Fashion City Hamburg – Fashion Scene between City & Harbour

Hamburg was and still is a city of designers. For newcomers, Hamburg is a good alternative to Berlin in the economic sense. In Hamburg the money flows. While Berlin is paraphrased as a fashion party, here fashion is carried out and people experiment around, Düsseldorf ensures big turnovers, every high-quality trend, no matter how expensive, is adopted by the upper class. Hamburg also has a lot of potential, be it creatively or economically. Tip: Luxury shopping in Hamburg.

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Hamburg fashion designers and creatives

In contrast to Berlin, where the mass of creatives almost threatens to overflow, no creative gets lost in Hamburg. Hamburg offers a lot of variety and sources of inspiration for stressed designers. In Hamburg there is a high quality of life, for designers and fashion enthusiasts besides the fashion scene also an argument to love the city on the Elbe. Many important trading partners are based here, and there are plenty of places to get creative, be it at the harbour, on the Elbe beach, in the spacious Planten und Blomen, in a café on the Außenalster or in a loft in the Speicherstadt. Plenty of room for big ideas.

The Hamburg style – trends and ideas

The typical Hamburg style is clean and high-quality, wonderfully minimalist. The color blue, in all variations and patterns (gladly curled) is popular in the Hanseatic city, just as the cliché claims. Pearl jewellery, á la “Hamburg meine Perle” is often combined with a high-quality designer handbag. In general, Hamburg chic is rather simple and elegant. Nevertheless, fashion is also changing in Hamburg and is becoming more open and “daring”.

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Hamburg Fashion Blogger Scene

The Hamburg blogger scene is very active: There are more than 200 bloggers in the beautiful city on the Elbe. Of which quite a few are fashion blogs. Hamburgers love topics like fashion, beauty, lifestyle and everything that has to do with beauty and well-being. Whether it’s new fashion trends, the beuaty must-haves of the season, ideas for home accessories or the opening of a new wellness center, Hamburgers are on it! They like to go styled to the new in restaurant in the city and like to be well prepared. Following a top 5 of fashion bloggers in Hamburg.

Special pearls: The Speicherstadt in the north

The special thing about the impressive Speicherstadt: A (still) style-less area, a very good prerequisite for a designer. He is open to new ideas and can develop them freely. Loft after loft, not only in designer circles a very attractive place. Every building has its own story – that’s what inspires people, including the fashion scene!

So is Hamburg a fashion metropolis – yes or no?

Hamburg has a lot to offer, especially the fashion scene has many opportunities in the Nordic city. Three major universities have settled in Hamburg, numerous fashion students and young designers populate the neighborhoods. Many major designers call Hamburg home. An upscale clientele that does not have to watch every euro and likes to spend fashion and beauty products for their beauty. In addition to the many positive aspects of settling in Hamburg as a young designer and fashion enthusiast, there is also scepticism among the experts: the long-established Hamburgers sometimes lack courage, they trust in big brands like Louis Vuitton or Prada and don’t dare to try out new styles and small, new designers, to find their own style. This aspect is still missing in the Hanseatic city on its way to becoming a fashion metropolis.