Two Sisters – One Style: Theadoreabletwo

The two sisters Andrea and Storm are full-time bloggers from Berlin and Hanover. Together they run their Instagram account theadoreabletwo with over 54,000 subscribers. They talked to us about their work as bloggers, the fashion city Berlin, tips and tricks for everyday life and much more.


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Two Sisters – One Style

FIV: When did you start your fashion blog? What motivated you to start the blog together?

We started Theadorabletwo 3 1/2 years ago. Since we already “stole” each other’s clothes and have a similar style, we thought it would be cool to show it to other people. Since we were still living with our parents at the time, we could produce content faster and both had the opportunity to develop our own ideas together. We also thought it would be cool to show that sisters can build something together. Thus, the blog should also stand out from the crowd, because we as siblings have the same style, but can show different outfit combinations and thus possibly address two different target groups.

FIV: What inspires you in your work?

We get inspired by other bloggers, magazines, networks like Tumblr and Pinterest. But we also get inspired by our readers, because through the positive feedback, we find our motivation to continue. We also know that we are on the right track.




FIV: Which interesting people have you already met through your blog?

We have been able to meet a lot of great personalities. Just getting to know other bloggers who do the same thing as us is an interesting experience. So you can exchange about many blog situations and also learn a lot. There are also some bloggers that we really admire. Who have a full time job and still fill a very well organized blog with content! That’s really a strong achievement!!! But you also meet so interesting non-bloggers, who usually have a special life story.

Storm on the fashion city: “Berlin inspires all the time”.

FIV: Storm, you now live in Berlin. What do you think about Berlin as a fashion city? Is it an advantage to live there as a fashion blogger? Does the city inspire you as a blogger?

YES! I moved to Berlin 2 months ago and it was really the best decision I could have made. I love Berlin already. It’s definitely an advantage to live there. I can take advantage of all the events that are in Berlin. I could never do that otherwise! But the most important thing to me are the friendships I’ve been able to make in such a short time. I have met great bloggers with whom I meet regularly, we exchange ideas and support each other. I am very happy about that! Berlin inspires all the time. The people in Berlin are daring, they dare to try MODE, unfortunately you don’t see that in Hanover at all.

FIV: You write about how important friendships between bloggers are. Was there a lot of competition between you and other bloggers when you started blogging? Have many and close friendships already developed?

Unfortunately, we noticed again and again at events that many people were only interested in the FOLLOWERS and LIKES on Instagram and other social networks. There was no real interest in the blog or the person behind it. A clear “competition” there was never so really, but you still notice a tense atmosphere and was partly excluded from groups. However, we can say that through our blog we have met many other bloggers who are really looking for a friendship and want only the best for you.

FIV: How do you stand out from other bloggers?

We believe because within the three years we have finally found our style. Our readers know what to expect. They will find simple, clean outfits on our blog. Also, we don’t just write about fashion, we also try to add some value for the readers. This means that we like to share tips and tricks for certain situations and thus try to help the reader in everyday situations.

FIV: As a blogger you are often on the road and time is tight. Do you have a trick for stressful situations?

Actually, an exact schedule would be important for stressful times. However, Storm and I always have a hard time with that, but we are working on it! As a tip: You should know your limits! If you notice it is too MUCH, then breaks are also allowed! Don’t have a bad conscience if you just switch off.



FIV: Do your family and friends support you in your career?

At first, it was relatively difficult to explain to our family and friends what we were doing. “Blogger? And how does that work? Do you guys get free clothes sometimes?” To this day, some in our family/friend circle don’t recognize it as a job. Sometimes we have to justify some trips or even “lack of time” because it’s just not understood that it’s just a job and not just a hobby. But our parents and our partners support us in every way.

Sisters’ tip for new starters: “Be yourself!”

FIV: What advice would you give other bloggers for starting their careers?

Most importantly, don’t sell yourself short! If you are good and work hard, then you deserve it. It’s a service and you have to be paid reasonably for it.
Be yourself! A reader notices when you are yourself. If you just try to imitate others, you won’t get very far, in our opinion. Convince with good content. Readers love exciting and interesting texts that they can either identify with or learn from. Do not give up! If you really want something, then you should stick with it. It will pay off in the end.

FIV: Thank you both for the great interview!

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