The Fro girl Ginny – Big hair, don’t care

The Instagram Star Nia better known as ‘Fro Girl Ginny’ is a 19 year old girl from London who got roots in Zimbabwe. She is famous for her volumninous curls on Instagram and over 

243 K people follow her and her curly fluffy hair on Instagram. We had a quick interview with her and found out how you get those pretty fluffy curls.

Fiv: Nia, would you introduce yourself to the people who do not know you yet?

Hi, my name is Nia! I am a Gemini who lives and loves in London.

Embrace those curls

Fiv: You are better known as ‘frogirlginny’ on Instagram. Would you tell me how this name came up?

I was always called Afro growing up in my early teens so I played on this and put it together.

Fiv: Your followers love you a lot for your voluminous curls. What is your ultimate tip for beautiful curls?

An afro pick!

Fiv: Not a long time ago, many curly girls used to straighten their hair. Did you had a time you did this to?

Yes, I relaxed my hair from 3-11.

Fiv: What is your advice to girls who do not feel comfortable with their curls?

You better embrace those curls beautiful.

Be you, always!

Fiv: What are your top 5 favorite hair products?

Anything Deva Curl, Skimdo, OGX Coconut Curls, Got 2 B Oil-licious, As I Am Leave in

Fiv: With over 240K on instagram you are a very successful influencer. How did your instagram carrer started?

I just started posting lots of pictures, it happens very organically.

Fiv: You as a little instagram star, what is your advice to our readers who want to become a famous influencer?

Be you, always!

Every place is beautiful

Fiv: Nia, what is more important in your view: luck or discipline? Why do you think so?

Hmm, I’m not too sure on this Q!

Fiv: You visit many beautiful places. What was the most interesting and impressing place you have ever been to?

Every place is beautiful to me, I love to travel and each place brings out a different side to me.

Fiv: What is your best and your worst characteristic?

My best ability is to adapt to my surroundings and my worst is being a perfectionist

Fiv: What are your plans and goals for your professional future? Are there any upcoming events?

So many! Stay tuned for #frogirladventures

Thank you Nia, for the nice and quick interview!

If you want to see more about Nia, check out her Instagram: frogirlginny.


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