Fashion City Berlin – The Fashion Metropolis

Berlin is chaotic, creative and definitely fashionable! A fashion metropolis? Opinions differ.On the one hand, the urban streets of Berlin are full of creative people with stylish, crazy and trendy design creations. There is a lot of experimentation and trying out. Others see Berlin more as a fashionable city whose inhabitants place great value on clothing, but in terms of fashion can not keep up with international fashion capitals such as Paris, Milan or New York, alone from the worldwide level of awareness. But one thing is for sure: In Germany, Berlin is THE fashion metropolis par excellence. The scene for versatile, individual fashion creations. New trends are tried out in Berlin, what arrives here has fashion potential.
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Fashion metropolis Berlin: Berlin style is individual & present

Berlin can’t be pinned down to one style. Berlin is not black or white, Berlin is colorful, multifaceted. A city with many different faces and style directions. A colorful diversity, numerous facets, yet commonalities can be found in the styles between the lines: Individual, extravagant, creative and versatile. The combinations wild and contrasting. In Berlin, outfits are not judged by trend or harmony, trends are created by creativity and fashion sense. Especially popular: the Berlin street style! Not too put-upon: Fashion fans of the capital make sure that their styling doesn’t look too attempted, hair in an “undone look”, disheveled chignon or loose ponytail. Designer brands are usually only to be admired as vintage pieces. A dress code that is to be understood as “no dress code”. Unstyled – credo: 2 hours in front of the mirror to look like “last minute quick style”. The typical polo shirt wearing boys with gel hairstyle or the uncomplicated skinny jeans, sweat shirt and sneaker fans can be admired just as much. Berlin – a colourful mass of individual characters.

Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week

Fashion Week Berlin, also known as Berlin Fashion Week, has been held seasonally in the German capital and fashion metropolis of Berlin since 2007. Every January and July Germany’s fashion elite gathers in the interesting and hip locations in Berlin. Urban feeling, exclusive fashion. Young as well as established designers present their new creations, there are spectacular catwalk shows and numerous after-show parties where fashion enthusiasts meet and interesting contacts can be made. Fashion-Week-Berlin is a highlight for fashionistas, fashion designers, models, fashion editors and of course the young blogger scene of Germany. Anyone who has made a name for themselves in Germany’s fashion world or comes across as an up-and-coming new comer is invited. The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week makes the capital city scene shine in a special, colourful and creative glow every season.

Berlin blogger scene

Bloggers are a dime a dozen in Berlin, it’s all about picking the pearls. The blogger scene of the capital is versatile and individual, just like the different style directions. For fashion fans it’s all about finding their personal favourites. The selection ranges from beauty to street style to glamour fashion blogs.