Summer trends 2017 – What to wear this summer

When it finally gets warmer outside and it’s finally light again for a long time in the evening: then summer is here. And for the next barbecue, the trip to the beach or the relaxed ice cream in the city, of course you need the right outfit. Dresses and jumpsuits should not be missing in any woman’s wardrobe – but what exactly is in this summer actually trendy and what does not go at all?

Festival-Style: With the Ethno-Look fully in the trend

No matter if it should be the classic maxi dress or a comfortable jumpsuit: The 70s are back and with them the beautiful boho style…. Warm colors like red, brown and orange mostly dominate the fashion in this area, just like the intricate patterns and ornaments. When you see this look, you immediately think of the legendary Woodstock festival or the hippie movement. Short dresses and jumpsuits, but also tops and shorts in this style, can be combined with hair bands or hats and big sunglasses. Light ankle boots or sandals complete the outfit.

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These are the pants trendy women wear in 2017

Also very trendy this summer are the so-called beach pants for women. They replace the jogging pants, which should now rather be worn only during sports or on the couch at home. Whether plain colours or summery patterns: beach trousers can easily be integrated into comfortable casual looks – even if you’re not on the beach at the moment. If you prefer to wear shorts in high temperatures, go for the classic shorts or a jumpsuit with short legs.

These are the Fashion No-Go’s

Cute, comfortable and perfect for any everyday outfit: ballerinas. For years, countless girls and women walked through everyday life on them. But that’s over now, because ballerinas have had their day. In their place are now flats with a more solid sole or a small heel. This ensures that the gait doesn’t look as soggy as with classic ballerinas.

The main thing this summer is colourful

Like every year, there are a few trendy colors in 2017 that you can’t go wrong with. Denim blue, orange red or grass green are among them. What do they all have in common? They are eye-catching and gaudy and thus perfectly reflect the good summer mood. And even beyond these colours, things are getting colourful: ethnic ornaments, floral prints, striped patterns – there can’t be enough colour this year. Especially with the striped patterns you can also combine great maritime looks, which are very trendy this year.

Sweatshirt, but make it a necklace.

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