Breitling Premier: the versatile classic with prices, designs and different models

Breitling Premier – When you think of high-quality watches, the Breitling company inevitably comes to mind. The renowned watch manufacturer has made a legendary name for itself in the watch metier since 1884. From classically stylish models to modern sportsman models, Breitling is always evolving its designs and trying to keep its finger on the pulse. The price range is also moderate, from relatively rather low-priced models to the absolute luxury models for several tens of thousands of euros: Breitling is also broadly positioned in terms of price. Find out more about the models, design and prices of the Breitling Premier here. Other Breitling collections include the Professional and the Superocean Heritage. Here you will find a large overview: Breitling models.

Breitling Premier: The classic

Designed by Willy Breitling in the 1940s, the first Premier was the first Breitling to be entirely dedicated to style. With its elegant details and blend of modern and retro elements, the reinterpretation of the Premier continues the tradition of the original. It is designed to give the wearer an aura of style, and to be a testament to taste. The model is available in a variety of colour and material combinations, so there should be something for everyone. Breitling’s anniversary collaborations with Bentley are particularly coveted, always resulting in very unique pieces that are each only available in limited editions.

Watches as an investment & status symbol

Watches are a coveted accessory – especially for men. But watches can be bought not only as a piece of jewelry. There are also many people who buy a high-priced watch as an investment, which in the best case scenario even increases in value over time. In addition, especially watches from the luxury segment are a recognized status symbol. Those who can afford an expensive watch often radiate a certain financial security. In addition, watches in particular are a hobby of many, and connoisseurs recognize a valuable watch at first glance.

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Breitling Premier Price Comparison

There are several possibilities and some companies worldwide that sell high-priced luxury watches. In addition to Breitling, these include the traditional brands Rolex and Patek Philippe. Of course, the models also differ greatly in price – even at Breitling. In the Premier collection alone, the price range for a watch goes from €3,800 (for the Premier Automatic 40 in stainless steel anthracite) to €25,700 (for the B01 Chronograph 42 Bentley Centenary Limited Edition in red gold-brown). Of course, most of the watches tend to be priced in the mid-range. For example, the classic Premier B01 Chronograph 42 in black stainless steel costs €7,700 and the Premier Automatic 40 in rose gold-silver costs €14,000. Prices for special requests and special productions can of course vary.


The Breitling Premier, like every model in the Breitling collections, is available in various designs and material combinations. For example, Breitling has designed various collaborations with the Premier. These anniversary models have each appeared only in limited editions and as limited editions. Materials also differ, models are available in yellow gold as well as stainless steel and rose gold. Dials differ in design and color, and watch straps are available in both stainless steel and leather in different colors.

Premier B01 Chronograph 42

This Premier boasts rectangular chronograph pushers as well as the panda look of a Bicompax chronograph. It also includes numerous elegant design details such as a transparent sapphire case back or grooves on the side of the case. The Premier B01 Chronograph 42 is available in many different materials, including stainless steel or 18-karat red gold. It is combined in the Bicompax style with either a black, anthracite, silver or blue dial. The matching metal bracelets, as well as the choice of alligator or calf nubuck leather straps, feature a folding or pin buckle. This Premier is powered by Breitling’s in-house Manufacture Caliber 01, a COSC-certified chronometer.

  • Price: from 7.500€

Premier B01 Chronograph 42 Bentley Mulliner Limited Edition

In celebration of Bentley’s Continental GT Convertible Mulliner Edition vehicle, the Premier Bentley Mulliner Chronograph is available in a limited edition of 1000 pieces only. Mulliner has been renowned for nearly 150 years for its exquisite bespoke coachwork, which is designed to meet the highest standards of quality. The Premier Bentley Chronograph has some close ties to the interior of the luxurious GT – in particular, the Breitling watch that is built into the luxury car’s dashboard. The watch has a blue alligator leather strap with blue and red accents. The Premier’s vertically brushed silver dial is also reminiscent of the Breitling watch in the car’s dashboard. On the case is a plate engraved with “Bentley”, the design of which is based on the engine-spin-cut dashboard of historic Bentleys. Each piece of the limited edition bears the engraving “ONE OF 1000”.

