The most famous brands to shop online

Dresses, pants, T-shirts and much more, you can now easily buy a few clicks on the Internet. The trend of online shopping is getting bigger and bigger. Since many people, by the job, families, obligations and friends have little time to go shopping in the city, one orders nowadays rather everything home. Online you often get a larger selection. And how great is it to have everything delivered to your home instead of walking around for hours in a crowd? Another point why many people prefer online shopping is that you get much more discounts.

Online shopping explained easily: Shop for brands online

You can choose between many different sites and each site also has a lot of choice. But not only clothing can be delivered to your home, also furniture, decorative items, electronics of any kind, but also service can be ordered via the Internet! A great diverse and flattering offer to just lie on the couch and do everything through the Internet.

What is online shopping?

What is online shopping anyway? By now, this question is such a rarity as online shopping works worldwide as soon as internet is available. Online shopping is actually like normal shopping. The only difference is that you don’t have to go to the city, you can do it from the comfort of your home. The advantage of online shopping is that you don’t have to stand in annoying, long lines like you would in a store.

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Also the clear overview is great and if you are only looking for a specific part and do not want to look through half the store, you can simply type what you are looking for in the search line above and add a few filters such as color or size. So you get immediately the selection of the term you typed. Also the availability is displayed and if something is not in stock, you can be notified by email when something is available again.

How does online shopping work?

You select, order and pay for goods and services via an electronic network. After a few days, the goods are conveniently delivered to your home and you can try them on. There are several options to pay, such as through Paypal, bank transfer, direct debit, installment and many more. You can also order on account, which means that you receive the goods and must pay later. Mostly you should pay after 14 days. Some online shops, however, also give a time of 100 days to settle the bill. This varies from shop to shop. To be sure, of course, you should inform yourself there in advance.

Contra arguments for online shopping

However, to all the good and positive aspects also comes one or the other not so good aspect. The many sending of packages of course also consumes a lot of packaging material that ends up in the trash. Meanwhile, many mail order companies fall back on pure paper and cardboard packaging, and no longer send their goods packed in plastic. This is good, because the paper can be recycled easily and quickly. A small negative point, however, is that for all the packages, sometimes unnecessary transport routes arise. If the clothes don’t fit, the unsuitable items have to be sent back and, if necessary, goods in a new size have to be sent. In addition, more and more stores are closing their branches and must therefore also dismiss their entire staff.

  • Online shopping is digital shopping
  • Convenient, simple and fast
  • Produces more waste and exhaust fumes
  • Continues to cause unemployment

H&M: German fashion brand known worldwide

H&M is one of the most famous online shops. Of course, there are also stores where you can go and try on the clothes on the spot and then decide. It is a company that comes from Stockholm. The history and the structure of H&M is very interesting. A man named Erling Persson travelled to the USA in 1946 and came back with the idea to offer cheap clothes. From this idea greatness was born and so the company motto is still ‘Quality at the best price!’ today. Whether it’s the latest summer trends or just basics, you can find everything your fashion heart desires at H&M. Different styles and also a lot to be inspired by. In addition, the prices are impressive! Meanwhile H&M offers clothes with the big ecological topic sustainability. You can bring old clothes in bags to the store and get 15% off your next purchase. The clothes are recycled and reused.

  • H&M: Known worldwide for quality at the best price.
  • Invention by Erling Persson in 1946
  • All styles, all sizes, all at H&M

Home furnishings & trends – now at H&M Home

Meanwhile, H&M not only offers clothing, but has expanded the range in the field of decoration and interior design. With the new name H&M Home, they are expanding their collection widely. Whether candles, curtains, vases or bookends, with each collection something new is added. You can find many products in selected stores, but also in the online shop. The brand not only adapts the clothing collections to the season, but also the home products are adapted to the latest interior trends.

Haul: Outfits for spring & summer

Here is another video where the Youtuber “With love Katie” shows you the latest spring and summer trends from H&M. Get inspired!

ASOS: Shop Adidas, Levis, Calvin Klein & Co.

ASOS is the UK’s largest fashion and beauty online store. It was founded in June 2000 by Nick Robertson and Quentin Griffiths. ASOS now employs 4000 people and is the largest independent fashion and beauty retailer in the UK. The online store operates in our country of course, but also in other countries such as Russia, Italy, Australia, Spain, France and many more. ASOS has over 21.3 million visitors a month. The shop operates in the “fast fashion” sector and offers around 4000 new pieces per week! That means the selection of pants, tops, dresses and shoes is huge and there is certainly something for everyone!

Cooperations with Influencers

Of course, like many other fashion online shops, ASOS is also represented on social media. Of course, this also means that ASOS has many collaborations with various influencers! These then post photos of them in their new clothes as they pose in front of the mirror or simply present the products in their Instagram Story. Some also shoot videos on Youtube and show the products to the camera, talk about the price, how they find the product etc. This of course attracts a lot of potential customers and helps ASOS become one of the most popular online stores. This is the commercial art – turning likes and subscribers into real money! ASOS not only represents commercial brands like H&M and Bershka, but also presents luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Supreme, Armani and Co. The variety of designs attracts young and old to order from this online shop.

