Givenchy: royal perfumes, radiant make-up & campaigns with stars

Givenchy Beauty – Born a nobleman, died a king. Hubert de Givenchy establishes himself as a haute couture & beauty master during his lifetime. He conquers the fashion & beauty world and creates a beauty & couture line in one. How Givenchy made the leap to fashion & beauty heaven? Which beauty items have iconic value? What is the recognition value of Givenchy? Below you will find all the important information about the Givenchy beauty line: Welcome to the world of Givenchy! A beauty world to dream about!

Givenchy in fashion & beauty heaven

Haute couture, perfumes, cosmetics and accessories for women and men. Hubert de Givenchy creates a label that highlights the strengths of women and men. Elegance, innovative and creative thinking and timelessness merge to create an iconic fashion & beauty brand. See for yourself!

Hubert de Givenchy: aristocrat of fashion

A fashion lover in fashion heaven, descended from a noble French family. Hubert de Givenchy’s extraordinary story began in 1927. After creative collaborations with fashion greats such as Jacques Fath, Robert Piguet and Elsa Schiaparelli, he launched his own fashion house. 1952 Near the Parc Monceau establishes his own fashion brand with the name Givenchy for exclusive haute couture.

Video Audrey Hepburn: the muse of Hubert de Givenchy

Audrey Hepburn in the cult film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” in the “little black dress” by Givenchy – the beginning of a glamorous collaboration and friendship. Givenchy knows how to combine French elegance with American glamour. He is a man who understands women. Audrey Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich, Princess Grace and Wallis Simpson – only a fraction of Givenchy’s enthusiastic customers.

“dressing a woman is to make her more beautiful!”

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For a long time he inspired his customers and the entire fashion world with his unique creations, before he retired from the fashion business in 1995. In July of this year he presented his last collection in the fashion metropolis of Paris.

The Givenchy success story: fashion, accessories, cosmetics & perfumes

Exclusive Haute Couture Fashion. White puff sleeve blouses with flared collars. Luxurious gowns with floral patterns. Elegant designs with fruit, vegetable & animal motifs. Givenchy manages to conquer the exclusive Parisian fashion heaven and shines with his simply elegant and at the same time unique creations. He also transfers this philosophy to his beauty and perfume lines. Below you will find a list of iconic fragrances and make-up items. Convince yourself of the timeless and innovative thinking of the luxury brand!

Perfumes: the final touch from Givenchy

“A fragrance is a woman’s finishing touch, when getting dressed!”

Hubert de Givenchy knows how to put this “finishing touch” perfectly around & in scene. 1957 – the year in which the perfume era of Givenchy takes its start. Parfums Givenchy S.A. was founded in Levallois-Perret and taken over by LVMH in 1987. Parfum Givenchy S.A. is founded by Hubert de Givenchy together with his brother Jean Claude de Givenchy. Hubert de Givenchy was always ahead of the times. He was one of the first designers to give his perfume a face. He revolutionized perfume campaigns by making Audrey Hepburn the face of those. The fragrance “L’Interdit” is now associated with none other than Audrey Hepburn – the first actress to star in a perfume ad. Revolutionary!

L’Interdit: the fragrance for Audrey Hepburn

The shocking side of elegance. Givenchy plays with femininity and its boldness. The rule is: no rules allowed, don’t forbid yourself, live your life! Givenchy creates an expression of individuality and wants to encourage women to break with conventions. The fragrance captivates with its composition of bergamot and pear as top notes. Nuances of orange, jasmine and tuberose act as the heart of the fragrance composition. Vetiver and vanilla create the perfect finish.

“Experience the thrill of forbidden. Its fragrance sets free a white flower imbued with black notes, for a luminous kind of feminity flirting with the dark side!”

  • L’Interdit Eau de Parfum Spray (€140)
  • L’Interdet Intense Eau de Parfum Spray (€170)
  • L’Interdit Eau de Toilette Spray (€158)

Irrésistible Givenchy: idiosyncratic fragrance for women

This fragrance is all about the elegance and femininity of the lady. A stylish, independent woman who is able to highlight her strengths with this perfume! This perfume shines especially with its use of natural aromas. The break between woody and floral nuances creates a perfect, elegant women’s fragrance. The warmth of fragrant, fresh roses paired with fruity pear & ambretto notes create a harmonious, charming companion for the lady.

