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For Tina Carrot blogging is the most beautiful hobby in the world. We want to know more about her, as part of the fashion & fashion blogger scene in Germany. In Düsseldorf, she has long since made the breakthrough. So she determines a little bit the new trends of the fashion metropolis Düsseldorf.

Tina Carrot: Blogging as the most beautiful hobby in the world!

FIV: Known as Tina Carrot under the blog name “amour de soi” you have already come a long way. How did you make the breakthrough in Düsseldorf?

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Far is always relative – I’m happy to be a part of the fashion & fashion blogger scene in Germany, to be able to exchange with others who burn for the same thing, and always get new impulses. Of course I’m also happy about the fact that I’ve already gained a certain “standing” through my blog – but I still don’t see the whole thing as a competitive battle. For me, blogging is probably the most beautiful hobby in the world and that definitely includes the friendly and amicable interaction!

FIV: What is your typical work day like?

Very different – I study law and therefore spend a lot of time solving cases, reading technical literature and looking at current case law. Blogging offers me an exciting contrast to this: in addition to answering inquiries, taking photos, developing content and managing social media channels, you get to know interesting people and have the opportunity to be present at exciting events.

FIV: The day-to-day life of a blogger can certainly be quite stressful at times. Do you have any tips and tricks on how to stay cool in stressful situations?

First of all: I think that every working day can be stressful! When everything is going haywire for me, I try to sort myself out (checking off to-do lists makes me incredibly happy!), to ask others for help when I’m absolutely stuck; and when nothing really seems to work out: tomorrow is a new day – because with a little distance, many things don’t seem so invincible anymore.

FIV: What do you like most about blogging?

The best thing about blogging is the exchange with your environment – it’s really great when you meet so many people who are burning for the same thing! In addition, I’m always happy when I can help others through my posts or inspire them a little bit.

FIV: How do you set yourself apart from other bloggers?

Today, blogs are a dime a dozen – but I still think that you can stand out from the crowd. For me, a good blog must have one thing above all: The person behind it must be passionate about it and have something to tell. And that’s exactly my personal claim; I want to share my passion and attach a lot of importance to my texts, which are also socially critical from time to time.

FIV: Were you interested in fashion, beauty and writing as a child?

From my sisters, who are ten and thirteen years older, I learned a lot about fashion and beauty products at an early age – I discovered my passion for writing as a teenager; because when the first fashion & beauty blogs took root in Germany, I was already there live. In 2008 I wrote my first blog article – since 2010 my blog “amour de soi” exists in the form it does today. Although I always wanted to work in the legal field, I could never imagine a world without fashion, beauty and copywriting.

Tina on fashion favourites & the fashion city Düsseldorf

FIV: Where do the fashion victims go shopping in Düsseldorf?

Besides the usual suspects, Düsseldorf also has more to offer than its luxury stores on Königsallee! If you are visiting Düsseldorf and are even a little interested in fashion, you can’t miss a stop at Apropos or Jades. If you can invest more time, you should definitely have a look around in the trendy districts Bilk and Flingern, here you can always find small stores that offer fashion far away from the mass fashion tourism.

FIV: Who inspires you in your look?

Besides classic style icons like Sienna Miller, Olivia Palermo or Alexa Chung, I especially like to get my inspiration on the streets of Düsseldorf: So many different cultures, tastes and styles often come together here that you almost can’t help but let it all affect you and inspire yourself.

FIV: Do you have any special tips when styling?

What is often forgotten: the hair belongs to the look! With well styled hair I always feel much more comfortable and if it has to go quickly – a striking lipstick to match the look and you look directly fabulous.

FIV: How would you describe the Düsseldorf style?

Düsseldorf is often called the “little Paris on the Rhine” and also in fashion the Düsseldorf style goes in a similar direction! The Düsseldorferin often reaches for classic and elegant pieces, gladly here also to big names, which one then combines with It – Pieces of the season.

FIV: And how would you describe yourself?

I also like to fall back on classics in my wardrobe – such as the white blouse, blue jeans, simple pumps – but I also pair these with current trend pieces. In general, I don’t want to be pigeonholed! True to my motto “amour de soi”, which goes back to a philosophical concept by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, I think that you should wear what you feel like and what you like. It should be the goal of every fashion enthusiast to express themselves with their fashion and not slavishly follow trends or styles.

FIV: What makes Düsseldorf an interesting fashion city?

Although you probably think directly of Berlin when you think of a German fashion city, Düsseldorf is the German fashion city for me. Besides the many fashion enthusiasts who can be found on every corner here, designer Thomas Rath put it in a nutshell in an interview with me: “In Berlin, fashion may be shown, but here in Düsseldorf, fashion is bought.” – He’s right, after all, there are an incredible number of showrooms here and the order days are always well attended by an international audience, too.

FIV: In contrast to Berlin, London or Milan, does Düsseldorf have a chance of establishing itself as a fashion city?

Düsseldorf has had a reputation as a German fashion city for decades – long before the first Fashion Week in Berlin made the capital known as a fashion metropolis. Internationally, Düsseldorf is also in the same league as London or Milan, and not only when it comes to the right shopping atmosphere! The Platform Fashion Days in Düsseldorf, which took place for the fourth time this year, set the right accents for the comparison.

FIV: Where do people meet you most often in Düsseldorf?

When I’m not out taking photos for my blog, I’m walking around the city looking for new pieces to add to my wardrobe, treating myself to a frozen yogurt at Yomaro or enjoying the sunset with an iced Coke light on the Rhine promenade.

FIV: Thank you for the interview dear Tina!

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