  • Price: 7.900€

Premier B01 Chronograph 42 Wheels and Waves Limited Edition

Stainless steel – Anthracite

The elegant Premier B01 Chronograph 42 (stainless steel anthracite) has a stainless steel case with a diameter of 42 millimeters. It is available with a seven-row stainless steel bracelet or a brown crocodile leather or nubuck strap. The striking white dial gains additional character from the contrasting black quarter seconds. This model also features 12-hour counters that allow the wearer to sense the mechanical manufacture caliber inside. A transparent sapphire crystal case back reveals the Breitling Manufacture Caliber 01, a high-performance chronometer-certified self-winding chronograph caliber with a five-year warranty.

  • Price : 7.600€

Premier B01 Chronograph 42 Bentley British Racing Green

The elegant Premier B01 Chronograph 42 Bentley celebrates the partnership between Breitling and one of the biggest names in luxury motorsport. It features a 42-millimeter stainless steel case and a British Racing Green dial with a small seconds hand and 30-minute counter in contrasting black. The transparent sapphire crystal case back of this model also reveals the Breitling Manufacture Caliber 01. This high-performance chronograph caliber is self-winding and comes with a 5-year warranty. The Premier Chronograph 42 Bentley is available with a green nubuck strap or a seven-row stainless steel bracelet.

  • Price : 7.600€

Premier Automatic 40

The Premier Automatic 40 is considered one of the most classic Premier models and is available in many different materials, such as stainless steel or 18-carat red gold. It is available with a choice of blue, silver or anthracite dial. Both the matching bracelet and the choice of alligator or calf nubuck leather straps feature a folding or pin buckle. This model is powered by Breitling Calibre 37, a COSC-certified chronometer. In the lower half of the dial, the Premier Automatic 40 has another small display that allows you to read the seconds from 0-60.

  • Price: from 3.800€ – 14.000€+

Premier Automatic Day & Date 40

The all-stainless steel Premier Automatic Day & Date 40 is offered with either a black or silver dial. Both the matching stainless steel bracelet and the choice of alligator or calf nubuck leather straps feature a pin buckle or folding clasp. This Premier runs on Breitling’s Caliber 45, a COSC-certified chronometer. It is a self-winding mechanical movement. The model has a diameter of 40mm and is 11.40mm high. In addition, the watch is water resistant to 100m. What is special about the Premier Automatic Day&Date 40 is – as the name suggests – that it displays the respective day of the week on the upper half of the dial and the date of the day on the lower half.

  • Price: from 4.000€

Breitling Premier: Prices in comparison

The Premier from Breitling is available in different versions and various limited editions. Due to different designs, materials and the cooperation partner Bentley, the respective models naturally cost different amounts. Excluding custom-made models, the prices for a new Breitling Premier range from €3,800 to €25,700. Here you can find some examples of prices for the Premier in different designs and material combinations:

  • Automatic 40 Stainless Steel – Anthracite: 3.800€
  • Automatic Day & Date 40 Stainless Steel – Silver: 4.000€
  • B01 Chronograph 42 Eddel steel – silver: €7,500
  • B01 Chronograph 42 Bentley British Racing Green, Stainless Steel – Green: €7,600
  • Automatic 40 18-carat red gold – silver: €14,000
  • B01 Chronograph 42 Wheels and Waves Limited Edition 18-carat pink gold – anthracite: €21,450
  • B01 Chronograph 42 Bentley Centenary Limited Edition 18-carat pink gold – Brown: €25,700

Premier B01 Chronograph 42

The Premier B01 Chronograph 42 is the Premier classic. Designed as a stylish accessory, it was intended to adorn its wearer and make them look particularly tasteful. In this video, Breitling introduces you to the Premier B01 Chronograph 42 in black and silver – the perfect watch for any occasion.

Breitling Premier Bentley Mulliner Limited Edition

To celebrate the Bentley Continental GT Convertible Mulliner, the Breitling Premier Bentley Mulliner has been designed. The coveted watch has been released in a limited edition and was only produced 1000 times. In this video, Breitling introduces you to one of their special models and explains the design symbiosis of Breitling and Bentley.

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