Moné Berlin: Turn your phone case into a fashion statement!

No more frantic cell phone searches when you want to capture a unique moment or call your best friend. Being annoyed is a thing of the past, because MONÉ styles up every mobile phone and also adds that special touch to every outfit.

MONÉ offers best functionality, because the mobile phone no longer has to be stored annoyingly and awkwardly in the handbag, but it hangs securely on the body. In addition, there are two practical compartments for EC cards and banknotes on the back.
MONÉ adapts to any everyday situation – you no longer have to worry about dropping your phone by bumping it.

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Germany - Spain - USA

  • Always elegant
  • Always stylish
  • Always at hand
  • Always protected

Stars like Stefanie Giesinger or Anne Marie Dahm have long been convinced and know how practical MONÉ is.


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