  • ASOS works with win-win cooperations
  • Working with brands like H&M, Nike and Zara,
    but also Calvin Klein, Levis and Armani

ASOS Haul: Summer outfit for the woman

If you want to get more information, you can watch and enjoy Leah’s haul in this video. Get inspired by what ASOS has to offer!

Zalando: Scream with happiness or send back

Who doesn’t know them? The Zalando TV commercial. If you don’t know it, you have to watch it!

Zalando is a German mail order retailer for shoes, fashion and cosmetics. Zalando was founded in 2008 by David Schneider and Robert Gentz in Berlin. The shop is also one of the largest online stores in Germany. At first, it was only active in Germany. In 2009, however, the company expanded its shipping area to Austria. 2011 then in addition also still into Switzerland. After this great success, the company already had a stock market value of almost 10 billion dollars in July 2019! These are incredible numbers and a great result. In 2018, it already offered around 1,500 brands, including 16 own brands of the Zalando subsidiary Labels. There is a peculiarity with the company – he also owns outlet stores. The first was opened in Berlin Kreuzberg in 2012. In the beginning, access was approved only with a Zalando customer card. In the meantime, however, it is also possible without one and anyone can enter. Leftover clothes are sold there. The company has quickly made a big name for itself and is now one of the most popular online shops for many people.

  • Free return shipping
  • Over 1,500 brands, including 16 own brands
  • Own digital fashion advisors

Zalando Lounge – What’s the difference?

Membership in the Zalando Lounge is completely free and without obligation. But what is the Zalando Lounge anyway and where is the difference to the normal Zalando? That’s easy – Zalando and Zalando Lounge are based on two different business models. It is a shopping club that combines fashion, lifestyle, design and premium brands. The Lounge has its own rules. Every day new sales start, which are only offered for a short period of time.

Commercial: Summer fashion – Dress for yourself, nobody else

Many know him, and those who do not know him should get to know him! The famous commercial from Zalando. In the commercial, a lady gets her Zalando package delivered to the door and is so happy that she screams very loudly. Advertising from Zalando ran at the launch much on Tv, so most people knew the company. Of course you can’t describe a commercial in words as well as when you see it for real. That’s why they convince themselves!

Zara online shop: collection for man & woman

Zara is a company that has a wide network of online stores and shops. The first Zara store opened in 1975 in Spain. The starting signal for Zara in Germany then fell in 1999 with the first store in Cologne. This was followed by the first stores outside Germany. In 1980 the first store was opened in Portugal. The shop offers clothing, accessories and shoes for women, men and children. Also at Zara you can find exactly what you are looking for by using the search function with different filters. You can also find information about specific products, such as availability, advance sales, sizes, features and care, etc. Zara also specializes in current trends and is always up to date. The prices are also in the normal budget and can be seen!

Here are 15 things about Zara you should know when you shop here.


Now there is also clothing for men!

In the past, Zara was only for women, or rather, it only produced clothes for women. But since a short time there are also collections for men and they can be more than see! Therefore, they look at the new collections and convince themselves!

Cash, card payment or on account?

Nowadays there are countless payment methods. Whether Paypal, Apple Pay, on account, in installments, by credit card or simply by bank transfer. Today we ask ourselves what advantages and disadvantages the payment methods bring with them and what you should look out for.

  1. Card payment/ Credit card: Fast payment
  2. Cash payment
  3. Paypal
  4. Instant bank transfer

Card payment/ Credit card: Fast payment

Most people are probably familiar with card payments. There are three different ways to pay by card in Germany. On the one hand there is the payment with the bank card, on the other hand with the cash card and as a third method also the credit card. The card payment is actually one of the safest payment methods and also contactless. You just have to hold the card with a few centimeters distance to the terminal of the card reader and you are done. With the normal cards of the bank one must enter nevertheless sometimes the four-digit pin. This completes the purchase and the money is automatically deducted from the bank account.

Cash payment

Cash payment is one of the easiest payment methods. At the checkout, you simply pay with cash and get a receipt afterwards. That’s the whole process. It’s simple, safe and direct.


Paypal is a very common payment method. And probably one of the most straightforward and secure payment method. When transferring money, only the email or mobile phone number of the recipient is needed. Since this method runs directly over the Internet, the money is within a few seconds on the account of the other. Paypal has the great advantage here that they act like an intermediary. If a parcel is received where the wrong or damaged goods are inside, the money can be easily demanded back through Paypal. Coupled with a fixed bank account, which can be created at any bank, is also ensured that the account is genuine and above all legal.

Instant bank transfer

This love online shop providers very much – the instant transfer. The money is after transfer immediately on the account of the seller. This happens via your bank and your account by encrypting the data are passed on and thus the transfer is executed. The merchant immediately receives a confirmation that the transfer was executed in real time.