Youtube Interview with Instagram and Musically Star Lenasmusicalls!

There are a lot of influencers out there. But you don’t find someone like Lena aka Lenasmusicalls every day! Lena’s Musically account ( has about 80,000 followers and her Instagram over 92,000 followers. Her upbeat nature and playful laugh are just small reasons why she is so well received. Lena is just a cool girl who has incredible charisma even at 15 and isn’t shy about putting herself out there either. Whether it’s a sweet smile, a funny Musically video or a dreamy Instagram picture – Lena has many sides and everyone loves that she shows them! Model Marie Dahmen and Lena did a Youtube video and talked about Lena and her Musically success. Everything about her life and Musically success, questions about her and her personality and even a little challenge can be found in the Youtube video.

Youtube Question and Answer

Instagram and Musically Influencer Lena in Action

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A post shared by @lenasmusicalls on .

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