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I blog mainly about fashion, so about the outfits I wear, trends I like and recommend. Other categories are beauty, events and – since I renovated my apartment – interior. As soon as I go on a trip, I also like to report about it under the topic “On The Go”. However, the main focus always remains on fashion. A typical fashion blog.

FIV: Kim, how did you come up with the blog name Kiamisu?

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I came to the name Kiamisu in a roundabout way. The story is also a bit strange. My first boyfriend came from Russia and his mother had, when she spoke German, an audible accent and pronounced my name “Kim” like “Kiam”, through a little fooling around we then somehow came to “Kiamisu”. Why, why, why I don’t really remember. However, I was looking for a stage name for the first time at that time and found “Kiamisu” somehow melodic, so the name has remained until today.

FIV: What inspired you to start blogging?

Back then, I was looking for a platform to present my artistic works in the way I like best. Just in my very own way. Back then I did a lot of modeling and experimenting. I also had many photo shoots with creative, sometimes very dark themes. To upload these pictures just loveless on platforms, like the model index or at that time still SchülerVZ, was too boring for me and I looked for alternatives. So I came first to my own homepage, at that time still without blog function and gradually to my blog. At first still very confused and with many time interruptions at blogspot, now structured and with its own domain.

FIV: How many hours a day do you put into your blog?

It varies a lot. Mostly I work a lot in advance on one day and invest up to 8 hours of time in writing my posts and editing my pictures to have a little more air and time in the next days. I then usually use the time I gain to take new pictures of outfits and brainstorm ideas. Posting on social media and answering emails also takes up a lot of time. I think I invest a minimum of two hours and a maximum of 8 to 9 hours daily in my blog.

FIV: 9 hours, a real job! Who actually takes your great photos on the blog?

That also varies. Mostly my boyfriend and my mother take turns. Both photograph me then with my camera. What is very convenient, is that my friend is also at home in the media world and is active as a filmmaker. Therefore, he knows the matter well and we can quickly conjure up good results. My mother also used to take a lot of pictures – at that time still analogue and is therefore not a stranger to photography. But it also happens that I work with photographers from the region or – if there is no other way – bring out the tripod and self-timer.

Kim’s Style Inspiration: The Fashion City Berlin

FIV: Which is your favourite fashion city – and why?

So far, definitely Berlin. There is no other place in Germany where fashion is so diverse. Everyone wears what they like and there are stylings in every imaginable variation. Every time I come back from the capital, I am extremely inspired, braver and more creative, which is reflected very positively on my blog.

FIV: So you’re a photographer, model and blogger, fashion has a big impact on your life, right?

It’s true. Even when I was 14, I regularly devoured fashion magazines and got totally absorbed in testing out new trends. That has remained the case to this day.

FIV: What do you love most about fashion blogging?

I really like the whole process. Of course I love styling myself and looking how I can combine which clothes suitably. Also the subsequent choice of the appropriate shooting location, the creation of the images, the post-processing and the subsequent design of the associated post are just incredibly fun for me. It just never gets boring. I get to meet great people at events, see wonderful cities and never stand still.

FIV: Who is your personal style icon?

Kate Moss.

FIV: Which designers and labels do you like the most?

When I’m out and about in the city, I love to visit Mango and Zara. Otherwise, I also like Vila very much lately. I like the simple cuts and colors. When it comes to designers, Alexander Wang is probably my favorite.

FIV: Your favorite blogs or favorite websites?

I love reading Masha Sedgwick’s blog. Especially since I was able to meet her in person at a shoot. Otherwise, if I’m looking for fashion inspiration, it’s always worth visiting Lookbook, Pinterest or Tumblr!

FIV: What is your personal favorite outfit on your blog?

Definitely my “destroyed jeans” look from this year.

FIV: Is it sometimes difficult to present a new outfit to the world every day?

To post a new outfit every day, I would unfortunately not manage the time, because I’m also studying, I’m on the road as a photographer and sometimes I also like to see my boyfriend and family! But it’s also a challenge to create new looks three – four times a week, especially since you want to keep the quality up and at best improve. It’s definitely a constant challenge.

FIV: Once you’ve gained readers for your blog, how do you keep them for the long haul?

I try to never lose the fun of blogging and hope you can see it in my posts. I also give away something every now and then as a thank you.

Final Questions

FIV: What advice would you give to bloggers who are just starting out?

That depends on whether they want to do it as a hobby or are actually out to make money. If the whole thing is supposed to be a hobby, I would say: do whatever you feel like! If it is to go in a professional direction, a concept should be worked out. Who do I want to reach, what do I want to report about…?

FIV: What do you have coming up in the future?

Lots of great collaborations. For example, a blogger challenge created by myself on the topic of summer looks!

FIV: Thank you for the interview dear Kim!

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