Tom Ford Beauty: Perfume and Make Up of the Designer

Tom Ford – Although he already designed clothes for brands like Gucci before he created his own label and became known for the sleek sexiness of his clothes, the creations under his own name started with beauty products. Meanwhile, Tom Ford’s beauty division has grown so much that it can be hard to keep track. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to pick out the most popular products from the different areas and summarize them for you.

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Tom Ford Perfumes: Private Blend and Signature Fragrances

Tom Ford himself says that if you enjoy something, you are much more successful in it than if you are unsure about it. I wonder if he feels the same way about his perfumes. Because they are successful in any case. And – as you would expect from the designer – they are extremely exclusive. The fragrances range in price from about 50€ for travel sizes up to almost 900€ for a large bottle of the trendy perfumes. For this you get exceptional fragrances that last a long time on the skin and stand out from the crowd.

“I tried to make a perfume that smelled like cigarettes and vodka…. It didn’t work.”

Video Black Orchid: smooth gloomy unisex fragrance

If you were a fan of Tom Ford’s time at Gucci, you will recognize some familiar themes in this fragrance. Under Alessandro Michele, Gucci is known to be colorful, patterned and flashy. Eye-catching was Gucci also under Tom Ford, but in a completely different way, because who knows the designer knows that colorful patterns are not necessarily his world. Sexy – that’s what his designs always are. Often dark, almost gloomy, just wicked.

Like a lady in the 1920s. With flapper outfit, beauty spot, water wave in the hair and cigarette holder. Because that’s where the fragrance takes you, a setting like you imagine in ‘The Great Gatsby’. And this time, Gatsby really wanted to impress Daisy. Oppulent flower arrangements and lavishly imported spices and almost priceless black truffles he brought out to throw the biggest party his guests have ever seen.

This surreal evening get-together has been olfactorically recreated by the Tom Ford Beauty team and filled into a shiny black bottle. Spicy-warm and wicked but also a little dusty is the fragrance. Concise notes include, among others:

  • Black truffle
  • Blackcurrant
  • Black orchids
  • Wooden
  • Frankincense

And above all, the incense remains. And precisely in him lies probably also what many would call dusty. A fragrance that even regular churchgoers carry with them. This was packaged in Black Orchid, however, much more subtle and elegant.

Soleil Blanc: sun cream fragrance de luxe

Tom Ford’s counterpart to black orchid is arguably white sun. Here you are already entering the label’s ‘Private Blend’ collection. This includes the high-priced fragrances. Of course, this also means that you expect really special perfumes in this price category. Can Soleil Blanc fulfill this expectation?

  • Coco de mer
  • Ylang-Ylang
  • Cardamom

Characterize this creamy-sweet fragrance and make it particularly exciting. Luxurious it is all times. Like sunlit skin on a luxury yacht or a private beach. Warm sunshine, linen shirts and pina coladas are all associated with the scent. But the scent is also perfect for an evening at the beach bar. In short: sunscreen, warm temperatures and fruity cocktails. A real summer fragrance, which is characterized above all by the fact that he does not try to work with citrus notes to be tangy-fresh. The summer holiday this fragrance promises is luxurious, hot and sexy. As you would expect from Tom Ford.

Tobacco Vanilla: winter fragrance for men and women

Before the thoughts go directly to cigarettes with tobacco in the name is said: Stale cigarette ash you look in vain here. Although the fragrance is smoky, but the tobacco note is more reminiscent of the scent of expensive cigars, which are smoked with relish in front of the fireplace. In addition, there are warm notes that are almost a bit reminiscent of whiskey, but especially vanilla. This brings the necessary sweetness, which makes this fragrance so wonderfully oppulent and allows both men and women to wear. Broken up by spicy ginger are to unite in this fragrance memories:

“Tobacco Vanilla is oppulent, warm and iconic. The fragrance is reminiscent of an English gentleman’s club…”

And indeed, this is what Tabacco Vanilla is all about. Woody warmth with tobacco and warm vanilla. Distantly reminiscent of leather and ebnfalls other spicy scents are represented. With Tobacco Vanilla, the name says it all.

