Armani Beauty: Maestro for perfume, make-up and skin care

Giorgio Armani Beauty – Elegant, timeless, Italian clothing. The fashion designer became known mainly for his sleek men’s suits. But already in 1982 he released his own perfume. The beauty segment has always grown by quite a bit. Read this article to know everything about the beauty division of the world famous designer. From make-up to skin care and perfume, Armani Beauty offers everything your heart desires – all thanks to the cooperation of father and Armani Junior. Let yourself be carried away into the world of Italian beauty!

Armani Beauty for women: Perfume, foundation, care and more

If you are looking for classy cosmetics, Armani is the right address. The range of the label offers fragrances, make-up and skin care for elegant, modern women. Cate Blanchett, Barbara Palvin and many more present and use the high-quality products.

Video Sì and My Way: products and comparison

Sì was launched in 2013 as a sweet and fruity fragrance. The success of the water was so great that in the following years the collection was expanded further and further, so that today Sì comprises 5 long-lasting products:

  • Sì EdP
  • Sì Edp intense
  • Sì Passione EdP
  • Sì Passione EdP intense
  • Sì Fiori EdP

The fragrance notes of the original Sì EdP are characterized by flowers and fruits. The fragrance pyramid is quite complex, but the protruding scents include:

  • Black currant liqueur (sweet-fruity)
  • May Rose (creamy-floral)
  • Jasmine (oriental-floral)
  • Vanilla Absolue (sweet-warm)

The EdP is very sweet, some warscheinlich too sweet. Mixed with fruit and vanilla, the fragrance is extremely feminine. Especially you should pay attention to the fact that it is vanilla absolute, highly concentrated vanilla. Sì does not seem like an everyday fragrance unless it is very cold. Also, the perfume tends to fill the room with its fruity sweetness. So for going out and on dates, it is quite suitable. In the office, on the other hand, you should think twice before putting on the scent. The Intense version of the fragrance is a bit more tart. Floral notes come more to the fore and the sweetness was taken back a bit.

It becomes spicier and more oriental with Sì Passione. This relies on fruity pear, woods and jasmine absolute. This creates a fruity-floral, slightly oriental and spicy combination. This impression is reinforced in the Intense version. The Sì Fiori EdP is less fruity, but further appropriates the familiar sweetness. Much more floral nuances are sniffed out here. More powdery than its predecessors, it is also very suitable especially in summer. Vanilla also accompanies this perfume. But instead of thinking of candy apples, the thoughts wander here more in the direction of fluffy marshmallows.

Fragrance notes My Way: Orange, Cedar & Co.

My Way is a women’s fragrance from the house of Armani released in 2020. The fragrance is also floral-sweet and is composed of the following olfactory notes. Thus, My Way has much less fruit than the perfumes of the Sì series and is more synthetic, as well as slightly more floral. Cedar brings a pleasant woody note. Especially beautiful is the bottle, which is based on the Armani Priveé series. The woman who wears My Way should strive for new encounters and exciting journeys. A fragrance that takes on a lot.

  • Orange Blossom
  • Tuberose
  • Cedar
  • White musk

When choosing between My Way and Sì, it is advantageous to be aware of the occasions on which you would like to wear the fragrance. My Way is a little more suitable for everyday use than Sì fragrances and is therefore a little more versatile. But if you want to really get going in the evening, Sì is a good choice.

Video Armani Foundation: Louminous Silk, Maestro and Designer Lift

Armani has a rich selection of foundations for different needs, from light coverage to full coverage. Also in terms of function and effect, not all are the same. That’s why we present the range to you and take a closer look at a few selected products.

  • Louminous Silk Foundation
  • Designer Lift Foundation
  • Face Fabric Foundation
  • Power Fabric Full Coverage Foundation
  • Lasting Silk UV Foundation
  • Maestro Fusion Make Up
  • Neo Nude True-To-Skin Natural Glow Foundation

The Armani Louminous Silk Foundation is a real favorite and probably the best known and most popular foundation from the house of Armani. The name already reveals that this is not a matte, but silky foundation with medium coverage. The product has an oil-free formulation that moisturizes the skin and makes it look radiantly fresh. In the Designer Lift Foundation, the properties of the Louminous Silk Foundation are additionally combined with skin-firming ingredients and a sun protection factor of 20. This additionally slows down the aging of the skin.

