Forgotten hairstyles, cuts and colourful looks from the past

Today it’s all about whether they prefer to wear their hair long or short and whether some color is the missing effect, but in the past, hairstyles were crazy, freaky, motley and also elegant. These hairstyles appear from time to time, but they are also strongly forgotten, although some of these styling by out convince and could round off their look perfectly. Rediscover the 60s, 70s and 80s for your own wow factor.

Hairstyles – from elegant to punky to natural

Today’s trend hairstyles are very different from back then, because in the past the decade shaped the looks and above all the hairstyles much more than today. In contrast to today, hairstyles were much more gaudy and, depending on the year, adapted to the music and the circumstances. In the 50s you can find the backed curls, in the 60s Beehives, i.e. hair with a banana shape, in the 60s the hippie look with bandana or the hated mullet. You can see that a lot has changed in the last few years, but not for the worse, because the hairstyles have become more natural year by year, although some of the classics from back then are still worn today and remain a real eye-catcher. But even if today’s hairstyles are more natural, there are still some faux pas, so it is worth taking a look into the past and rediscovering forgotten looks and cuts.

60s hairstyling – chic and elegant

As already mentioned, the 60s are a significant age and reflect with their looks the Rock’n Roll. With their elegant make-up and chic playful hairstyle they are always a classic in retro style and skilfully complete their look. Discover now the retrostyle anew and try yourself the trend from the 60s.

70s – wild party hairstyles and hippie looks

Not only the bandana or mullet are characteristics of the 70s, but also the wild and tousled party hairstyles of the time are remembered. With this cool, cheeky and freaky hairstyling they are perfectly prepared for the next party or celebration, but not only to celebrate the look is a real eye-catcher, but also in everyday life about the hairstyle testifies.

80’s hairstyles – curly, chubby and full of volume

The 80s was also a colorful and crazy time, just like the outfits, music and above all the hairstyles of this time convince by the styling full of volume. Perfect for any occasion, from date nights to jogging to brunch with your girlfriends, this hairstyle adds a surprise factor and enhances your look to an individual outfit.

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