Musk, Bergamot, Jasmine & Rose: The perfect perfumes for the summer

About one third of German women claim to use perfume daily or several times a day. The choice is now enormous. But which fragrance is best for me? We have put together three of the most popular summer scents for you.

Summer scents & winter scents: The ingredients make the difference

The summer heat makes us look for refreshment. That is why it is better to avoid heavy scents in summer. While warm ingredients such as vanilla, amber or liquorice are popular in winter, we prefer light, fresh or sporty fragrances in summer. Such summer scents stimulate our senses and provide energy despite the heat.

Fragrances for hot days: from floral light to sensually tart

The Corona Pandemic has upset many things, and many holiday plans have been thwarted. If you still want to bring a holiday feeling home, these fragrances are just right for you.

Fresh perfume with lots of citrus from GUERLAIN: Bergamot Calabria

Bergamot Calabria is a fragrance from Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria series, which was introduced in 1999 as the first series of intensely fresh fragrances in the perfumery.
This fragrance collection focuses on light, fresh scents – so it’s perfect for the summer. Calabrian bergamot is at the heart of all 12 fragrances, making the collection perfect for citrus lovers. The refreshingly citrusy scent of bergamot blends with floral notes of jasmine in Bergamot Calabria and immediately makes us think of tropical islands. Ginger and musk add a touch of spice to the blend. The bottle, with its golden weave, is reminiscent of honeycomb and radiates pure summer.

  • Top note: Bergamot
  • Heart notes: jasmine, ginger
  • Base note: Musk
  • Fragrance: citric

Floral feminine fragrance by luxury brand LANCÔME: Idôle

After the great success of the fragrance “La vie est belle”, the French label Lancôme is celebrating a completely new fragrance in 2020. Idôle smells light, delicate and feminine, yet powerful. This avoidable break can also be seen in the commercial. Model and actress Zendaya rides through the city in a fairytale pink dress on her horse – in rough cowboy boots. But not only the scent of Idôle is extraordinary. The bottle is one of the thinnest in the world and reminds us of something we all know very well and use every day: our smartphone. Even a small home button is included in the middle of the bottle.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

  • Top note: pear, bergamot
  • Heart notes: Rose, rose oil, jasmine
  • Base note: Patchouli
  • Fragrance: floral

Oriental classic by Paco Rabanne: Lady Million

Lady Million has been one of the most popular fragrances for several years and will be back in 2020, with Paco Rabanne’s fragrance embodying strength and elegance, while at the same time a floral aspect underlines femininity. The sensual fragrance is the result of an interplay of orange blossom absolute, Arabian jasmine, patchouli and honey, and is perfect for the summer with its sweet note. Lady Million stands for pure luxury. The shape of the bottle is reminiscent of a large golden diamond, thus enhancing the luxurious impression of this fragrance.

  • Top note: Neroli, Limete
  • Heart note: Violet
  • Base note: Patchouli
  • Scent: floral, oriental