  • Irrésistible Givenchy Body Lotion (€49)
  • Irrésistible Givenchy Eau de Parfum (€115)
  • Irrésistible Givenchy Fragrance Set (€108)

Video Irrésistible Givenchy: joie de vivre in a bottle

A composition of fragrance notes, which creates a perfume, which sprays more than just different nuances and aromas. Here, joie de vivre is sprayed. See for yourself!

Eau Demoiselle de Givenchy: perfume for the independent woman

“The fragrance for a young woman coming into her own!”

The delicate blend of fresh, floral notes exudes pure romance. This delicate fragrance gives the woman an unabashed femininity. An all-embracing tribute to beauty, freshness and grace. The composition of pear and water jasmine combined with wild rose and musk creates the perfect fragrance for the young woman who finds herself!

  • Eau Demoiselle de Givenchy Eau de Toilette Spray (€92)

Perfumes men: leather and rose in the bottle

Givenchy Beauty creates fragrances for men, which underlines both his masculine and feminine side. Perfumes for every man, for every situation. Whether as a gift for the life partner, lover or father. No matter if you want to give yourself a present and pamper yourself. Givenchy-Beauty has the right perfume for everyone in its range!

Gentleman Givenchy: a beguiling fragrance for men

This perfume for the strong man shines with the play of spice and sweetness. In addition, there is a surprising floral component, which breaks with the masculine fragrance. A fragrance for the man who has the courage to show his softer side. It is a new creation of pure elegance and modernity. The top note delights with gentle pear scent, which blends with the floral notes of iris and lavender. The base note in leather and patchouli creates an extraordinary fragrance that both meets the pulse of time and has the potential to become a classic. Convince yourself!

  • Gentleman Givenchy Eau de Parfum Spray (€100)
  • Gentleman Givenchy Boisée Eau de Parfum (€140)
  • Gentleman Givenchy Eau de Toilette Spray (€75)

Video Gentleman Givenchy Campaign

Aaron Taylor-Johnson puts a face to fragrance, revealing its special effects and the fusion of strength and softness. Convince yourself!

Pour Homme Givenchy: stylish elegance for the lively man

This perfume delights with its stylish elegance, intensity and vivacity. The wearer of this perfume has a strong character and shines with his creative and spontaneous vein. The quality of the perfume is noticeable with the longevity of the scent on the skin and the thoughtful choice of ingredients. In summary: A classic that belongs in every bathroom cabinet! The masculine and woody aromas which result from the mixture of mandarin, grapefruit, vetiver, lavender and cedar in the base note, have established themselves as a classic in the perfume world of men.

  • Pour Homme Givenchy Eau de Toilette Spray (€95)

Vetyver Givenchy: mystery and masculinity in a glass bottle

This fragrance captivates with its intense, masculine scent with pronounced woody accents. Vetyver aromas meet acidic-fresh notes of bergamot. The composition is perfected by the use of coriander accents and the sensual warmth of sandalwood.

  • Vetyver Givenchy Eau de Toilette Spray (€94)

Specials in the beauty world: perfumes with a special story

While Givenchy delights the perfume world with new interpretations and classics, new and exciting collections are also created. They differ in fragrance, design and composition. Givenchy perfumes are diverse and unique. See for yourself!

L’Atelier de Givenchy

An exclusive fragrance collection consisting of seven elegant scents made from high-quality raw materials. These are representative of the noble fabrics and designs of the house’s fashion.

  • Ambre Tigré: amber, vanilla and ladan resin melt into a passionate fragrance
  • Bois Martial: androgyny in a bottle, coconut wood, pineapple and cedar act as the key notes of this fragrance game.
  • Cuir Blanc: white leather gloves as a source of inspiration create a fragrance with nuances of white pepper, white musk and white leather.
  • Chypre Caresse: Fresh-floral fragrance for man and woman
  • Néroli Originel: Tunisian neroli, iris and vanilla-musk notes blend into a floral-powdery fragrance.
  • Oud Flamboyant: A play of oud, labdanum and leather result in a resinous-woody fragrance.
  • Ylang Austral: green-floral perfume in a simple glass bottle

L’Interdit: One Perfume, Three Perfumers

  • Fanny Bal
  • Anne Flipo
  • Dominique Ropion

The three successful perfumers give themselves over to the challenge and create the reinterpretation of the iconic perfume as a team. Instead of getting in each other’s way, they let each other’s ideas inspire them, and so their ideas merge into a unique fragrance play.

