Make it LOUD! Make-up Collection: Created by Ivana Santacruz

Ivana Santacruz – An own collection is always something very special, even for celebrities. But the very first, own collection is something really unique! Just like the first make-up collection by Ivana Santacruz. For the very first beauty collaboration, “singer and musician Ivana Santacruz embodies her bold personal style with sensual nude shadows, extravagant false lashes, spicy lippies and a brush set. For versatile looks that stand up to the most strenuous choreo.” Pictures of course say more than 1,000 words, here’s a little insight for you!

Star-worthy looks with Ivana Santacruz

Make it LOUD! Create star-worthy looks with a luxurious makeup collection created by @ivana.santacruz.

Colors: Eye Shadow Palette in 12 colors

Shades at a glance:

Here are the colors again, without distraction:

Brush set in 12 sizes

The set in detail:

By Ivi Cruz:

Ivana Santacruz? Who is Ivi?

You don’t know Ivana yet? Then it’s time!

Your path: series, influencer and brand ambassador

Ivi is a singer and dancer, born in Germany and known since 2016, also through her TV and series appearances, including “Berlyn”, a spin-off of the format “Berlin Tag & Nacht”, in which well-known people play. After that, Ivi’s career went from strength to strength.

No matter what it is about, her boyfriend, her age, her origin or even her star sign, fans want to know everything about Ivi. Also because she is a strong role model for many after 4 miscarriages. Who has experienced so much and has managed so much, has earned our respect!

Songs by Ivi Cruz

You can find more songs on Youtube.