People looking for a matte, powdery finish have come to the right place with Maestro Fusion Make Up. Non-greasy oils and powerful pigments provide a refined complexion that glows with a soft matte finish.

Perfect Foundation Match?: Swatches and Techniques

Finding the perfect foundation match is not that easy, especially here, as Armani tries to cover all complexions and all undertones from light to dark, cool to warm. Finding the right skin tone is not the biggest task, as you can see swatches on real skin on the website. Finding the undertone of your own skin, on the other hand, becomes all the more difficult. However, this is especially important in order to actually buy the optimal match. There are several tricks to achieve this goal. But first it is advantageous to learn which undertones the skin can have at all:

  • Warm (yellowish-golden, greenish veins)
  • Neutral (balanced proportions of red, yellow and blue)
  • Cool (pink, bluish, violet-bluish veins).

Of course, even without knowing your skin undertone, you can find suitable foundation by trial and error, but the knowledge helps. To determine the own undertone there are different possibilities. On the one hand, you can use gold and silver jewelry and try to identify which one flatters your skin better. If gold jewelry is more beautiful, then you have a warm undertone. If, on the other hand, silver fits better, the skin undertone will be rather cool. If you can’t tell the difference, the skin tone is neutral.

Skin Tone Video: Warm or Cold, Finding Perfect Make Up

One should be aware that the skin pigments absorb and reflect the three primary colors, of which light ‘consists’ differently and thus is perceived differently by the eye. Of course, there is much more science behind it and also melanin, the skin pigment plays a role. The basic concept behind how skin color is created is that it is a mixed color of the 3 primary colors. And which light is reflected the most determines how the skin looks. A more detailed guide on how to determine skin undertone can be found here:

Lipsticks: With Lip Maestro, Lip Magnet and Co. to the perfect kissing mouth

Not only a large color variation but also the most diverse textures offer the lipsticks of Armani. The variants come both in stick form, as well as in liquid form with applicator.

  • Armani Lip Maestro
  • Rouge d’Armani (satin/matte)
  • Lip Magnet (matt)
  • Ecstasy Shine Lip Cream
  • Ecstasy Mirror Lip Lacquer

A true classic are of course the Rouge d’Armani lipsticks in rich colours such as the universally flattering red 400 ‘four hundred’. Much more exciting, however, are Armani’s matte and high-shine lipsticks. Why? Because Armani claims to always incorporate the latest technologies and textures into its lipsticks. So the label offers lipsticks that have a matte finish but a much more comfortable feel. Matte Rouge d’Armani reminds in the application rather of a moisturizing gel and thus guarantee optimal comfort.

Powerful color with a creamy matte finish is what Lip Maestros promise. With their ultra light feel, they are a real favorite. The only drawback of the texture: The lipsticks have to be reapplied after eating and drinking, as the creamy consistency does not dry and is thus worn off more quickly. If you are looking for a liquid, matte lipstick that promises long hold and easy wear, the Armani Lip Magnets are the right choice. These play into a similar category as the Kylie Lip Kits and Fenty Beauty Lip Paints. Fans of the products should take another look at the Lip Magnets. Precise contours of the Armani kissing mouth guarantee the Smooth Silk Lip Pencil in 11 colors.

Breathtaking eye look: Mascara, Eye Tint and Palettes by Armani

Around the eye Armani offers a less large selection of products, which are still not lacking in quality:

  • Eye Tint
  • Eyes to Kill Stellar
  • Eyes to Kill Solo
  • Eye Quattro Palette

The star of the range is the Armani Eye Tint. This liquid eye shadow combines extra long durability with a particularly light feel. However, it is not a highly opaque product, because the Eye Tints should lie like a shimmering, translucent veil on the eyelid and provide special glamour. For a more elaborate eye make-up the Eye Quattros are suitable. These combine four colors ranging from light to dark, allowing plenty of creative scope. The buttery texture guarantees an even, smooth application. To complete the eye look, the Eyes to Kill Mascara is perfect. This ensures thick, voluminous lashes and extra expressive eyes. The wax base of the mascara guarantees no settling under the also and hold, all day.

