Fashion Instagram blogger Mia.xxiii

Mia.xxiii is a blogger on Instagram and inspires her fans there with her style and shots from her travels. She told us about her work, her must-have products and much more.

FIV: Mia, you are a lawyer AND a blogger. That’s an interesting combination. How do you combine the two worlds?

On my blog I introduce myself in English as “lawyer”, which translated can mean many things. I am not a lawyer, but a “Rechtspflegerin” = civil servant. Yes! I also have to deal with prejudices. There is hardly any intersection between my work and my blog. Only during my lunch break do I occasionally go into town and look for clothes or accessories. My hobby only starts for me after work or on the weekend.

FIV: What do you deal with on your blog? What are your special “areas”?

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On my blog I mainly deal with daily outfit combinations. Depending on the season, there are also posts about UGGs, scarves or even holidays to see. Every now and then I also show little snippets of my (new) apartment (I moved at the beginning of November).

Inspiration: other bloggers and fashion catalogues

FIV: What inspires you about being a blogger?

I get most of my inspiration from other bloggers and fashion catalogues. On Instagram and other channels I collect a lot of ideas and inspirations, which often have an impact on my choice of clothes and accordingly on my posts.

FIV: You love to travel as you can see in many of your pictures. What are your “top 5” products you would never travel without?

  1. The Nikon camera my boyfriend and I bought together.
  2. My iPhone or iPad
  3. Bikini
  4. German food supplies (especially sweets)
  5. Sunglasses

FIV: Do you have a favorite designer or fashion label?

I mainly shop at H&M and Zara. When I treat myself to something more expensive (jewelry, shoes, bag…), then my choice usually falls on Michael Kors.

FIV: How do you see the style of German women? Are you missing something here as a fashion expert?

In my opinion, every woman should wear what she feels most comfortable in. Just because I am a blogger, I would not call myself a fashion expert and allow myself to judge other tastes.

FIV: How do you set yourself apart from other bloggers?

A small difference to other bloggers is in any case that I do not write a “real” blog, because I lack the time. Also for the text under my pictures I usually lack the necessary rhetorical creativity, so that for my captions often only a hashtag or a smiley must serve.

FIV: What kind of person are you in private? (Describe yourself in three words/how would your friends describe you)

  1. Careful and tidy
  2. Stubborn and bullheaded
  3. Know-it-all

FIV: What does a perfect day look like for you?

A perfect day for me starts with a late breakfast together with my family and my boyfriend. In the afternoon I go to the lake with my sweetheart and enjoy an ice cream and the sunshine hours with him. If the weather is bad, we go to the Centro, the THIER Galerie or the Ruhrpark and stroll around a bit. In the evening we lie down on the sofa, snuggle under the covers and watch TV together.

QIV: Do your family/friends support you in your blogging career?

My strongest support is my boyfriend. Among other things, he helps me choose my clothes (even when I’m shopping) and my outfits. He is the one who stands behind the camera. He also chooses the pictures for the blog with me and also tells me if the pictures look unflattering.

My mother was very sceptical about it at first. This was because she is inherently skeptical and wary of the WorldWideWeb (Facebook, etc.). “The internet never forgets” is her motto. In the meantime, however, she has gotten used to it and also looks at my blog more often.

So far I have only received positive feedback from my friends.

FIV: Thank you Mia for the nice interview!