Model Sofia: Successful blogger and Instagram star

Generation Influencer – Sofia inspires her fans with stunning pictures every day. The model has over 261,000 followers on Instagram and thousands of readers of her blog Through her successful blog, Sofia travels a lot and accordingly has a lot to share with her followers. Travel, fashion, lifestyle and food with her there is a lot to discover. We talked to the model about the style of German women, modeling, blogging and the pressure in business.

From Istanbul to Cape Town Sofia has seen a lot as a blogger

FIV: Sofia you enchant your readers with your breathtaking pictures in many different places. Which place has inspired you the most so far?

Of course it’s hard to say, because every place is so special. But I have a very personal connection to e.g. Cape Town, where I have to admit that I stayed longer than on a normal holiday.

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FIV: What made it so special for you?

When you’re in a place for 2-3 months, it really does take on the character of a home. But of course, what has contributed significantly to this is the vibe in the city in general, which is extremely positive. The people are all very pleasant, relaxed and since Cape Town is also relatively small, you quickly know your way around, have your favorite cafes and restaurants, meet more and more acquaintances and make many great friends. The surfer lifestyle, the great food markets and also the sweet festivals in and around the city, round it all off perfectly.

FIV: We read that you moved to Hamburg over two years ago. Where did you live before and why did you move to Hamburg?

I previously finished my Abitur, then did an internship for 3 months in a small editorial office in Stuttgart and then traveled for almost three quarters of a year with small pitstops at home, in my hometown of Cologne, through modeling. I spent 1-3 months in Istanbul, Athens and Cape Town.

When the job developed so well and I noticed after a 2-month stay in Hamburg that I can work in Hamburg great, it was clear to me that I try it for some time. Since I had also met a few Hamburgers before in Cape Town and also my friend got a job here directly, we are then 2.5 years ago over.

Simple overknees, casual leather jacket and jewellery – it’s the little things that make the look.

FIV: You are certainly a great inspiration for many women when it comes to fashion. How do you see the style of German women? Is there something missing here?

The general “German style of dress” hardly exists. City-differentiated one can say that probably rather. The Hamburg woman is usually very practically dressed. The main thing is functional. Backpack, cap, the good old simple jeans and in addition for the case of the cases a rule coat and worn Sneaker with the rubber boots in the change carry. Admittedly, the weather here is not the best and does not help with the choice of clothing, but often lacks the slight tact. The little things often make the difference in a look. And in addition, the German woman dares nothing, or dares in rare cases possibly too much and looks quickly trashy.da is still potential, in my opinion.

FIV: Sofia can you tell us five pieces that every woman should have in her wardrobe?

A nice, simple pair of overknees (also flat, if it should be comfortable and not too flashy) enhances every outfit, while a casual, also oversized and coarser leather jacket makes the whole look cooler. Little filigree jewellery, simple but maybe a bit more small jewellery pieces that you can “layer”, give the whole thing a feminine touch. I personally love to combine gold and silver, but when I have to decide, I find the classic gold still a bit more precious. Speaking of precious: The 4th favorite piece would be a cool designer bag, I would always take a small shoulder bag, even second hand, because it makes every look more precious.

Last but not least a cool oversized sweater. You simply have to have at least one of these at home. Super cozy and still looks great, preferably in a subtle color and in the ideal color of wool or even cashmere for the ultimate cuddly experience. Combined with a pair of jeans or a cute skirt, the 5 must-have’s then give you a perfect everyday look, with which you can probably also make a trip to a nice bar.

Instagram – The embellished picture from everyday life

FIV: Away from the wardrobe, what got you into blogging?

In fact, primarily even the travel. You see so much and get to know new places, that is definitely worth sharing.

FIV: Besides your blog, you are also very successful on Instagram. What is your personal recipe for success for bloggers on Instagram?

Quite clearly: authenticity!

FIV: Would you have any tips for our readers on how to build a successful blog?

Here too: Authenticity first!

FIV: Besides blogging, you are also a model. What kind of jobs are you likely to do so far?

Primarily I do photo shoots and TV commercials. In fact, the latter is still very exciting and the end result is a huge surprise. This feeling of being printed or even played somewhere is really incredible, I don’t think you get used to it either.

FIV: What do you enjoy more, blogging or modeling?

Blogging is actually even more fun for me, because thanks to my great agency Fab4Media I can simply not only have a lot of say, but am also involved in larger concepts. Through many great trips or exciting events, blogging is also much more versatile and interactive. Nevertheless, I appreciate the combination very much.

FIV: Blogger, model and constantly on the road. That sounds like a dream life for many, but is certainly also associated with a lot of pressure. How big is the pressure to always be “perfect” in this business? What is the best way to deal with it?

I think that to a large extent you can determine yourself. Of course, Instagram is always a very embellished image of everyday life, but as long as you show a more real image through channels like Snapchat, but also on the blog itself, write personal articles, etc. and openly communicate how, for example, Instagram works, but also how your everyday life looks like, how you look without makeup, what the unglamorous sides are and what goes wrong sometimes, you are not exposed to so much pressure, I think.

Blogger, model and soon also author

FIV: What moment in your career do you always remember fondly? What do you think was your greatest success?

When virtuality gets a bit of reality, I get to meet the people behind all the great comments and likes, I’m excited, happy and grateful at the same time every time.

FIV: What are your goals and plans for the future, what should our readers know from you?

I have some small ideas, but nothing of which is in the starting blocks yet. Among other things, I’m thinking about a nice cookbook, because that is my great passion and I get a lot of great feedback on it. Likewise, some great trips will come next year, which you can look forward to.

Thank you so much for the great interview.

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