Armani Beauty for men: perfume and skin care

Menswear made Armani great. So today the label is also trying to give back. In the form of perfumes and high-quality skin care products Armani ensures that every man can get the best out of himself. Because a well-groomed appearance has many advantages.

Video Armani Acqua di Giò pour Homme

A party holiday in a bottle. Good styling simply requires the right fragrance. With aquatic notes, Acqua di Giò throws you onto the beach. Naked, tanned skin, relaxed people, sand and sizzling sun. In this weather, you need a little refreshment in between. Acqua di Giò offers just that. But not like a cool, tart beer or a fruity Aperol Spritz. The perfume is more like a cool gin and tonic. Clear, gently spicy and citrusy. You won’t find much sweetness here. The core components are:

  • Lime (citrus)
  • Salt water (aquatic)
  • Patchouli (green-tart)
  • Musk (tart-leathery)

Especially in summer, the fragrance is an all-rounder for everyday and party. In winter it can be a little too fresh, but fans of lighter perfumes can wear it in winter without worry.

Video Scent You: Couple Scents by Armani

Stronger with You and Because its You – these are the mottos of the You series by Armani. The perfumes are both a women’s and a men’s fragrance. Don’t get confused here: they are separate perfumes and not a unisex fragrance. Perfect for any power couple. Giorgio Armani drew inspiration from his own relationship to create these fragrances. The men’s fragrance Stronger with You comes with the scent notes:

  • Cardamom
  • Sage
  • Vanilla

These provide a spicy-sweet fragrance experience. This makes the fragrance a little heavier and less tart than Acqua di Giò, for example. The female perfume counterpart relies on fruity sweetness with the fragrance notes:

  • Raspberry
  • Rose
  • Vanilla

The scent reminds a bit of red fruit jelly with vanilla sauce, which is elegantly broken up by a creamy floral note and thus prevents the smell from slipping too much into the gourmand. An irresistible, fruity-sweet and floral blend. Why not use the fragrance couple as a gift. Not only do you give your girlfriend a treat, you also benefit from it yourself.

Forever Young with skin care from Armani Men

We already mentioned at the beginning that a well-groomed appearance can have its benefits, but what exactly can regular skin care do for you? We’ll tell you.

  1. Skin care can have a rejuvenating effect
  2. Skin care can refine the appearance of the skin
  3. Skin care can fight and prevent redness and itching
  4. Skin care can fight and prevent blemishes
  5. Beard hair and shave damaged skin benefit from skin care

The right care products are therefore a miracle weapon for many problems that are caused in connection with shaving, but also by everyday life. During shaving, microcracks appear in the skin, which heal faster with the right care. Ingredients such as vitamin E also help to strengthen and soften beard hair.

Regular care makes the skin more supple and can have a firming effect. This makes the skin appear younger and helps to reduce fine lines.

Moisturiser, cleansing cream and toner for the daily routine

Armani Men keeps it simple with the routine for men:

  • Cleansing lotion
  • Toner
  • Day cream

That’s all it takes for optimally cared for skin. The cleansing lotion is gentle and already replenishes the skin’s moisture stores in the first step, while cleansing it at the same time.

Toner has an invigorating effect and is often an extra cleansing step that ensures the face pore-deep to free from dirt. In addition, the toner also has moisturizing and especially skin-soothing properties.

Optimal care for the sensitive skin around the eyes promises the day cream by Armani. As the last step of the routine, the care cream is applied to the face from the center outwards. It provides protection and moisture throughout the day and prevents signs of fatigue.

Video: Barbara Palvin’s Favorite Products and Make Up Tips

For some time now Barbara Palvin is the advertising face of Armani Make Up. The Hungarian beauty is of course also a looker without make up, but she herself seems to have fun with it and after years as a model she has one or the other tip for the perfect make up. Here she shows what she would buy with 150€ at Armani Beauty: