What comes on the chain – pendants and popular motifs for children

Children also want to develop their personality and already express their individual style. What better gift, therefore, than a necklace with a matching motif pendant? It is not only a great eye-catcher, but also enhances any outfit and adapts individually to the interests of the child. Thus it is far more than just a decorative accessory. Another advantage is the changeability of this piece of jewellery. Every day, a new motif can be chosen to suit the mood, which will always bring a smile back to the little ones’ faces.

When choosing a necklace with pendant, they are spoilt for choice – from simple silver to cheerful colours, colourful ladybirds, elegant crosses to romantic heart pendants, the range is almost unmanageable.

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Chain pendant – who takes which motif?

Girls usually opt for colourful animal motifs such as horses, ladybirds, cats or even mythical creatures such as elves and angels, or choose lovingly designed heart motifs, while boys are mostly enthusiastic about simple shapes such as crosses, letter chains or monochrome motifs such as dinosaurs. Particularly worth mentioning here from the girls’ department are the necklaces with pendants from the Princess Lillifee brand, which appeals to most little princesses thanks to its particularly romantic design, its wealth of motifs and its girly design.

We have gone around the market and looked for the most popular necklaces with pendants for kids.

Princess Lilifee inspires young girls

As already mentioned, the Princess Lillifee brand is still very popular and is even celebrating its anniversary. To mark the occasion, Christ is currently offering a specially created jewellery set with a trendy necklace and a pink cupcake pendant. In addition to the necklace with pendant, there is also a matching pair of earrings so that the kids are perfectly equipped. The enchanting design transports little girls into the pink glittering world of Princess Lillifee and thus accurately reflects their wishes and thoughts. A birthday present that is sure to succeed!

Elegant Heart Charm from Pandora

This is arguably the most glamorous way to present a heart. The limited edition of this Pandora charm classically symbolises the expression of love and affection, making it suitable for girls and boys of all ages. In the centre, the small golden heart draws all eyes to it, while the sparkling zirconia border adds luxurious sparkle. A timeless classic!

Jewellery for boys: cute dino necklace

With this pendant little dino fans get their money’s worth. This necklace, which is currently only available online, has a simple dino pendant on a playful ball chain and thus inspires as a beautiful accessory for boys and girls alike.

Beautiful expression of affection: Cross and heart pendant

This necklace with its two pendants heart and cross combines two values that parents want to convey to their children every day: Faith and love. The large loop with sparkling cubic zirconia sets a beautiful accent and rounds off the sparkling look. You also can’t go wrong fashion-wise with this accessory. The fine link chain perfectly matches the style of the pendants and will certainly accompany the recipient for a long time.

However, these are only a few examples from the extensive pool of motif pendants for children. If you are looking for your own necklace with pendant for your child, you should take a look around the range yourself and browse through the many available motifs together with the kids.