“If we share the same vision and passion, blending our style is a great opportunity to create a fragrance that is resolutely new!”

Video L’Interdit: Rooney Mara in the Givenchy Beauty World

The timeless fragrance in an elegant bottle is presented by Rooney Mara. The uniqueness and fascinating beauty of the actress moves away from Hollywood clichés. Rather, she stands for individuality, naturalness, authenticity and strength.

Make Up: Concealer, Powder & Co. for the perfect complexion in the beauty world

Givenchy beauty products have found the perfect balance between naturalness and make-up. The make-up does not cover the individual features of each woman, rather he brings those to light. A radiant complexion, flattering contouring of the facial features and a clear complexion are the result, which conjures up a glow on every woman’s face!

Concealer: concealer that makes the face glow

Dark circles under your eyes when you first look in the mirror early in the morning? Blemishes, impurities and unmistakable fatigue aggravate the look in the mirror? Givenchy’s concealers conjure a radiant lightness to your face. Signs of tiredness are cleverly concealed. The exquisite, harmonious formula blends with the different zones of the face for instant radiance. Convince yourself!

  • Mister Instant Correction Pen (€31,95)
  • Complexion Couture Everwear Concealer (€29.95)

Powder: unifying, highlighting and contouring in one!

Givenchy creates a powder of a different kind. A powder palette consisting of four different shades, which are composed of ultra-fine, pigmented powders. The result is a silky soft and matte skin with a natural finish. If you apply the colors one after the other, you can play with the structuring of the facial features and contour the face.

  • Prisme Libre Loose Powder (€47,95)
  • Prisme Visage Powder (€47.50)

Lips: Lipstick, LipGloss & Co. by Givenchy

Lips are known for their sensuality and seductive touch. Givenchy manages to combine these clichés in an elegant, stylish and yet subtly sexy way. Lips that delight are the product of the beauty line’s unique creations!

Shiny, shinier, Givenchy’s LipGloss

Mother-of-pearl and black rose oil blend to create a high-shine, super-soft finish. Thanks to the medium opacity, the natural beauty of the lips is not lost. They shine subtly under a long-lasting, pleasant color. A timeless classic with which you are prepared for every situation!

  • Gloss Interdit Vinyl LipGloss (€23,95)
  • L’Interdit Lip Top Coat LipGloss (€30)

Lipstick: lips to kiss

Black rose oil and silicone resin fuse to create a bold vinyl finish. Exceptional comfort combined with a plumping, smoothing effect creates a luminous and bold lip experience. Offered in a spectrum of 16 shades, the lipsticks shine in a sleek case with a metallic satin band.

  • Le Rouge Lipstick (€27,95)
  • Rouge Interdit Vinyl Lipstick (€21)

Eyes: Mascara, eye shadow & Co. from the beauty line

Eyes say a thousand words – a Givenchy eye product says more than a thousand eye shadows. Givenchy beauty understands the importance of quality and style and creates beauty products for the eye area that make the eyes sparkle and shine. See for yourself!

Mascara: eyelashes that delight from the Givenchy beauty line

An eye look that delights. The mascara by Givenchy inspires with its ultra-slippery texture, the intense black pigments and the creating volume. A volume & curve effect for the perfect eye look. The vitamin E contained in the mascara serves as a protective factor for the fine lashes. Whether natural look, intense radiance or ultra-dramatic volume – Givenchy Beauty has the perfect mascara for everyone!

  • Base Mascara Perfecto (€31.50)
  • Volume Disturbia Mascara (€26.45)
  • Noir Couture Waterproof Mascara (€30,95)

Eye shadow: bright eyes, forbidden looks thanks to Givenchy Beauty

Whether classic eyeshadow palettes or modern eyeshadows in liquid version, Givenchy knows how to inspire with its eyeshadow creations. Eye shadows that last up to 24 hours delight customers and result in innovative, powerful and radiant eye make-up! Convince yourself!

  • Ombre Interdite Cream Eye Shadow (€25,95)
  • Black to Light Eyeshadow Palette (€50)
  • Le 9 de Givenchy Eye Shadow Palette (€50,95)