Also, a little birdie told us that Harry Styles is a fan of the scent and wears it himself. Okay, maybe not a birdie, but the internet. If that’s not the epitome of an English gentleman, we don’t know what is.

Video Private Blend: Oud Wood vs. Tobacco Vanilla

Another popular fragrance by Tom Ford is Oud Wood. While Tobacco Vanilla is still found in the unisex area, Oud Wood is a much more tart fragrance and thus more in the area of men’s fragrances.

Responsible for this, of course, the oud, so the eagle wood. Eagle wood is a scent mostly associated with gentlemen. It is tart, woody and smoky. Some say it smells like motor oil, others consider it more ashy and resinous than classic woody scents.Whether you prefer Oud Wood or Tobacco Vanilla depends entirely on the wearer. Because an extremely important criterion in perfume selection is that the perfume fits the wearer.

Do you wear more browns, knits, linens, or do you prefer gold jewelry to silver jewelry? Do you enjoy autumn and winter more than summer? Do you want to appear warm and friendly to others or cool and aloof? All these factors determine whether Tobacco Vanilla or Oud Wood is worth investing in. Tobacco Vanilla can be compared to a classic car with leather seats and wooden fittings. Elegant, classic and irresistible.

Oud Wood, on the other hand, is found more in a Harley Davidson. Cool steel, smooth leather. For all those who strive for adventure. At first, these comparisons may seem a bit ridiculous, but if you think about it, you always associate scents with more than just the smell itself. You remember experiences and scenarios, maybe even people. So what memory do you want to be remembered with?

Ombré Leather: men’s fragrance with character

Ombré Leather has been in Tom Ford’s range since 2018. It belongs to the Signature Collection, which tends to include everyday fragrances. Nevertheless, Ombre Leather is by no means boring. Rather, it manages to be exciting in an understated way. It is definitely a fragrance of contrasts, warm and spicy and at the same time smooth and cool. This comes about through the following fragrance notes:

  • Black leather
  • Lilac
  • Jasmine

Finding such floral notes in a men’s fragrance is rather rare, which is exactly what makes Ombré Leather such an extraordinary scent. Lilac and jasmine provide the oriental note, while black leather creates a pleasantly tart base.

Thoughts go back to the 50s and 60s. James Dean is sitting in his Porsche Spider, dressed in a black leather jacket. A cigarette rests casually in the corner of his mouth. ‘Rebel without a cause’ – Why not?

Tom Ford Make-Up: from foundation to bronzer to lipsticks

Exclusive make-up like that of Tom Ford Beauty is of course particularly well suited for special occasions. Therefore, in the following overview of products we have focused primarily on presenting products that are suitable for special events. With the listed products, a simple yet beautiful evening make-up can be conjured up.

Video Foundation Do’s and Dont’s: Foundation, Concealer and Powder

In total, Tom Ford offers 5 foundations. With a focus on photo-ready evening makeup, these products in particular are great for perfect skin, providing a great foundation to build upon.

  • Traceless Soft Matte Foundation
  • Concealing Pen
  • Illuminating Powder

The Traceless Soft Matte Foundation is a particularly long-lasting foundation with medium to high coverage. It is particularly easy to blend into the skin and, with its buildable coverage, ensures that the end result can be perfectly adapted to the needs of the individual. The silky-smooth finish moisturizes and blends into the skin. Helping to conceal additional imperfections is the Tom Ford Concealer Pen. Its highly pigmented formula makes dark circles and redness disappear effortlessly. The creamy texture can be optimally blended into the skin and the previously applied make-up.

