How to get pretty Curls: Routine for curly hair!

Every girl or boy with curls knows, the care is exhausting and the offer in commercial drugstores is also not particularly large. In addition, many simply lack a routine, because unlike straight hair it takes forever until curls grease, which is good on the one hand, on the other hand, the hair lacks the moisture […]

Festival: The perfect look – accessories, clothes, shoes

Every year summer, sun, sunshine and the festival season starts again. Whether Coachella or Lollapalooza. The question of the perfect festival look is a big challenge every year, because of course it should be the perfect festival outfit to shoot one or the other picture for Instagram. In front of the big Ferris wheel and […]

My Top 7 Curly Hair Styles: Everything from Messy to Sleeky Bun

Culy Hair Styles- I used to think curls were hard to style but with time I realized that there are endless and interesting styles for curly hair. I went on a quest for you to find the best hairstyles and styles. Which looks are there, how do I create them and how do I deal […]

Emigrating, becoming a mum and Youtube? This is Labellda

On Youtube there are more and more vloggers who shoot everyday vlogs with their families. Recently it has often been discussed whether having children has become a trend? And whether people are “marketing” their kids on Youtube to get higher follower numbers? As far as Labellda is concerned, that’s not true at all. She even […]