summer and I was looking for a hobby. Very early on I was interested in fashion and had no idea where I could show my looks, until one day I discovered a fashion blog on the internet. Immediately I thought, that would be something for me! Through the inspiration of Kenza Zouiten I started my blog.

FIV: What has been your greatest success so far?

Consuelo: My biggest successes so far, were that I could work with the most successful PR companies from Munich. I have also been able to work with major labels such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and S.Oliver.

FIV: Where do you still want to go job-wise?

Consuelo: I still have a lot of things open where I’m not sure yet. In any case, I would like to stay in the fashion industry, as this has always been my great passion. In the field of styling I see myself in any case and hope that I can be successful with my blog. But I’m still very grateful for all other opportunities and look forward to it.

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FIV: Dear Consuelo, thank you very much for the interview!


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