The Illuminating Powder by Tom Ford helps with light-reflecting pigments to additionally level the skin without having a drying effect. The skin texture is additionally leveled and foundation, as well as concealer is embedded. This creates the perfect foundation for make-up. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you to achieve an even final result:

Contour, Blusher and Bronzer: Defined facial features with Gold Dust and Terra

To the perfect make-up, it is of course also the own facial features to set the scene perfectly. Tom Ford also has the perfect products for this purpose. The one or other secret weapon of make-up artists is also included.

  • Shade and Illuminate
  • Cheek Colour
  • Soleil Glow Bronzer

The absolute make-up artist insider tip – Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate. The creamy duo of contouring color and glossy highlighter sets the face perfectly in scene. The contouring color is applied to temples and under cheekbones to narrow the face. The consistency allows for a great blending result. The highlighter gloss is applied on the highest parts of the face to highlight and create a healthy glow. What makes this duo special is the absence of visible glitter or shimmer in both products, which provide natural effects.

Tom Ford Cheek Color is a well-pigmented, buttery blush powder. Applied to the cheekbones, this blush provides a fresh complexion and conjures a healthy color to the face. The exact point at which blusher is applied varies depending on your face shape, so make sure you choose the right application for your face shape. The Tom Ford Soleil Bronzer hasn’t been in the brand’s range forever, but is nevertheless very popular. Available in the colors Gold Dust and Terra, it convinces with its special texture. The bronzer is somewhere between gel and powder. The pleasant consistency guarantees even application and also contributes to the fact that the intensity of the bronzer remains variable.

Video Perfect Winged Eyeliner: Eye Shadow, Mascara and Co.

Of course, the popular eye and lip products of the brand must not be missing here. Therefore, we put you here products to the heart, which give your glamour make-up the final touch. In the past, these products have achieved outstanding effects on everyday consumers as well as people who work in the make-up industry:

  • Cream and Powder Eye Color
  • Eye Defining Pen
  • Extreme Mascara
  • Brow Sculptor

We are very big friends of getting the most out of our money. So if you’re already spending a not-so-inconsiderable amount on eyeshadow, then it’s all the better to get a 2-in-1 product. This is the case with the Cream and Powder eyeshadows, as the name suggests. The product comes with a color-intensive cream eyeshadow and a shimmery topper in powder form. This not only offers more creative freedom, but also allows you to vary how dramatic you want your eye make-up to be. For the cat-eye look, of course, the eyeliner with wing must not be missing. The product with which this succeeds is the Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen. The two ends guarantee a defined line without any problems. The glossy finish of the eyeliner is ideal for special occasions and blends into the make-up. Very simple techniques are shown to you here:


Well-shaped eyebrows complete the look perfectly and provide a beautiful frame for the rest of the make-up. In addition, expressive eyebrows help to give the face the right character. The Tom Ford Brow Sculptor is particularly suitable for defining and filling in the eyebrows. The flat shape of the eyebrow pencil helps to draw in particularly fine eyebrow hairs and thus transform the brows. In addition, there is also a popular Tom Ford eyebrow gel, which provides additional styling.

Tom Ford’s world of lipsticks

Finally, the only thing missing is the matching lipstick. And there are plenty of them at Tom Ford. From nude to red and from shimmering to matte – here lipstick lovers of every kind get their money’s worth. Glosses, pencils, tints and balms. It’s hard to keep track of the selection, so we’ve compiled the most popular lip products from Tom Ford for you:

  • Lip Color: Creamy, matte and satin matte lipsticks in a total of 63 (!) colors
  • Gloss Luxe: high gloss lip gloss in 10 colours
  • Lip Lacquer: Liquid lipstick with matte and vinyl finish

To enumerate all colours here would hardly be possible, but the variety guarantees a colour match for everyone.

Video Boys & Girls Lipsticks: Mini Lipsticks for Big Personalities

The Boys & Girls lipstick series offers lipsticks in evening bag size. The total of 100 colors were named after personalities who made a lasting impression on Tom Ford. Starting with 7 colors, these are replaced again and again by new ones, until finally all 100 colors were available. This is Tom Ford’s way of paying tribute to special people in his life.