Hipster chain – For the perfect Uraubs outfit

A hipster necklace for the summer

How do I stand out positively in the colourful crowd? Exactly: with a hipster necklace in statement look. I found the perfect statement necklace from Pilgrim on the internet. No matter what outfit, simple or glamorous, a well-placed statement necklace definitely draws the eye. Flexible to wear during the day with a casual look, as well as with evening wear.

Here’s my story:

On summer vacation I follow the new jewellery trend: Hipster Style

In two weeks it’s finally time, I’m flying to Florida for my well-deserved summer vacation. The trip has been booked for a long time. For half a year I’ve been eagerly anticipating the start of my Florida trip. My best friend and I will be doing a round trip through different areas of the sun filled state of the USA. For 10 days we will be taken by bus, guided by a tour guide, to the most interesting places on the Gulf Coast and the Atlantic Coast. After that there will be another week of beach vacation in Miami Beach. In Miami we have already chosen some clubs where we will go to party. Among others in the famous Nikki Beach-Club, next to the Hilton Hotel. Of course I need the perfect look for that! I’ve been thinking for a long time which outfits I will wear and when.

Shopping tour

Some shopping trips I have already behind me. Summer dresses, shorts, cute tops and sexy dresses for the evening. The only thing I’m still missing besides a comfortable pair of flip flops is a statement necklace in the hipster look. I went to many stores downtown and checked out some necklaces in the new jewelry trend. I’ll just say this much: sensory overload! You know it for sure, everywhere it glitters silver, gold and colorful. Actually everything what the heart desires, but I could not decide. I had a precise idea of the perfect hipster necklace, and none of them exactly met my expectations. It was especially important to me that the chain does not look cheap and shines in a bright gold tone. A flexible, eye-catching chain to match my gold creoles. Finally, at home, I searched the internet on various jewelry sites for my perfect statement necklace. Within two hours, I had spied the necklace of my choice on Douglas’ website. Finally!

Statement necklace, online with huge selection of offers

On the Internet I had found a large selection of different hipster models that meet my taste exactly. Criterion number 1: The chain should of course fit perfectly with my new clothes and my new earrings. Criterion number 2: The necklace should be simple, yet an eye-catcher. With this piece of jewelry I want to make every simple dress suitable for going out. I came across the perfect statement necklace online at Douglas for summer party nights: The Gold Statement Necklace by Pilgrim.

Fragrance Tip!

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The Pilgrim chain in detail

I chose the statement necklace in hipster look from Pilgrim, because it strikingly enhances any simple outfit, yet does not look cheap or overdone. The chain is 38 centimeters long which means it sits relatively close to the neck. This detail is, in my opinion, especially important for statement necklaces, so that they do not hang down too far, but accentuate the neck in a beautiful shape and attract all eyes. For those who still want to wear the Pilgrim necklace a little looser, there are several extension chains incorporated into the necklace. So there is the right thing for every taste. The Pilgrim necklace is very flexible and can be worn with different outfits. The material of the chain is light, it is made of brass and zinc which is golden and matt. The chain consists of many small rods that are spread from the basic chain. The perfect hipster effect for the new jewelry trend of the season.

A statement necklace for day and night

The Hipster necklace by Pilgrim perfectly implements the new statement style and looks classy. It can be perfectly combined with casual outfits for the day, as well as with chic and elegant dresses for the evening. Perfect! Especially when I move from the day trip directly to the club and have no time to change. The necklace enhances any casual outfit and also makes it wearable for the club or restaurant. In Florida, my girlfriend and I will be doing a lot. We’ll be sightseeing, visiting theme parks, museums, laying on the beach, or treating ourselves to a key lime pie at a South American-inspired restaurant. That leaves very little time to get styled up in time for the evening. A few grips from the mirror, the statement chain put around the neck and high shoes put on: Already I’m ready for a boisterous night in the club.

The conclusion to the statement necklace from Pilgrim

The hipster necklace from Pilgrim looks classy and high quality, but is still affordable in terms of price, 59.95 euros. It is solid, so it does not break even during hectic trips. The materials zinc and brass are very light materials and thus increase the wearing comfort. The material is very important in a big statement necklace because if it weighs too heavy, it will be uncomfortable to wear. Since the necklace is not shiny but has a matte shine, it gives a high quality look. So I will be perfectly styled at any time of the day or night in Florida, and easy to boot! I would say: Nothing stands in the way of the trip, wish me a lot of fun!